Friday, June 7, 2013

A Friendly Reminder: I'm preparing for a fap over load. CHOCOLAT New single coming soon!

Doubt any of you really care, but those of you that Yup, Tia will be back again with the other girls in Chocolat. Now, I'm really not all that excited about the song. Although I have liked some of their songs, but I'm really excited about the NEWLY FRESH Tia fancams coming soon. I kind of thought they were DONE. Like, no one really gave a shit about them, not on this website or any other website for that matter.
 As for the video coming soon:
Well, I guess they are DOING THE CLICHE DARK CONCEPT for us this time. I'm kind of tired of concepts---I never get why groups just can't be themselves. Why do they have to be ROCK one day, WHORES another day, COUNTRY another day, OG GANGSTAS the next. It makes my head dizzy with confusion. Oh well....people like it so what the hell do I know, I'm just a stupid person who post on a relatively unknown website.

Song sounds like crap

more after the BUMP

Now that you've seen the teaser here are a few things you've learned:

1) They love laying/sitting next to hay. They must either be huge  My Little Pony Friendship is Magic fangirls....or wanna bang horses.

2) All girls in the group are going to be WET. Literally and maybe figuratively.

3) The director loves face shots---but not ASS SHOTS!

4) Lots of HIP movement! However, the blackness of the camera shot and lack of lighting provides us with a false idea of how their asses look (i.e. is it big or is it little---i can't tell?!??!) Again the director doesn't give a shit about what we want.

5) Songs are gonna be about some stupid man that has JILTED them--- they will tear up and then fight back somehow.

6) Prepare for BRIGHT ASS LIGHTING WITH WHITE BACKGROUND to piss off my eyeballs. This works to separate from the dark concepts.

-----well it's time for me to go my laptop is at 8% oh shit!

one last thing






    sit on my face and wiggle about.

    Bignose, Frumpy and Pedigree Gook are welcome too, i suppose.

    Also you posted the wrong video



      sit on my face and wiggle about."

      jesus christ this is the exact shit i was going to write

    2. Tia and Melanie are like what? 15? wow...their parents must be so..proud

    3. They're both 17 now.
      Too bad Jaeyoon left and not weird-face Melanie.

    4. One of my favorite in KPOP. So delicious!

  2. I'm gonna make cum-cums.

  3. When are you gonna make Rainbow's Sunshine MV review? We wanna see some funny ass GIFs on that!

  4. I hope she stay a teen forever

  5. The song sounds like something I'd totally bump for a few days and then forget about, but I never really got the point of them playing up the fact that they're biracial. They don't look any less "Korean" than any other K-Pop girl group out there XD

  6. Tia is my favourite Korean loli.

  7. Dammit, it sucks to have standards.

  8. Scully, our ppl is dieing out. You must spread ur seed... Everywhere!

  9. Just saw a fancam of juliane and surprised that she actually has a ass

  10. For me they all just resemble Ayaka:

  11. > I never get why groups just can't be themselves

    Because they never had an identity to start with?


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