Monday, June 3, 2013

The Gloss Causing French Fans To Lose Their Shit

This is another Kpop idol group set to debut, but with a twist: THERE'S A MOTHER FUCKING FRENCH CUNT IN THE GROUP!!!!!!!!1111111 As the master race, Koreans have no respect for the fucking French because back in 1866, France, who was somehow a superpower at one point, tried attacking backwards-as-fuck-still-living-in-the-1600s-Korea and France got their asses kicked. Now they're trying to ruin Kpop by adding a French girl to a Kpop group!!!!!!!!!!11111

That's the general sentiment among the French fans, well, probably except the part where France lost to Korea back in 1866 since they probably never learned about it in school. With a history full of humiliating defeats, it's better to leave out the ones that no one really knows about.

Anyway, I don't know any French at all, so my man EGO was kind of enough to translate some of the YT comments for me. Normally he links me to a lot of pictures and videos that I use for my articles, but now he basically gave me the bulk of an article.

- I have nothing against her, I’m glad she can live her dream, but I’m so not okay. To me, kpop is about Korean music sung by Koreans. Making it international is good, but it’s not kpop anymore…
- It’s really good but… we like kpop because they are Asians, that’s what makes it special…
- Great, now everyone’s gonna take a look at kpop. I mean I’m happy for her and everything, but WE are the real fans, and because of that bitch, there’s gonna be plenty of fake fans to be interested in it. Damn it, it’s our passion! OURS!
- The first time I heard about it, I was like WTF. And then… what a surprise to hear that she introduces herself in French! This is k-pop, KOREAN POP! Well, she looks totally superficial but whatever… Anyway, I don’t mean to be a bitch but… what is she doing here? I don’t understand. I like her but the other members are wayyy better.
- A French girl? How surprising. And that’s the one I hate the most.
- Stop focusing on the French! There are other girls you know! Damn bitch’s not even that good…
- They are great singers but… I think I’ll never be okay with it. It’s awesome for her but seriously it’s not F-pop.
- You can’t even call that kpop, it makes no sense! And that Olivia girl has a pretty basic voice, she’s not that pretty and she looks very pretentious. I’m so sad they ruined a group like this.
- olivia ?! u_u it would be better if it was only the 3 of them.
- here we go.. bunch of french people are gonna start commenting... it shouldn’t have been a french girl seriously... -___-
- LooooL “Je m’appelle Olivia”, easy bitch, who do you think you are?
- The French girl does not fit in it. What pisses me off is that she doesn’t have a voice good enough to be in a kpop group. :/ So she’s not Korean, AND doesn’t have a voice, it will never be enough to make it.
- If she succeeds, I’m going to Korea to audition for SM! ^o^
I'm actually super surprised. A French stereotype in the U.S. is that the French are the most pompous and arrogant fucks out there despite losing two World Wars. I had expected comments such as "Now that there's a French girl in Kpop, people will actually give a shit about it now." Delving deeper into the comments, you can just tell that it's just a bunch of delusional fangirls who happen to be French. Secretly, they all want to be in that girl's place so that they can give oppa a rimjob.

I guess even the most sophisticated of cultures cannot escape the wrath of delusional fangirls. Next these fucking French fangirls are going to get wind of this and take this fucking post too seriously...


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    1. Sounds like a bunch of jealous girls ripping apart another girl who happens to have the attention of a guy they like >_>

  2. EXO has Chinese members, as well as Miss A (dat Fei, man). "Valley girl" Hwang is more American, than the basic hos I know. U-kiss(-my-ass) has, or at least had american members.
    I see no problem why a fren- Oh... I see now. Never mind. Pretend I didn't say anything.

  3. "What pisses me off is that she doesn’t have a voice good enough to be in a kpop group"

    Are you fucking serious, sure she sounds mediocre but she is much more legit than (if not the same) most snsd and all 2ne1 member. She is getting all the fucking hate because she is French? COME ON

    This is one of the moments where I'm glad that I'm gay, girls can seriously go fucking insane at times.

    1. No, she's pretty mediocre. People hate her because kpop has now let white privilege invade. A half black girl was in a kpop group that got terminated before it began because they thought people wouldn't accept her, but they'll gladly accept a white girl because they love white people more than their own race.

    2. Oh please, she is mediocre and that's why I don't like her. But I don't particularly like SNSD either, and I really dislike 2NE1. So I don't like Olivia- but it's because I don't like her voice.

    3. Dude, no. She's actually a lovely singer. WHAT are you all talking about. She's better than some of the girls in that group. Also, the writer kept saying she looks pretentious. WHAT?! She's FRENCH they carry themselves differently. Get a clue. And she is confident in her voice. HOWEVER, I do NOT like that she's a K-pop star. I have studied East Asian culture, history and art for several years and I have come to appreciate K-pop for what it is- an Asian industry based on inspiring young Asians everywhere to believe in the merits, beauty and talent of other Asians and to empower them to challenge Asian stereotypes (most of which established in the U.S). We are already constantly reminded of the world's Eurocentric beauty standards EVERYDAY. K-pop has created a special place for Asians to appreciate who they are. However, even K-pop tends to bend to these euro-centric standards by dying their hair blonde, plastic surgery, etc. With girls everywhere (and of all ethnicities)fighting to accept who they are despite the ever prevailing European model, I must agree that K-Pop is no place for Olivia. At least speak Korean, honey! Sheesh

    4. Actually, Asian stereotypes were created by Asians themselves as many of them are true, to an extent. However, they mainly apply to the ugly fobby Asians. Asians who are good looking and grew up in the West are actually see as more attractive and superior to most white people in US

  4. "she doesn’t have a voice good enough to be in a kpop group. :/"

    I laughed and threw up a little.

  5. French one smells like UNDERARMS. Koreans smell like KImichi.

    What a weird scent they will give off.

  6. I really must say this girl has a great voice, but holy sh*t is she stupid?
    France is number 5 in the biggest music markets worldwide and next to France is Germany who has the fourth biggest music market in the world and the german people buy french music when they is good. She would make more money when she would concentrate on these two music markets.

    So why she is starting a career as a kpop star?
    I mean is she really that stupid or want she just be something special?
    But in the end, I don't listen to their music when it's not good.

    1. I'm French and singers in France don't sell well. It's only luck or big artists who can sell millions of copies. Young people prefer US music or Spanish music. It's only old people and some teens who buy French artists' music.
      So Olivia can actually earn more money in SK than in France.

  7. Reasons why I like French people:
    -Food(Pastries, French Fries, and other shit)

    Reasons why I dislike French people:
    -They hairy as shit(shave your armpits bitches)
    -Eat fucking snails(I am scared as shit of those motherfucking snails)
    -They have the weirdest fetish(Im a hypocrite I like blisters don't judge me bitches)
    -They make me feel bad about my body(World's fashion capitol my ass)
    -I hate mimes(they are fucking bitch ass cunts)

    1. What da fuq???
      Hairy armpits??? That's so 70/80's
      Eating snails? Did you know in Korea they eat dogs?? Bitch??
      Weirdest fetish?? Do you know a country called Japan?
      if you feel bad for your body is just your fault you should exercise or something before hating on the fucking Frenchs
      Mimes?? Yeah They suck

    2. Blisters ?
      You worthless mammal.
      That's the most retarded shit I've heard all year.

    3. ...
      I'm French and you are fucking wrong about French people. Stop watch movies about French, it's so cliché.
      First, a few people in France actually eat snails. I've never eat snails in my life, so disgusting.
      Second, weirdest fetish ? Seriously ? I think it's Japan who have the weirdest fetish.
      Third, we are hairy ? Just lmaoo. Did you ever go in France, it seems not.
      Four, you hate mimes ? Good for you. But why it's related to France ? I live in France but I've never see mimes, only in movies.
      And about the world's fashion capitol, I think it doesn't exist. They are plenty fashion places like New York, London, Milan or Tokyo.

    4. big boost for france is gaspard ulliel though hnngggggggg

    5. You people would've been completely lost, in the anonymous era.

  8. - LooooL “Je m’appelle Olivia”, easy bitch, who do you think you are?


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  11. The Gloss even their name is terrible.

  12. Those fucking bitches are just jealous of that girl, bcos they wanna become idols (as it so easy, First of all you must stan you fatass up from the fucking chair) just bcos they wanna be raped by their oppars...

  13. But if the french girl sings in Korean then it would still be K-pop. Tsk tsk....brainless fangirls.

  14. fcken French stole Korea treasures back then too

  15. i don't really care but i don't understand why she would volunteer to be in a kpop group when she doesn't seem to speak korean, and in fact it is a greater amount of effort for her to be a kpop artist than a french one.
    kpop is not a genre of music, i understand it just as music from korea; most kpop artists would kill to be in the western mainstream, so this whole foreigners in kpop thing is absolutely bizarre to me.

    it's like that ridiculous swedish band that calls themselves "j-rock", what the actual fuck that is not a genre of music and your band will never be respected by anybody

  16. "I'm not racist, but a French girl CAN NOT sing Korean pop."

  17. Chocolat's songs all flopped badly and they have half white members. Obviously this french girl will not be here for long so these insecure girls have nothing to worry about.

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    2. Chocolat was also really shady to begin with, other than the full-Korean girl, all their fathers were from the U.S. Armed Forces in Korea and they all auditioned because of connections form their mothers.

  18. Meh, I don't really care. I have a feeling they're gonna be one of those irrelevant groups anyway...

  19. "She's not even that good."

  20. Ohoh ! Seems like those american people are more jealous than the french. Must be proud of yourselves with all those "fuck/fucking" you use in your article and comments. Why do you speak about World War ? Did you do something for your country ? Seems you didn't, you're even losing your time watching one of those "fucking" french girl. So, arren't you a traitor ?
    Aren't you all jealous too ? Hey, don't be so ashamed, I won't tell anyone.
    Don't know why a lot of american hate french ... Are you feeling inferior ? But you know what ? That's what french think about american : what can you be to sell guns to anyone if you're not inferior ? Please grow up and maybe one day french and american will speak about Kpop without getting angry :P
    No need to answer, just meditate.

    1. I like how you generalize the "America people" by k-pop fangirls. You are a higher grade of dumbass that I, myself can not compare. You are right, Americans are far less superior when comes to France nationalism stupidity.

      Now to comment about this article without sounding like a racist buffoon and nationalistic bigot, the French girl doesn't matter.

      I don't care if it was an African girl from Nigeria ( like that will ever happen, Korean and black people...I'll stop there) this group better not suck ass. like the hundreds of other female rookie groups that came before them and slowly disintegrated into a black hole of "who gives a shit."

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  21. Bitch keeps on bitching. While you're all out on French girl's asses you forget you are doing exactly the same thing in your post... Well it's yours and you have every right to write your opinion. Just to say before you delete my post you don't seem to know much about French culture, history or language, when WE(as in French... what did you say? Cunt?) have learned about the English culture at school... And they say English people are stupid and oblivious about the rest of the world... Keep on criticizing while watching your belly button, lol.It doesn't matter where you are from dumb is still dumb.

    1. English people are from England. American people are from America. England does not even remotely pertain to this discussion, seeing as you're bashing on American fangirls.

  22. Wow... Is it a war between americain and french fangirls ? xD
    I don't have anything against Olivia or the Gloss, their voices are totally amazing for me *-*
    But, in their Facebook, they say "international" group ~
    So I don't think they pretend to do kpop :3
    I'm french (Yes, you must guess it because of my poor english ^^") and for the moment I only see The Gloss as an international group, as many artists ~
    I understand, it might be a bit annoying to read this kind of comment haha Many girls are jealous and can't do anything else except denigrate... That's a stupid behaviour, I know ^^
    I know that some kpop bands have american, chinese or japanese members ~ But they're all asian ~ I think french fangirl wouldn't react like this if Olivia hasn't caucasian x)

    But PLEASE, stop saying "fucking" in your comments, it's just silly ^^
    Not every french grils are as you're saying, but if you want to keep your stubborn cliché, ok ~ That's your problem ! But just keep in mind to stay polite, thanks ;)

  23. I have one thing to say: You are pathetic.
    You make racism against this girl just because she is French. I am also French and I do not understand too why it is no longer in a kpop group but I would not go so far as to what you are doing. You are ridiculous.

  24. Whats wrong with someone trying to follow their dream and be judge like this just because of their ethnicity? These people say all these bad things about her, when they don't even know her. There are other worse things that can happen in this world of ours...this is not even bad. Why should she be criticised because she is trying to make a change in the world? Its like saying whites and other races can't rap or sing hip-hop because it belongs to the black people (no offense to anybody). Kpop will still be kpop there are other groups that have different races in them, does that not make them kpop? Like Exo who has Chinese members or wondergirls, are they not kpop groups?! I think these girls are stupid for saying things like this, they have no right. I bet their biases are ashamed to call them fans, who would want someone who is so ugly on the inside. Have they no sense of the pain they are causing this girl just because she had the courage to stand out and up for the others who share the same dream.

  25. Ya, I mean non-Asians have dreams to. It's not their fault if they're not Asian. We should all have equal chances of getting into kpop. It's just racist to not accept someone into kpop because they aren't Asian. In America we don't just take people who are white, like Nicki Minaj, she clearly doesn't have an American background.

  26. Okay, I'm Half Japanese and American & 1st Off,As A Japanese, I Know Japan Might Be The Sexual Capital Of All Places But Can You Guys Please Stop With Fetish Shit . I Understand That It Might Be True But It's Actually Really Offensive To Us . We Don't Go Around Doing That About You Guys So Please Stop I Ask Kindly . Thank You . 2nd-ly As An American, I Personally Don't Like The Way She Sounds When She Sings But If She Wants To Be In A Kpop Group I Believe That She Should Be Able To . I Mean How Do You Think We Feel When An Asian Trys Or Does Sing An American Song ? Some Might Be In Shock Because They Didn't Expect Them To Sing English So Well But Others Don't Like It . Why ? Because American Music Belongs To Americans But We Never Say Anything Because We Understand Their Desire . Now If That Be The Case Then Koreans Should Stay In Korea & Never Come Here For Music Videos & Vise-Versa . 3rd-ly, As A Person, Music Is Music Regardless Of Whoever Sings It .I'm Personally Not A Commenter But You People Bugged Me Bout How Kpop Is Sacred and Only For Asians & All This Other Bullshit . To Be Honest, If Y'all Really Want To Go There Music Was Created By An Italian & Yes I Looked This Up But If You Really Want To Be Technical Koreans Just Branded Off Of What In ITALIAN Man Made So It's Not Really Kpop But Music . Plus Koreans Were Like The One Of The Last To Even Enter The Music Industry So Stop Acting Like You People Own Music & Started It . Don't Get Me Wrong I Am A Die Hard EXO-L, Hottest, Play Girl, B2uty, I AM, S♥ne, Army, Shawol, Dai5y, & So Forth & I Don't Like Drama Or Shit Like That But When It Comes To Who's Right Or Wrong, That's When I Open My Fucking Mouth . Sometimes We Just Need To Chill Out Y'all . That's All I Got To Say

  27. you know if she has won the audition it's because she has talent, if she is in a groupe it's because she can sing.maybe not everybody loves her voice and it's normal.seconde of all being French doesn't change anything a lot of kpop stars are foreigner a lot of them are from Asia but still you can't criticise someone because of the play they were born and held. Her character is normal then again French girl always smile when their are having fun. she worked hard to debut so I think she diserve to be in a Kpop groupe dispite all you have said. and sorry but i'm French

  28. I am black not French but I found this disgusting and cruel. Heck she just wanted to live her dreams and who does not want to be apart of something as amazing as kpop. And it felt kind of weird as a black person seeing a white go through what is everyday life for a black.

  29. I'm white and want to be a Kpop idol, And there are other people that aren't Asian that want to be Kpop idols so I don't get why everyone is bashing on Olivia. I'm not French and I don't like French people usually, but honestly it's none of our business. Kpop should Be a community where people can embrace there differences and come together. Not bash on each other just because of race.

  30. hello fellow foreigner.. it is called kpop music. it is obviously a certain ethnicity's music genre. it is absolutely up to the ethnicity what their music sounds like and looks like.

    it is a fact that korean ethnicity is pretty exclusive annd little bit racist towards other race or ethnic, and they happen to have a favorable music genre. so whaat? why you are a non korean. people, and even non asian people being cranky and sulky over this? it is not yours and mine totake care of in the first place.

    korean people want to listen to korean music inn korean language come from korean mouth, or at least asian mmouth.

    if they want to listen to another language or american music,. they can listen to another artist. so why do you insist korean should accept. non korean or asian people?


    explain people! enough for us to be able to enjoy the performance thanks to youtube.

  31. I COMPLETELY disagree with this person's opinion at all levels!!
    Firstly kpop isn't just involved with people from Korea, there are other people from different countries for example:
    - Henry Lau from Super Junior is Canadian
    - Tao from Exo is Chinese
    - Mark from Got7 is from America
    As you can see these people are from different countries. Yes their race is Asian but technically Kpop is a name to name the Korean music and not just a type of genre taken literally. Olivia from the gloss isn't the only person who has tried to become a kpop idol, i bet loads of Caucasian people dreams of becoming one. In addition, your attitude towards an ordinary human being trying to become a kpop idol knowing she's French and Caucasian, is disgusting. Why?
    Every human being in this world has a dream and want to achieve that dream no matter what but some people like you want stuff to be the same as always but it can't because the world is changing and keeps on changing no matter how much you disagree.
    Instead of being rude to people about following their dreams you should politely say that's your opinion or don't say it at all if it's really mean or racist. Furthermore just because Olivia is French doesn't mean you find all the unacceptable words to find and spit it out on the internet because you wouldn't like it if you were hated about your country and your race (in my religion (Catholic) our God says 'treat others as you would like to be treated'), So please think before you act.
    In my opinion I look up to Olivia because she has shown loads of courage to go to Korea and try debut despite her race and Koreans showing a lot of hate and negative comments to her. She is really significant to be one of the many Caucasians to try and achieve on what she wanted to do.


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