Wednesday, June 19, 2013

BoA Tail of Hope

BoA comes back with Tail of Hope and her first original Japanese song since 2011. After a year of disappointing relationships, BoA is trying to find hope that she can love again. Why is she just trying to find the tail of hope instead the whole body of hope? I don't fucking know, so don't ask me. Maybe BoA just wants a sliver of hope that things will work out for her.

In 2012, BoA made a comeback after two years, and she happened to break off things with Yoo Ah In. BoA had thought that Yoo Ah In was the only one for her, but he didn't want BoA anymore.

Yoo Ah In has now set his eyes on Kim Tae Hee, wanting to take all of her money.

After things with Yoo Ah In fell through, Zaku pointed out that BoA wanted a threesome with herself, but it never happened.

BoA just felt like utter shit after that and her depression got worse. It became so bad that she even decided to become a lesbian for Taemin, but that didn't work out since Taemin left BoA for A Pink's Naeun.

BoA decided to leave Korea for Godzilla land, hoping that Japanese dick or pussy would make her feel better, hence why this song is called Tail of Hope.

As for the song itself, it's what you would expect from a summer Jpop release. It's a bright song and that's a welcome change after BoA's string of releases of somewhat melancholy music, dating back to 2011's Milestone. However, this song seems to fit the 16-year-old BoA more than the 26-year-old BoA. It's kind of a step back considering the tracks she released for Identity back in 2009/2010.

In the Tail of Hope MV, BoA looks great, especially considering that she just went through three heartbreaking relationships in just the past year. To be honest, since BoA was at the beach the majority of the time, I was expecting a tentacle monster to rear its head from the waters. Avex must have let the tentacle monster know that BoA is Korean.

In the end, it's a pleasant summer song from BoA and she looks great in the MV. The absence of a tentacle monster trying to rape BoA makes it even better.


  1. That beep beep sound is freaking annoying lol

  2. QBS'( or according to you guys, SSS) 'Like the wind' is much better imo

  3. I love how Boa doesnt try hard. Shes not an oppa aegyo aegyo girl or a super bad ass girl. She's just natural. And ppl make fun of her voice for being too nasal, but i wouldnt have it any other way.

    1. I know, right? The first song I heard of BoA's, I thought I would end of hating her for her nasal voice, but I guess the stan in me isn't having that XD Because he latched onto BoA, and he wasn't letting go!!


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