Monday, July 15, 2013

8 Things I Love About 2ne1's "Falling in Love"

I fell in love.

Here are eight reasons why:

                                                                    1. Minzy

I know you're going to say. MINZY!?! Every 2NE1 song has Minzy in it. But wait, niggaz, there's more!

I find that this song is more Minzy centric than other songs. It begins with Minzy being the focal point/root of the song with Minzy on a golden chair drinking from a golden cup (hot pink wig on) singing to the camera with confidence and sexuality. She's multi-tasking sucking the shit out of her straw and singing at the same time --we all know the straw is a phallic symbol for our penis and clitoris. Minzy was surely moist doing this scene---I can tell by her dialated eyes. 

The first solo vocals goes to Minzy and let's be honest she's the best singer and dancer in the group--a great way to start a song. Her voice flows well, has power to it, and brings you into the song. At this point I'm enjoying the summer feel and I'm ready for a tequila + rum + coke.

Minzy is really talented and you can't deny that. Yeah she doesn't look like Nana, Raina, Hyori, those twin bitches from Crayon Pop, Yura, Jo Kwon, or Yuri, but let's be honest she's is pretty in her own way and her talent makes her admirable and an asset to the group. In fact we need a Minzy solo song for minzyfags  homos like me.                           

Also let's not forget this:

R U ready?? U Ain't fap.

Gaurantee one member of AKF will fap to this pic
2. FEET! :)

Seriously we get to see the bottom of CL's right foot. If that doesn't make you jerk off while your children are sleeping I don't know what will. DAT BIG TOE! Don't give a shit if sand gets stuck in my gullet, I want a taste of Korean Feet.

                                                            3. Dara's Ass

It really doesn't get much better than this kids. There hasn't been a day (NOT A DAY) when I haven't begged the kpop gods for a shot like this. That little ass needs to back the shit up to my penis RIGHT THE FUCK NAO. I would so ram that skeleton ass hard with my little KAIJU. This is better than the GsD Female President ass shot IMO. Reason!? It's Dara's ass being swayed my way--surely it smells like flowers and raindrops unlike the girls of GsD whose asses smell like truck driver breath.  What do you think she was thinking while filming this scene?  THANK GOD I USED OIL OF OLAY IN MY BUTTCRACK TODAY tee hee!!!!

4. Bommie fixed her face to be less offensive


Seems her plastic surgeon finally improved the puffiness to her face. Normally she looks half mongoloid half special Olympics, but not in this vid. At first I was like, "Da  fuck she do to her face!?" But after some consideration I kind of like what she did---nose repair & cheek puffiness gone! All is right in my world now.

But then again I come to this shot:

Da fuck her face looks shitty again! Gawd damn you stupid cockhole the only way you will ever look sexy is if someone chopped that head off. Fuck it. I'm still putting this as 4 but I don't even believe it as I'm writing it.

5. CL is sexy

Is this normal, women? Looks like she stuck a subway sandwich to her hip and left it there for such a long period of time that skin actually grew around it leaving what we see here. It's hot, though!

 6. Johnny Depp Reference

 I enjoyed the reference to one of my favorite actors. It's a part of the song where I originally said to myself: Did she just say Johnny Depp or is she just talking Korean shit which I don't understand that sounds like Johnny Depp---so confused.  Once I found out it was "Johnny Depp" she was uttering--it just made me fap to the song faster and harder. As much as I liked that part of the song and love Ed Wood (my personal fav Johnny Depp movie) I hate to tell CL but...we all know Johnny likes them...

YOUNG!!!!!!!  (TRUTH! No LIE!)

7. Touch me over here, touch me over there

Actually looks her age in this shot. Actually dressed her in clothes that fit to her figure (if any).

Obviously she's referring to her:


Dara! I would love to, baby gurl. My number is 888-555-SFAG. Call me! I want to smell that crack hole right now. (PS that black chocolate booty is too much for AKF fishfags to handle--if this were in your face, you'd probably have a heart attack or your parents would disown you for being with a black girl.Which ever comes first). :)

8. Awkward end shot

 The music video ends with a shot of three of the group's members looking awkward as fuck. Maybe it's some sort of dating strategy. Everyone looks... fine as fuck. I really wish they would sit on my face and finger my butthole. How would I sex up all four. hmm!??!? I guess I can think of only one way.

1) Obviously I would lay Minzy on the floor and constantly lick her belly over and over again while....

2) CL's gives me oral sex (sexiest eyes in the groups means a sexy BJ). Nothing like a girl looking at you in the eyes while she's polishing your knob. Yeah would love to constantly lick Minzy's belly while getting my knob polished by CL while...

3) Dara's puts a strap on to my butt. She's the skinniest so it's PROBABLY going to hurt less...Less Mass=Less Force. It's just quantum mechanics, yo! Yeah would love to constantly lick Minzy's belly while getting my knob polished by CL while getting a strap on to my butt by Dara while...

4) Bom takes a squirt of jizz to her face (only way to improve it). Yeah would love to constantly lick Minzy's belly while getting my knob polished by CL while getting a strap on to my butt by Dara while Bom takes a squirt of jizz to the face.



  1. That's not CL's hip, it's her wrist, retard.

    1. U gotta be fucking retarded to not notice dat sullifag

  2. I could live in this post.

    I somewhat liked the song, it's an ok song, but I haven't listened to it more than maybe twice? I didn't realize that CL says "Johnny Depp" omfg talk about random.


  3. Welcome back, Sulli_fag! I want yo dick!

  4. Holy crap that chick's twerking so hard the coochie 'bout to slip out.

  5. "Actually looks her age in this shot. Actually dressed her in clothes that fit to her figure (if any)."


    Minzy is my favorite part of this song, but Dara looking her damn age (on the temple set, I mean) was a very nice bonus. She made that gawd awful blonde hair work and she looked so hot, she just might turn me completely straight. In fact, all of them were looking hot as fuck on the temple set :3

  6. That's not CL's hip its her wrist. Shes wearing the same glove on her right hand too.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. LMAO @Bom does look like a mongoloid

  9. I have pretty eyes, want me to polish your knob? You'll be falling in love, falling love.

  10. someone's fapping too hard that he cant tell hip and wrist apart... slow down the fapping sulli_fag..

  11. If you like CL, then some of the first gifs I ever made


  13. You must be trolling.

  14. dara actually looked really nice in that second gif

    probably because i find her brother so attractive.

  15. "CL is Sexy"'And taemin isn't the antichrist

  16. I miss Faces of K-Pop

    Do you have feet fetish, sullifag?

  17. Anybody else thinks Minzy got eye lid surgery recently ?
    If you look at the lives it's quite obvious, imho.

  18. "but let's be honest she's is pretty in her own way"

    the third most oft-repeated Blackjack phrase, after "even if she did, what's so wrong with plastic surgery" and "true artist"

  19. this article lean bodied me from laughing

  20. okay?... dara's ass isn't there.

  21. I don't know how I landed here (searching 2NE1 photos, probably that's why) but boy was I surprised that PEOPLE ACTUALLY SPEND TIME WRITING GARBAGE LIKE THIS. I have a pretty twisted sense of humor and this isn't even the least bit funny. It's just disgusting. whatever floats your boat I guess.


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