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Question of the Week 74

This week's question comes from an anonymous asker from my
If you were a CEO/founder of a agency, which Korean idols/celebrities (you can include actors/actresses) would you want in your company?

Thanks for your submission!

Hypothetically speaking, if I were the CEO/founder of an agency, I suppose I would only want groups that I enjoy and listen to in my company. With that said, I would hire idols (in no particular order) such as: (former) After School, Aile (no, I did not misspell Ailee. This is one of my secret hipster, independent groups), Ailee, Aziatix (do they count...?), B1A4, Big Bang, Brown Eyed Girls, Code-V, Crispi Crunch, Crucial Star, Dae Guk Nam Ah, Davichi, Dia, Dynamic Duo, Epik High, G.NA, INFINITE, IU, JOO, JUNIEL, Nom Nom Nom, One Way, Outsider, Phantom, PSY, R.Tripper, Roy Kim, Rain, Se7en, San-E, Shinhwa, Son Dambi, SpinEL, SS501, Sunny Hill, Supernova, T-ara, 2NE1, 2AM, and 8eight. If I wanted a LOT of money, then I would want Super Junior, Dong Bang Shin Ki, SHINee, etc.

I do not watch any Korean dramas, so there are no specific actors or actresses that I would actively seek out to sign.

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  1. you for you forgot gg.....;( AYO GG!

    1. No one care about GG Talent if only TTS + 2 member sing the best female in SM ent. ¯\_(:-//)_/¯


    3. That's in the "If I wanted to make a lot of money category and have to deal with creepy uncle fans" category.

  2. I'll go all the way for talent

    2BiC, Davichi, Ailee, Sunny Hill, BEG, Seeya, IU, Kim Tae Woo, Epik High, Navi, BoA, Lee Seung Chul, SISTAR, K. Will, Wheesung, Mc Mong, Seo in Young, Noel, Mighty mouth, Eru, SG Wannabe.

    Maybe not so much talent, but T-ara, B2ST, Secret, Orange caramel, AS, Hyuna, phominute, Girl's day, Lee Hyori would be great too

  3. Sulli and the rest of her gang, Soshi, Wonbin, Jongsuk, and Boyoung. All I care about is money.
    If All I cared about was Talent ; Sulli, 3 members of SHINee, IU, Ra.D, just group up all of amoeba culture, jungle beats, brandnewmusic, add 45RPM, hyori + hyorin, 사파리걸, 리미와감자, giriboy, INFINITE, TTS, all the actors I previously mentioned + minki, PSH, and every female singer with the last name 백. Also Big Mama and BADA. Younha, everyone from RealCollabo.

  4. I forgot to add J-min, boa, and m-flo when he is not being a whiny little bitch on twitter.

    1. I believe you're the first person ever to think that taku = m-flo. Almost everyone else thinks that verbal = m-flo. However, m-flo is a duo.

    2. Ah I see. Thank you for explaination!

  5. Leaving the financial benefits aside, I would deffinitely go for talent. With that being said, I would want
    INFINITE (mostly Sunggyu for his godlike vocals but they're all talented and funny), BEAST (but Junhyung for production and acting - Monstar, not rapping), TOXIC, 10cm, Hanbyul from LED Apple, FT Island, CN Blue (ok, I'm still thinking about these 2), K.Will, Nell, Tablo, Seo In Guk, Eunji from APink, SS501 (esp Youngsaeng and JungMin), Two Months, ZE:A Five (please don't judge, they're basically the talent in ZE:A and Dongjun and Kevin are good singers), Younha, Kim Young-Ho, Block B, BTOB, DMTN, Eric Nam, Hot Potato, Jay Park (for dancing and singing, leaving rapping aside), Junsu, Jaejoong and Changmin from DBSK(again, don't judge), Kim Min Seok, Urban Zakapa, 8Eight, Lee Min Ki, Sung Joon, Lee Min Ho, M Signal, Phantom, Roy Kim, SE7EN, 3 members from SHINee, TRAX, Verandah Project.

    1. 10cm + Instant Romantic Floor, maybe Coffee Boy

    2. I've never heard of Instant Romantic Floor and Coffee Boy, all I know is that 10cm = perfection.

    3. sunggyu isn't the best singer in the world, but what is astonishing to me is how far he's come compared to that dreadful SM audition; i would pick someone like him because he's actually willing to fucking put in all the time he has to and improve constantly, as compared to someone like kyuhyun who has five brazilian vocal talents but is a lazy fucker.
      infinite as a whole is a strong group to me because they're well put-together; when they're on stage, the members aren't competing against each other and everyone has enough talent not to look like a blockhead, even sungyeol [who is a lot more talented than he gives himself credit for]

    4. Yes, I know he isn't the best singer in the world but he has improved really fast and he has a kind of unique timbre. His vocal range is something not many current idols could be proud of and, although I have heard that he is annoying in INFINITE's songs, I love his high notes. And I guess I'm the only one, but I think that him and Woohyun sound nice together. They have all nice voices, even L improved since debut, when he had that whiny voice. I don't actually like Sungjong's voice, too girly for me, but whatever.

    5. the amount of effort they put in is kind of why i love infinite as a group; they've earned all the fame they have today.
      what? there are people who don't think gyu and woohyun sound good together? :s maybe sometimes in lives woohyun is overenthusiastic but they have a nice balance to them.
      tbh i really don't like l and sungyeol's voices (kinda sad cause they're two of my favourite members). no matter how much their improve, i just don't really feel it ya know
      hoya and dongwoo have surprisingly good voices though

    6. Yes, I know, they are consistent in what they are doing and Woollim does a great job at managing the group. I don't know about Sungyeol's voice, when it comes to singing he's basically inexistent to me even though he's doing great in variety + he's a really sweet dude. Hoya and Dongwoo are average-good singers and they did well with their last album, they're def better than your average rapper of the group (BAP and Block B not included).
      They are releasing a new mv this month and I think it's going to be epic. Don't know about the song, in the teaser it sounds a little lame with the english line, but we'll see.

    7. yeaa destiny sounds nothing like man in love and i'm praying it isn't
      i love the slight creepiness of btd/chaser/paradise i hope it's like that
      and i hope they have another show to themselves soon like ranking king. damn that was a good show.

      sungyeol is doing well in variety? i know he's really good at it but he seems to be one of the lesser-known members? idk

    8. Man In Love was such a disappointment.. /sigh
      To me, BTD, The Chaser and Be Mine were their best releases so far, Sweetune kinda lost themselves in the last release, even though there were some songs I genuinely enjoyed from the album. Ranking King was indeed good but I liked Sesame Player too.
      About Sungyeol, maybe he's not that well-known but to me he's one of the funniest members. As much as I like him and SungJong, I have to say that I liked the initial line-up better -> talented singers: Gyu and Woohyun, dancers: Hoya and Dongwoo and the face of the group: L, even though that role could be easily played by Woohyun. But that is strictly speaking of talent.

    9. infinite pretty much had their feel down pat by the time the chaser was released i don't know why they would change it up to that god awful flowery concept
      ahh sesame player was a bit repetitive/scripted for me? idk i think RK and BOAF are their best shows
      yup everyone knows sungyeol is the wittiest one. idk infinite seems to have a great group dynamic and yeah the original lineup was more talent-driven but tbh why would i listen to idols if i was looking for real talent. it's nice when it comes along but everybody knows it's not necessary.

  6. Fuck the idols and actors, I'd contract the songwriters and scriptwriters. Then I can just use any old celebrity and it doesn't matter.

    1. This, since almost no idol actually produce their own songs. One songwriter (I think) that always produce good tunes so far is Cho Young Soo (Bubble love, on nights like this, painkiller, from me to you).

    2. Hiring song writers + producers + composers but then you end up with a song like The Boys. .. . ... I only know about a handful of composers/producers/lyricists I would trust to make good song almost every time : LMS, sweet tune, PRIMARY, Kim Ina, Ra.D, GIRIBOY, IU, SJE, Misfit, Gaeko, there's More but that would make it more than a handful;;
      For script writers I would choose the Hong sisters, 최수진, 박혜련, 이응벅/신우철(director), 이현주, 김은숙, 강은경, not much else needed.

    3. Fuck that, I'll make my own song

    4. I'd put Rphabet in here too, but great list.

  7. Han Ye Seul
    Han Ji Min
    Han Hyo Joo
    Lee Yeon Hee
    Kim Tae Hee
    Lee Na Young
    Song Hye Kyo
    Moon Chae Won
    Jung Ryeo Won
    Sohn Ye Jin
    Hong Soo Hyun
    Lee Da Hae

    Yoon Si Yoon
    Hyun Bin
    Go Soo
    So Ji Sub
    Yoo Ah In
    Lee Byung Hun
    Joo Won
    Joo Sang Wook
    Lee Bum Soo
    Jang Hyuk

    Basically, all actresses and actors and no idols.

  8. Afterschool(until Uee)+Ailee+SISTAR Hyorin+Son Dambi for my sexy (?) girl group.
    BEG, Shinhwa, IU, Orange Caramel, K.Will, B1A4, Davichi, Leessang, TTS, Mighty Mouth, and EXO Chanyeol + D.O + Baekhyun (fuck the rest, especially Kris) for my Orange Caramel (?) boys version.

    1. and if I want a financial benefit, I prefer to have Distributor-Company like LOEN.

    2. what talent does chanyeol have he just walks around prostituting his soul to any camera in the vicinity

    3. ^^^^^^ thats the truth xiss

      P.S Chen has the vocal chords of a fucking god

    4. tbh sm has this really annoying habit of having pockets of extreme talent in their groups (yixing, jongdae, baek, kyungsoo, kai, even luhan and sehun to an extent) and then members who are just good for absolutely nothing and i don't understand why they expect everyone to give them a free pass because their friends are good at their job

    5. But I wanna rapey-rapey Chanyeol. so I will recruite him.

    6. if you record the rape he'll do the gwiyomi song with his penis

  9. Hmmmmmm...I'd take in a lot of bands and only retain talent/marketable ones in each. Better still, regroup by mixing them around.

    4minute: Only keeping 2Yoon and HyunA
    GG: Only keeping TTS, Yuri and Jessica
    SuperJunior: Only keeping KRY
    BigBang: No GD, no TOP and no Seungri (he was my bias but no, no, no)
    T-ara: Only Eunjung, Hyomin, Jiyeon and Soyeon needed.
    Sistar: Sistar 19 only
    After School: Now that Kahi and Bekah left, only OrangeCaramel, Nana and Jooyeon.
    EXO: permanently disband
    DBSK: Keep all 5 members
    SHINee: No Taemin(sorry, my former bias! I grew older.) and NO MINHO!
    F(x): Sulli and Luna ONLY
    BrownEyedGirls: Keep all 4 talented members
    FTIsland: Only keeping LeeHongki, JongHoon and MinHwan the drummer
    CNBlue: Only keeping LeeJongHyun but he's already receiving accolades for his solo work.
    B2ST: Only keeping Dongwoon (my new bias), DooJoon and Yoseob
    BlockB: Keep only Zico and Kyung, thanks
    Secret: Just SongJiEun please
    BAP: Hmm...only DaeHyun and BangYongGuk

    Okay I've run outta ideas.

    1. really confused about why you would only keep jieun when hyosung and sunhwa are the moneymakers. even jingo has been successful on variety shows.
      i'm also curious as to why you would keep only zico and kyung; i understand that zico is by far the most enterprising member, but kyung is a much weaker rapper and not as well known

    2. Those sre my personal biases :P

    3. BITCH don't even think about taking Jaejin out of fti! Jks, I'd be happy to see him leave those trolls

  10. basically mashing all of the future top tear groups together into one company
    = barrels full of money

    1. If by Apink and HelloVenus you mean everyone but Eunji, Bomi, Alice, and Lime then I think you mean *= barrels full of bought back CDs

    2. i doubt pledis has enough moolah i mean look at their current state...

  11. SNSD: Taeyeon, Sunny, Seohyun
    4Minute: Hyuna+2YOON
    MBLAQ: SeungHo, G.O., Joon
    BlockB: everyone sans the useless one
    Sistar+Kara+ BEG+ Apink +Davich+SPICA+Sunny Hill
    JYJ & B2ST
    Plus Eugene, Bada, Minah, BoA, Onew, Daesung, Minzy, Epik High, Luna&Amber, Fei, Nana, Kahi, Tia, Seo In Young, Seo In Guk (official toyboy), -insert cool people-
    Dunno about actors

    1. vvv confused about KARA, Apink (including everyone that isn't Eunji or Bomi??¿), B2ST (lol), Amber(???¿)

    2. whats so funny about b2st?

    3. Amber can sing better than Krystal+more interesting tone & persona
      I honestly can't tell anyone apart in B2ST/APink that's why i didn't make any difference. All i know is that they have potential for popularity
      And Kara because i need fap groups. Imagine, for example, Jiyoung/Tia/Minzy pedo fap unit or Gyuri/Fei/Seo In Young bad bitches unit.
      My fav is adorkable they-actually-can-sing group: Sunny/Minah/Luna/Seungyeon

  12. Nice one, shinbi! Aziatix, individual idols i would want are Doojoon, Taeyang, Onew, Junho, Luna, Fei Yoobin, Ye-eun, Gayoon, Jaejoong(i dislike him), Donghae, Henry, Gyuri, Boa, Minzy, Daesung, and Sunny cos i love her.
    For idol groups its TTS, K.R.Y, TVXQ, BEG, CNBLUE, Akb48(loljk), Mighty Mouth, Fiestar
    actors are Won Bin and Song hyo Kyo cos their my otp(no.). Add Park Shin Hye.

    1. B1A4 is a Good choice.... member can write the lyrics so you don't have to Hire someone to do that for you ((=

  13. All of them (girls only, of course) and I'd keep the "sleazy" ones, if you know what I'm saying.

  14. If I were a CEO, I'd form a band consisting of Dara, Sohee, Kris, Sulli, Boram, Hara, and Kwanghee with leader Minho and call it "The Idles".

    1. you forgot bora and dasom.

    2. maybe SM take your idea cast them and then add half of super junior. Call it "SM The Useless"

    3. don't forget YoonA, Qri, Suzy, Dani, etc etc.

    4. Suggested group names: No Mercy, Torture, OMG, MUD (Make-U-Deaf/Dumb), Super Jokers, Tryhards, etc etc

  15. Ryan Entertainment
    CEO : Me of course.
    Idol : T-ara, Sistar
    Actors : Won Bin, Cha Tae Hyun, Kim Soo Hyun, Lee Byung Hun.
    Actresses : Han Ga In, Lee Min Jung, Go Ara, Han Hyo Joo, Shin Se Kyung, Son Ye Jin, Han Ji Min, Park Bo Young, Song Ji Hyo.
    Comedian : Yoo Jae Suk, Kim Shin Young, Kim Byung Man, Haha.

    That's all I can think of for now.

  16. Replies
    1. Lol, I was expecting someone to post something like that. xd

    2. they will be remunerated in sexual favours

    3. What.. omg, I can't even. Girl, you have a twisted mind. Me likey

  17. i'm not sure if i even want to sign up with any existed one.

    realistically speaking, if i were to have an entertainment company in the near future, i will make a group of my own and make a viral music video on youtube. then people will start pay attention to my company and getting recruits will be better.

    but, if i were to do so, then i'll pull everyone away from kks.

  18. I'd get BAP (Jongunf) and Secret. That's probably it.


    2. Why, the song was alright to me. The video was meh, they made Jongunf wear pink hair and Himchan had a bad-bad haircut + not enough screentime but Daehyun looked dayum fine.

    3. Really? I thought Coffee Shop was pretty good.
      And Himchan still looked dayum fine with that hair cut

    4. It was a snoozer. Nothing bad, just nothing memorable.

  19. Let see. I would want
    6-ara: Even though the two useless ones are not needed, I'll keep them there cos I pity them.
    5Dolls: Pre Soomi and Rock Lee's sister departure. I must be the only one who likes them.
    The SEEYA
    Gavy NJ
    SG Wannabe
    New Girl Group: Chuck Hwadog, Ahreum, Shannon, and those two new chicks replacing Soomi and Chanmi
    After School: when they had Kahi, Jungah, Jooyeon, Bekah, Uee, Raina, Nana and Lizzy
    Nine Muses
    Sunny Hill
    Hong Jin Young
    EXID: The 3 that left + Hana + the only one that carrying the current group's vocal.

    BTOB: Cos I wanna stare at Hyunsik
    B2st: So I can stare at Kikwang
    MBLAQ: So I can stare at Seungho and G.O
    Se7en: So I can watch him getting a "Massage"

    1. I like your way of thinking and I see what you did there with BTOB and Beast. Hyunsik is like Gikwang but less dumb and def hotter. Tho' I'd add Sungjae too, that kid is adorable.

  20. TVXQ, Nell, KRY from Super Junior (yes or no for Yesung though), Infinite, Hyorin, Jay Park, Brown Eyed Girls, Sunny Hill, Shinhwa, and maybe After School. And maybe EXO for the fans' money.

    Never watched any k-drama but I will probably choose Son Ye Jin, Lee Min Ki, Won Bin and Lee Jong Suk. And Yoo Seung Ho to make the k-netz think my agency is god-liked.

  21. AGENCY: VERY OPEN WORLD ENTERTAINMENT, all artists are guaranteed to make more money if they have more scandals and more sextapes

    first i will sign EXO to make them stop singing that shit song, then i will employ them as my agency's guard dogs so they can awoooo as much as they like due to my generous slave contract

    then i would make my own girlgroup and boyband made up of idols i like due to various random reasons

    suzy, iu, sulli, oh ha young, seohyun (the agency name is made specifically for these girls)
    taeyang, shinee jonghyun, jaypark, hoya, bang yongguk (dont care what they do as long as not singing shit girly song)

    and i will make a group calledd THEFACE with leader park bom, hyoyeon, hyelim, 2am changmin, daesung, ryeowook, rainbow hyun young

    and one rapper group contain people who made my butthole hurts when they start rapping: shinee minho, chansung, bora, woori, zinger

    those two crap groups will perform at fish markets and dodgy night clubs with seasonal price

    and in case i am bored, i will sign kim jong kook and yoon eun hye and make them star in my own variety show along with all cast of original family outing and running man, as well as their PD, who cares about rating as long as they can make people laugh that is good enough

  22. I'd take EXO but I'd stop making them sing shitty songs and fire their stylists.

  23. If it means I will get to have sex with them at some point . . .

    Block B
    After School

    Kim Bum
    Sung Joon
    Kim Woo Bin
    Lee Min Ki

  24. 2BiC, 4men, AA, After School (2nd gen/+UEE), Ailee, ALi, Big Bang (-TOP, GD & Seungri), Brown Eyed Girls, Davichi, DMTN, Gavy NJ, GLAM, Gummy (does she count?), Hello Venus, Minzy, Noel, NU'EST (-Minhyun & Ren), Orange Caramel, SG Wannabe, SISTAR (-Dasom), SM the Ballad, Seo Inguk, Se7en, 4-ara (-Jiyeon +Areum), TVXQ, Youmi, Younha

    My ultimate 9-member group: Ailee + Hyorin + Jooyi + Eunji + Minzy + Soyeon + Hyomin + Luna + Taeyeon

    Cougar group: Kahi + Narsha + JeA + Ivy

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I forgot to add in the idol group infinite. The reason is because I feel that they have put in alot of effort to get to where they are today, and furthermore they do not really rely on popular senior idols in their agency to gain popularity and fame as compared to some of other idol groups out there.

    2. Not forgetting 2AM, BIGBANG, EPIK HIGH and JUNIEL, maybe BAP too?


  26. taeyeon (only as a soloist)



    yoona (will put that b*tch to get work her butt out for cf's and magazine, why put her to act?, so that she can fuck up all the dramas?

    big bang


    4minute (awwwwww yeaaaaaaaaaah babyyyyyy!, yeah hyuna shake that butt and bring your ceo some money or your ceo will take you back to that brothel where i find you b************tch! hyuna: but what about the other members? Nam Ji-hyun, Heo Ga-yoon, Jeon Ji-yoon, and Kwon So-hyun me: who? but b*tch if i only know about you in 4minute )

    top and g-dragon (they will be the hip-hop boy duo in the company)

    davichi: (the female duo of the company) (don't worry guys before debuting her i will fix her shitty shitty bang bang face)

    orange caramel: (i needed the aegyo,group in the company,less aegyo less money)

    exid: (awwwwwww yeaaaaaah babyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! hani is mine!!!)

    beg: (awwwwwww yeaaaaaah babyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! abracadabraaaa!!.)

    kara: awwwww yeaaaaaaah babyyyyyy!!!! butt dance!!!, la,la,la,la,la,la,la,la,la,la,la,la,la, 1,2,3,4,5,6,do it!

    did i forgot to name my company?

    name of the company: drug rehabilitation center entertaiment


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