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[MV Review] Girl's Day - Female President

Super late, but here it is. Life and work got in the way. Only 2 weeks late. l0l

Girl's Day initially stirred up massive boners interest with their fapworthy teaser featuring shadow stripteases and a potential lesbian kiss between Hyeri and Minah, hype that was ultimately only partially lived up to.

First things first, the MV is a normal dance in a box concept. But this time, there's plenty of sexy posturing and closeups to make your genitals happy. You know shit's going to be good when your MV opens with the aforementioned shadow stripteases.

99% sure this particular shadow belongs to Sojin.
Unfortunately, that's pretty much all that this MV boils down to because... there's not much else there. I mean sure, closeups are great and all, but the dance isn't particularly inspired and the lesbian subplot we got teased with is only very minimally used. It's certainly no Abracadabra, especially when Hyeri looks like she's supposed to be masquerading as a man and not even particularly motivated to participate. I'm not too sure myself if it was intended for Hyeri to be a "boy" or just a really bishounen-like girl, but all we get from it is this near-kiss. Yep, the same one we saw in the teaser, so it's not even anything great.

I'm pretty sure that Minah's supposed to be the titular Female President, l0l
Like I said earlier, the whole thing is totally wasted on Hyeri. Poor girl is painfully straight, and Minah is all too eager to go in for the kiss. Just look at her, she's so into it like "GIMME DEM LIPS GIRL, DEMS THE LIPS OF A LADY." Fake or not, it's quite believable acting, but Hyeri's like "Pls don't kiss me for real, unnie." I'm sure this has provided more fuel for the rampant "Minah is gay" believers, but I digress.

What IS good about this particular MV is all the ass we get from Girl's Day. I know the easiest way for a girl group to explode into relevancy is to flash some leg and some boobs, but not often do we get girls bold enough for blatant ass-shots for the general internet populace to gif for all eternity. Not to objectify women and all that, but certainly not asses of this particular quality. Chief among Girl's Day, by no small editing error or shit like that, is resident fanservice mistress Yura. The girl is dripping with sex appeal in this MV, and while the more prudish jealous virgin people may take offence, we here at AKF can appreciate a fine derriere when it so graciously presents itself for our viewing pleasure.

Werk it.
Expensive cars and hot girls, the director clearly knows how to appeal to
the target demographic with this MV.
This one is the mother of all ass-shots. Bless you, Yurass.
Even the rest of the dance bits of the MV are designed for maximum ass exposure.

But like I said before, the rest of this dance is fairly boring. No flashy moves, no fancy transitions, not much in the way of technicality. If someone were to tell me that this dance was choreographed this way on purpose only to emphasize the ass through how thoroughly uninspired the rest of the dance bits NOT featuring any ass was, I'd believe them.

The outfits are pretty good, with the exception of the zebra stripe nonsense, that's not doing anyone any favors. Other than that, hair and makeup are definitely on point with no random shit or questionable fashionista garbage to pollute Girl's Day. The pink outfits are truly standout though, pretty much everyone looks amazing in those particular scenes.

I personally was surprised at how well Yura can rock the grey circle lenses. Not
many people can say that, unfortunately.
Wallpaper this shit.
I also want to point out that even kawaii aegyo machine Minah gets a sexy upgrade in this MV, showing some remarkable depth. 

Out of character, but oh so welcum.
Wallpaper this shit too.
You've probably noticed that the majority of this review is devoted to how great Girl's Day look, or how amazing it is to get so much fanservice. Sadly, the buck stops there as far as the MV goes. The song itself is really, really, really lackluster. I mean it starts off well enough, right up until 0:57ish in the song/MV. We get some solid build up, right up until Minah finishes her usual acrobatics and Yura dives into her rap/bridge/pain. I love the girl to death, but this song is not a good example of how fluff members should be incorporated into songs. It completely derails the nice momentum the song was building and goes nowhere with it, which pretty much sums up the whole song. A lot of buildup, swelling vocals, anticipation and... nothing. It just fizzes out with no real finish or satisfaction. 

I've been told that the lyrics have something to do with "Since we have a female president, girls be ambitious and fuck your man already, don't wait for him to make the first move." Or something like that. Not exactly a feminist anthem Susan B. Anthony would be proud of, and certainly nothing for crazy fangirls to be touting as part of the revolutionary set of girl group songs allegedly "empowering" women all over the world. But don't take my word for it.

TL;DR: Glorious ass everywhere, but the song is as much of a tease as the shadows featured in the MV. 

  • ASS
  • Yura
  • Minah
  • everyone looks fantastic
  • 0:00 - 0:57
  • ASS
  • cheap Abracadabra-esque cash-in is a cop out
  • Yura's "raps"
  • all build-up, no satisfying conclusion
  • wtf up with dem lyrics
I give this MV song a 2.75/5, but if we put the whole MV on mute and watch its visual splendor, it's easily at least a 4/5.



  1. what i always wonder about young girls doing this sort of thing is how awkward it gets with their parents

    1. Pretty much. If I was pops I'd just be "just make sure you're gettin' paid, hon."



    4. You see Little Yura's ass? She got it from her mother.

  2. I demand a secret garden album review *waves random stick in the air*

  3. Writing schedule? Fuck that, just come back and post gifs once in a while.

  4. I mostly agree with you, although I absolutely found the song repulsive at first, I like it now for some freaking reason. And yes, the first 10 seconds or so of the song is good.

    Hyeri looks awful with that short-man-hair thingy.

  5. This everything gravitates around Yuras ass, that was my impression during my first viewing. Ever since based fiddle started to spam her, I also came to like her.

    Hyeri has a shit styling in the MV.
    Song is forgetable, unfortunately, after the great Expectation.

  6. Yura "Raps" and utter shit lyrics. I expected something with the title, damn.

    Yura, even that one piece dress can't cover all your butts. just cut the whole dress, please!
    and I'm waiting for live performance with that dress.

  7. I enjoyed Yura's Stefani-esque rap-anthem pre-chorus :-( And her eyes... mesmerizing as fuck, even Hyuna can't compete with that. Minah looked fucking fantastic. Sojin looked better than usual, but she's still like 45. Hyeri was a complete mess.

    Selling unadulterated sex, edgy. I dig it.

  8. Daayuum, hye ri is so ugly! I enjoyed the song, and if only Yura's dress was shorter and a better color... Minah looks sad with them eyes. Live it up, gurl, live

  9. I admit to replaying the song for a few hours straight.

  10. they got no ass it is non-existent

  11. I don't know but this song came to mind

  12. God, I'd go so lesbian over Minah i can't

    1. huh, always assumed you were a guy

    2. LOL maybe is because i fangirl only over girls? kpop dudes are way too femenine for my liking. I only heart Seo In Guk, but he's more of an actor now so there's that

    3. lol I'm gay and all I listen to and see are the girl groups, the guys tries so hard to be sexy and kinda fails, and I'm not into twinks.

  13. Sigh... It sounds too much like "Wings" by Little Mix for my liking...

    I will give the MV makers their due... They knew how to make an okay song with lackluster choreography into a great MV.

    And we all have to thank Yura's Mom for that ass. It truly saved their comeback...

    Usually something else has to save someone's ass, I guess the tables have turned! XD

  14. Yura looks great in that pink pic.
    I thought at first that MV and lyrics would match the title. I was wrong.:/

  15. Choreography was boring as fuck. Can we at least have some interesting dance moves to go with all the ass? I'm not intrigued and there is nowhere to go from this apart from straight into porn. I like a bit more mystery. Song was okay though. so ... I guess maybe a 5/10.

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