Sunday, March 9, 2014

Han Hye Jin Modeling For...Who Cares

Actress Han Hye Jin is the model for something or other, and yeah, I'm blinded by how perfect she is to even give a shit about what she's even advertising. This is when advertising fails when you don't even know the product and/or its name.

So yeah, soccer player Ki Sung Yong (I've seen his name incorrectly romanized as Ki Sung-Yeung, but 'Yeung' isn't even a sound in Korean) is one lucky son of a bitch. 


  1. Judging by these two pics she really could be "advertising" anything.
    A drink, jewelry, a purse, clothes, condoms...

  2. She's advertising a French jewelry brand. Certainly not the first thing I noticed when I saw the pictures.


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