Friday, March 14, 2014

[MV Review] CNBlue - Can't Stop

Amidst all of the SNSD/2NE1 comeback wars, everyone forgot that CNBlue was making a comeback, including myself. While going back and looking for music that come out recently, I saw that CNBlue came out something new and realized that I didn't even recall seeing any teasers or news about their comeback. Talk about coming back at a bad time.

When I first started listening to the song, I thought CNBlue was doing their Busker Busker impersonation, as I was about to fall asleep until the chorus kicked in. I like the chorus in this song, as I find it fairly catchy, but the verses are boring my comparison. I feel that they are too slow for my tastes, as I prefer faster and harder rock. Then again, if CNBlue strummed some of their pubes loud enough to where it would make some noise, I'm sure their fangirls would love that too, so I'm probably just not in the target demographic for CNBlue's music.

The music video is basically an ode to how jjangbak white women are to an Asian person. I guess "Once you go Caucasian, you don't any Asians" is their creed to live by. I've been seeing a lot of random white women in boy bands MVs as of late and never really understood why.

Apparently Yong Hwa started dating this white chick after finding out that Seohyun in fact does not have a vagina, or any reproductive organs for that matter. He had sworn off Asian women forever and found a white woman to date. Their relationship didn't last long, and he wrote a song about how great this white woman was.

Considering that 98% of their fans are Asian women, it's probably not the best idea, but hey, whatever.


  1. This is a new turn from their last 4 or so comebacks, those 4 sounded almost the same.

    Not a very good one though

  2. This couldnt hold a candle against SNSD's Mr Mr in MNET COuntdown..

  3. cn blue needs to make something like bluetory again

    1. Agreed! I think their earlier stuff was better.

  4. Did u give a try to "Cold love" from their EP? I think the song is good.

  5. For me, I liked this song a lot. However it seemed kind of forgettable after a while.

    Btw, I'm really surprised you wrote a review for this song xD

  6. I heard that they started using white actresses because insane fangirls began to track down the Korean actresses and harass them. What I heard, it really started in 2012 with Big Bang's Blue, and that's around when I heard that.


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