Thursday, September 29, 2016

[MV Review] Got7 - "Hard Carry"

One of K-pop's better boy groups makes a pretty decent comeback.

I really enjoyed "Fly" and to be honest, their entire Flight Log concept has been a visual treat and this is continuing it, and "Hard Carry" manages to stand on it's own, even if it does have some flaws.

Of course JB is flawless.
I like every part of the song that happens after the first chorus. The intro is good, but everything in between the intro and JB's part ranges from "okay" to "WTF." Jackson's beginning rap is fine however, BamBam's performance is just uncharismatic as hell which is not normal for him. However all the other parts after the song are pretty great, as it highlights the vocalist strengths and even enhances the instrumental. The song overall sounds like something from the West in the mid-to-late 2000s. It has a strong bass, horns, synths, with the added obligatory trap beat. Mark actually sings! And I think that was a smart decision because anymore rapping and this song wouldn't really carry Got7's signature sound which is a mix of rapping of vocals. The chorus goes pretty "hard" if I must say and it's really enjoyable, but the repetition of "Hard carry carry!" makes me laugh.

The music video has a dirty and grimy feel to it, while still being polished like a JYP video. Think if early BAP got the SM treatment. It follows the story-line of their Flight Log era, and this time it's a plane (or is it a car?) crash, however they're way more interested in dancing and singing than worrying about their possible injuries. This is fine with me as the choreography is awesome (I laughed at the Cabbage Patch though) as usual. The sets are also pretty interesting and visually pretty even though I don't fully understand them.

Have mercy Mark.

Visually this is one of Got7's best videos, since 6/7 members have dark hair, and the member that is blonde, Jackson, can actually pull it off. Also no one is fucked over in the styling department. The main standouts are JB as always, Jinyoung, who looks fucking amazing especially in that water scene.

Theory: The water is innuendo.

Finding these GIFs was honestly harder than I initially thought it would be. Anyway, I overall enjoyed this comeback, and I can see myself listening to this song a lot in the following months. Something tells me there are some gems on the album but I haven't gotten around to listening to it just yet. In the end, rather you liked or disliked "Hard Carry" you have to admit there is a fair amount of dick jokes in that title. There's even a blink-and-you'll-miss-it fap move towards the end.

I'll leave you with some Youngjae since I think he's the most underappreciated member.

Next review will be Infinite and the new Dalshabet if no one else feels like reviewing it.


  1. The track was to messy thank goodness godjae save it, but i would take the chorus and the rap away this would be a good song.

  2. Don't think I'm the only one that thinks of those MOBA games when I read 'Hard Carry'




  4. This song reminds me so much of BTS's "Fire" (and a little bit of NTC127's "Firetruck" too). They have similar structures, very similar styles and hard choreos. I liked all of them (I wasn't a big fan of the yolo concept, but I guess I don't even care anymore now). I liked this video the most by the way, probably because it focuses more on the dance, which is one of the things I'm mostly interested in. However, I think that Got7 has yet to find their own "identity", considering how different their musical styles are at every comeback. I would have liked more Youngjae to be honest, and a better rap by BamBam.

    On another note, since almost no one cares about boy groups here, I would like to take this chance to applaud JB's hotness and general existence. He deserves an ovation every time he shows up.

  5. I really didn't like Bambam's rap, which makes me sad because I know he's good, but this wasn't. The rest of the song is pretty standard to me, be it's also exciting and the MV looks GREAT. Jinyoung got hotter, I think it has to do with him changing his name. Lets hope JB changes it to Jaebum so that he'll become even more flawless

  6. This song was terrible.

  7. The chereography is amazing, but I'm not a fan of the song. Yugyeom and Youngjae are getting hotter, BamBam is still fucking annoying.

  8. Got7 better every day
    And choreograpy is amazing amazing amazing


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