Sunday, September 4, 2016

Popu Lady for FHM

Good God, I love Popu Lady.


  1. Whenever I hear of "K-pops in bikini", I'm expecting them to wear skirts, t-shirts and other shit over their bikinis, which is UTTERLY FUCKING RETARDED.

    Glad to see Taiwanese groups aren't that stupid.

    1. "Modesty bikinis" only apply to underage or "pure" concept girl groups imo. To prevent them from being pedo-bait like AKB.

    2. Watch K-pop girl groups start wearing burkinis lawl.

    3. @Battleships; Not really. Would you consider SNSD a pure concept group?
      Unless it's a group like Stellar (Papa bless), I always see those stupid shirts over bikini tops at least. Not just in MVs, but also in behind the scenes videos etc.

    4. The rash guards? Those are those cute shirts they all wear at the beach now.
      Those are kinda hot.

    5. Rash guards? What?
      No, I clearly said "skirts" and "T-shirts".

    6. The rashie or rash guard as displayed in the Hello Venus clip Paradise is a common item of apparel at beaches these days in Australia and I suspect West Coast USA and Hawaii.
      Surfers use them to prevent board rash also high UV protection and they dry off extremely quickly.

  2. Popu Lady very nice with those squishy face china girls have.


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