Friday, September 16, 2016

Yuri x Seohyun - Secret

Yeah, I know, when everyone read the title of the subunit, they had hoped it was the first in a long series of SNSD JAV films. However, while it's not actual porn, this video features a lot of hair porn since this song doubles as a CF for Pantene.

I actually liked this song a lot when it came out last month. It has an addicting melody, but the bass is just jjangbak and easily carries this song. I never knew I wanted a Y x S subunit, but now I want more of it. I thought this would be bad as I expected Yuri to rap for most of the song, but like all of SNSD's great songs in the past, there's no rapping!

Seohyun looks so good she almost became my SNSD bias again. Sorry Seohyun, it's still Yoona. Yuri looks jjangbak in this MV as well. All in all, after two months of bad [STATION] songs, Yuri x Seohyun, while not a lesbian JAV, still delivers with a good song and a great MV with a lot of hair porn.


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    1. Agreed.
      Best of sm station still doesent mean it's not a pile of shit

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    1. I remember jjangbak being a common phrase used by Mr Sulli Fagosis. I wonder what happened to him.

  3. "Seohyun looks so good she almost became my SNSD bias again."


  4. There were some parts of the song that I disliked, but overall, I liked it. Honestly I didn't care if the song would be good or bad, I'm just glad to see Seohyun in an MV where Taeyawn and Tiffuny keep hogging the camera from her.

    I know people tend to shit on Station songs so sometimes it's kind of hard for me to admit I liked 'Heartbreak Hotel' and '썸타 (Lil' Something)' (even Yoona's song!) without being told I have a bad taste in music. Same goes for this song.

    1. BoA's Whatever, Tiffany's Heartbreak Hotel, Jonghyun's song, f(x)'s song, and this one are my favorite Station songs.

  5. Throughout SNSD' s career, I never really took notice of Seohyun. This video changed that. She is quite the looker. Classy style too. The song was great as well, I like these two together.

  6. Now that's a JAV I wanna see. Preferably if they came wearing those pretty dresses.

  7. I am pleased mostly by the aesthetics of this MV, Yuri is my bias in SNSD and to have his I-used-to-not-be-able-to-distinguish clone Seobot because here is just great I think. They both look great and the MV is really classy.

    The song though, I haven't been a fan of this type of song, I hated Luna's crap, or just anything similar to this recently. That being said, I liked all the parts but the chorus of the song, so yeah it's surprisingly pretty enjoyable for me. I liked the beginning part where they're whispering too.


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