Tuesday, August 20, 2013

[MV Review] 2NE1 - Do You Love Me

Late as usual, but oh well. If 2NE1 can half-ass an MV, I can half-ass my way through my article schedules. Heh.

The thing about 2NE1's Do You Love Me MV is that it is yet another notch in the long laundry list of shits YG doesn't give about 2NE1 recently. Blackjacks waited a KPop eon (read: 1 year) for a 2NE1 comeback that sucked ass. The whole thing was repeatedly delayed, but that was nothing new for longtime YG stans/industry veterans. What WAS new was the fact that the whole thing was originally an intro of sorts for the I Love You promotions. With that kind of thing in mind, you start to understand a little about why Blackjacks get so butthurt over 2NE1 comebacks.

In any case, the trend continues with Do You Love Me. Since YG spent all their production moneys on Gizibae's and Falling In Love's gold spray paint budget, DYLM's MV is filmed exclusively by handy cam. Most likely by 2NE1 themselves.

The whole premise starts with 2NE1 conducting an elaborate demon summoning ritual.

After obtaining the succubus powers, CL and Dara snort an eighth of coke each, Bom gets off her fucking rocker on a huge Vicodin binge, and the three of them proceed to corrupt Minzy in an orgy of debauchery and rampage across some island resort + casino. If this all sounds like the plotline of The Hangover I/II/III, then you would be absolutely correct. It pretty much is. Not exactly a bad thing, because seeing KPop idols (no matter who they are) drink and get down at tha crub is always funny, but it's still kind of a cop out when you take a look at 2NE1's backlog of expensive MVs.

Everyone's all coked out, but Minzy's being all cute 'n' shit with her wacky
randomness in the back of most of these cuts.
Case in point: Look at Minzy doing sit-ups behind CL's and Bom's drug-fueled
Some say this is Dara being cute, but the look in her eyes tells me otherwise.
That shit is chilling.
Using the power of bukakke, CL tries to summon yet another demon.
Look at Minzy, she's sho cute gettin' all crunk 'n' shit. :3
If you're not into 2NE1 already, or you get easily nauseous, this MV is definitely not for you. Aside from all of these party clips, there's a surprising amount of exploitable + sexual gifs in this MV. Or not, since they summoned demons for sexual powers at the beginning of the MV.

Certain unscrupulous individuals out there could use this to depict a penis
jizzing on CL or something. I sure as hell am not doing it.
I almost shot myself for unleashing this upon the unsuspecting world.
I hope you're happy, you sick fucks.
Here's some Minzy fanservice. ;A;
Surprisingly, there's also quite a few cameos to be had in here too. Mostly YG affiliates, but there's some surprises too. I'll give you a handy picture guide to see if you spotted em all.

Click to EXPAND
I'm sure there's more the folks who made this missed, but it doesn't really matter.

Visually, it's decent. Aside from Bom being Bom and CL + Dara looking more cracked out than usual, everyone looks fairly decent. 

Minzy is the tru savior of this godforsaken group.
Bom makes it so hard to excuse/overlook her faults.
As for the song itself, it's a meh. Nothing special, nothing fancy. Unless you count making Dara sound like a breathless gasp most of the time as something wow-worthy. Other than that, it's just a typical summer club-banger, but there's so many better ones out there. Eh. I can't even muster enough fucks to give about the song. I will give them credit for making Minzy's parts pretty good.

TL;DR: Don't bother with this shit unless you want to see 2NE1 fuck around and party.

  • gettin' crunk
  • handy cam footage is kinda neat
  • Minzy as always
  • Minzy's parts
  • WTF Dara's singing
  • lazy production
  • YG gives no fucks about 2NE1
  • Bom is still scary
  • boring song overall
I give this MV a 2.5 out of 5.


  1. I knew I saw Dok2 in there. Fun song and I'll give the (half-assed) video points for not being the awkward mess that was Falling in Love.

  2. Didn't read all of your review, but I agree with Minzy being cool. With their recent songs, she's kinda become the top player in 2NE1. However, this is not primarily because she's become more interesting (which she did, I'd say), but because the others being less so...

    DYLM (say it out loud, it sounds pretty stupid DYLM) is better than the first of their quadrilogy of singles this summer.

    Also, I enjoy Bom's boobs.

    What I want is a cool dance/electro song... you know, just like what 2NE1 HAS BEEN KNOWN FOR UP UNTIL NOW.

    1. "Didn't read all of your review..."

      wtf I didn't even write that much text, it was mostly gifs... l0l

    2. I also skipped waiting for some of the gifs... does that count ?

    3. When I do a double-space, I'm surprised you read past the first space.

  3. i turned it off in the first 30 seconds. spelling out the title of the song to fill up space is probably the most amateur and laziest shit you can do. then not only did you spell it out 50 times,instead of going into the verse you follow it up by starting off with the chorus and saying do you love me for another 50 times.

    1. Conclusion: Do we love them and their shitty latest songs? NO

  4. Come on guys! Don't be so hard on them! It's 2NE1! Just expect to be disappointed and everything will turn out great!

  5. copy paste from my other post..its purely opinion

    ok this is how i analyze this matter.

    The cost of decent Music Video something around 200k$ to 400k$
    and $20 to $50k to produce a decent singles album right now.

    1. now lets begin to CL the Baddest Girl digital release

    as you can see its not cheap MV right?and its digital release.

    did YG earen from it?...i doubt it..because its not doing well so there's no revenue from it that's for sure. we all know the profit sharing of digital sales.

    2. Falling in love of 2ne1. its not that cheap too. but its not doing very well also.

    as you can see they have to pay for their dancers. production Effects .etc.
    and for sure they have sponsor as well to produce 2ne1 MV or Its from YG Money it self?

    3. "We all know Filming an MV is easy ..its like Whole day or 2 days of filming is good enough to finish the Whole MV. take note

    it takes 2 days if they have different set .or

    Solo Version,
    Dance Version
    Drama Version
    any kind vof version.

    and now i think DIL is doing well in chart but Not 2ne1 Standard so i doubt there's revenue from it to cover all expenses ..so having this excuse is not really logical

  6. What's DIL ?
    Anyway, I find this kind of MV much more interesting to watch than the 108th dance shot thing.

  7. i totally forgot they released this song even though i listened to it when it was released.
    in short, I think the song was meh, I feel like they tried to pull a "I am the best 2.0" but failed so hard.

  8. You can really see in that gif that Bom doesn't have a lot of boob and it's mainly push-up. I think I'm going to cry.

  9. Teddy needs to be dropped on a deserted island, because the only good song he's produced that's been released this year was actually composed three years ago (Kang Seung Yoon's Wild and Young, if you didn't catch on). YG is relying far too much on this dude and his output has just been getting worst and worst. Falling in Love was a shit song whose only selling point was Minzy. This one is slightly better, but it's got very little replay value (much more than Falling in Love, but that's saying something) and you can hear the struggle in Bom and CL's voice when they sing. I would make a comment about Dara, but we all know that she's only eye candy (even though YG's stylists love fucking that up). YG, idk what your angle is with these 2NE1 comeback singles, but they suck. They suck hard. Ain't nobody got time for this shit when we can go to the 9001 rookie bands debuting that are making better electropop/crub bangers than this.

  10. You are awesome!! Another great MV review and some funny GIFs!!!

  11. Minzy is ugly, too. Just because she's in the same group with "people" like CL and Bom, it doesn't make her hot. Just hot by comparison. It's not that hard to look attractive standing next to Bom.

    1. I think she's cute and she's got chutzpah. l0l YG doesn't make it easy for her to look decent though.

  12. Need to stop this pool-party shit MV, it's similar to american MVs and I hate those kinds.

    Song is as boring as I expected, even Rania's 'Up' has is a million times more interesting.

  13. Replies
    1. Damn, I'd hate to see what you would think about an article I actually tryharded on.

    2. She's just mad that you ripped on CL and Bom.

  14. the majority of the budget was obviously spent on repairing Bom so she can slightly smile again

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. oh whoops deleted my comment. but i said:

  15. I predict an awesome solo career for the talented Minzy.

  16. everyone knows the i'm the best was the high point for 2ne1 and they will never get to that high point again


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