Friday, August 2, 2013

The GD Instagram "Scandal" -- More Evidence of Fangirls Using Confirmation Bias to Prove Stupid Shit

I had to throw my 2 cents in here because fangirls are getting especially retarded, and with all the traffic hitting this article, I might as well write up a response to it all. That, and I'm fucking pissed at all the idiocy spiraling around this case.

Let's take a look at the original picture as originally posted by GD himself. It's still on Instagram, so GD either doesn't give a fuck about this mess or he is unaware of how "controversial" it is. (I'm betting on the former, to be honest.)

Several "explanations" exist for what's going on here, and most if not all of them are stupid.

First of all, I just want to say how fucking retarded it is that people think this is some kind of Trayvon Martin tribute in the first place. For one thing, not a single word was written by GD to even put some context to this picture. Instead, he chose to caption this with "X." Since X doesn't mean shit unless you put some wacky spin on it courtesy of confirmation bias, it's simply a picture of him with his face painted black with a T-shirt over his head like some goon. AND YES, THAT IS A T-SHIRT OVER HIS HEAD, NOT A FUCKING HOODIE LIKE SOME MANY IDIOTS SEEM TO BE THINKING (LOOKING AT YOU, SPIN AND L.A. TIMES).

The fucking clothing tag is hanging out over his forehead, and you can clearly see that it's the cut of a T-shirt. So why do people jump to the conclusion that it's a grey hoodie instead of a shitty faded black T-shirt pulled over his head? Confirmation bias. Here's what the "logical" progression of events in the fangirls' minds looked like to get to this point:

  • GD is Korean. 
  • Koreans are notoriously ignorant of the significance of blackface. 
  • GD has his face painted black. GD is "obviously" doing blackface. 
  • What black figure is commonly depicted in a similar manner? Trayvon Martin. 
  • Celebrities have taken to social media to do Trayvon Martin tributes.
  • GD is a celebrity who has posted this picture on a social media service.
  • GD is "obviously" doing a Trayvon Martin tribute.. 
Thus, this picture becomes a Trayvon Martin tribute by jumping through several hoops of confirmation bias.

Secondly, anyone who thinks this is some kind of facial pack is stupid as well. THIS is a facial pack of black substance (charcoal in this case)

Anyone who's ever put on a facial pack/mask before knows all too well that you're not supposed to apply that shit anywhere near your eyes or lips, let alone directly on the eyelids like GD did in his picture. An idol like GD would be especially aware of this fact, since it's likely that he's gone through hundreds of masks like these to maintain his skin/face/good looks. Besides, the application of whatever it is is uneven. You can even see parts of his skin underneath. No one's dumb enough to misapply a facial mask so thinly like that, especially not an experienced individual like GD.

Thirdly, YG has FINALLY come out with an official statement on the matter so all of the fangirls' bullshit reasoning/justifications don't count for shit anymore.
In response to the controversy brewing, YG Entertainment reached out to SPIN to clarify the matter at hand, stating that this was all just a big misunderstanding.  
"GD was simply wearing different face paint colors and this is a huge misunderstanding. The face paint is only a color variation for his album cover which includes black, white, and red. It is in no way meant to be a political or racial statement... It's being derived by a simple photo shoot where GD was using different face paint colors for his upcoming album," the reps said.
While many of these official PR statements are full of obvious bullshit, this one is fairly plausible. Why? The shit on his face clearly looks like some kind of water-based paint, GD is supposed to come out with a new album in August, and he's known for doing weird shit like this. It all matches up, and it doesn't require a ton of happenstance and retarded jumps in logic to make sense.

So why are people still so butthurt? It all boils down to "HURR DURR BLACK FACE PAINT = BLACKFACE." Especially if the person in the paint is Asian, cause fuck all those gooks/chinks/nips for not knowing about the intricacies of American racial history in the early 1900s right? (We'll ignore the blatant Americentrism inherent in such a judgment in order to stay on-topic.) The same bit of confirmation bias is used here as well:
  • An individual in black face paint is not black.
  • Blackface is a parody of black people created by the application of black face paint to non-black individuals.
  • The individual in black face paint is doing blackface.

The hypocrisy of generalizing and making such a broad-stroked assumption/judgment like the very same bigots these people are attempting to call out aside (we're going to be doing a lot of ignoring for the sake of this presentation), let's look at how stupid that particular statement is.

This is a Japanese oni mask. This is black. This is a mask. This goes on the face. OBVIOUSLY BLACKFACE, FUCK THE JAPANESE RIGHT? "But Zaku," you say. "This is a mask, not face paint, it doesn't count!" For the sake of the argument, I'll ignore your cherry picking fallacy and continue.

This is an example of traditional face paint for Chinese opera. There is black paint. This is applied to the face. This is Asian in origin. OBVIOUSLY BLACKFACE, FUCK THE CHINESE RIGHT? "But Zaku," you say. "There's too many colors, it's not blackface." Okay, sure. Let's ignore your cherry picking fallacy again.

This is the military. They routinely paint their faces black for field operations requiring stealth and other tactical advantages such paint provides. These particular soldiers happen to be white, the "originators" of blackface in the first place. OBVIOUSLY BLACKFACE, FUCK THE MILITARY RIGHT?

If you're going to continue to jump to the conclusion that "black face paint = blackface," especially in the face of all these fairly normal examples to the contrary, then you're hopeless and guilty of the same blind prejudice you get so butthurt about in your little e-activism. What's even more damning is how all of these examples have reasonable context to them, context that appears to justify having black paint on your face. Ignoring how stupid it is that we even need to HAVE context for applying black shit to your face these days, what exactly is keeping fangirls from accepting the YG explanation for GD's black face paint? They're simply choosing to ignore truths that don't fit in with their view of the world. And even without YG's press release, why was it necessary in the first place to find an appropriate context in which to evaluate GD's original picture? After all, all he wrote was "X" on the post. 

Making IRRATIONAL conclusions about someone YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW PERSONALLY, REGARDLESS OF CONTEXT? Hm, smells like bigotry, racism, and prejudice to me. 

That's what pisses me off about this whole situation. Breathtakingly retarded application of confirmation bias aside, the hypocrisy exhibited here makes my blood boil. How are you going to get up on your white horse and rant about how racist GD is for doing blackface when you're using the same "logical" conclusions and reasoning that racist people use themselves? The worst part is when people try to point this out, fangirls simply brush it off saying, "Don't even try to protect oppa, anyone trying is a stupid oppadickrider." Again, these people are choosing to ignore the facts that don't fit in their worldview or desired interpretation of events.

Am I defending blackface? No. Am I defending GD? In a way, yes. He did nothing wrong, and people are trying to find a racist subtext where there is none. Remember, blackface is a racist stereotyped caricature of black people and not just PAINTING YOUR FACE BLACK.

And since this piece was too serious with little to no comedic value, have some gorgeous eyecandy to reward yourself for making it this far.

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    I know I pissed off a lot of fangirls yesterday haha, so this is a good article for people who took that post too seriously. For anyone interested, just search "antikpopfangirl" on Twitter to see all of the fangirls mad.

    Oh, and Fei.....hnnnnnnnnggggg.

    1. "X = MALCOLM X"
      That is what I wanted to write when I saw it too. haha
      But I seriously doubt this guy is so deep.




  3. I like how african-americans assume that everyone in the world should know about American history and be sensitive about it. Slavery is a truly awful thing. But you know what? Historically they aren't the only ones that had a hard time. Frankly, I don't see how what they have experienced should be special, just cause the color of their skin is different. To me thinking that in itself is racism. I'm not against any race, but you can't want to be equals and set yourself apart. Plus my sister, who studies in the US, told me black people are just as racist as white people. Now I don't know how true is that, but ill let the fact that aftet a black woman became the manager of her school's cafeteria, all white and asian employees were fired and replaced, with you guess what. That isn't to say all black people are racists, they aren't, but it just goes to show that you can't generalize everyone like that. I say, screw hypocrites, regardless of their race, age or gender.

    1. "I don't see how what they have experienced should be special, just cause the color of their skin is different."
      Not sure how you don't get it, but it's the other way around... Because of their skin color they were sold as slaves.
      Their skin color immediately identified them as slaves. Quite contrary to white people (burglars, murderers etc.) being used as slaves because they were sanctioned via the law to be slaves.
      That's what makes the case of slavery or mistreating just because of looks (be it black, hispanic, Asian) a special thing.

      As for modern forms of racism, that's a rather different topic I'd say.

    2. I can confirm that there are racist black people in the US, but that should be common knowledge; anywhere you go, there's going to be people who prejudices. And quite honestly, black people who discriminate against others really ought to be ashamed of themselves. People like MLK Jr. didn't risk their lives trying to get people of all races on equal footing just for us to go and act like a bunch of idiots.

    3. There were slaves in just about every country. In the Joseon times in Korea, slavery was rampant. So no, black people can't just throw out "our ancestors were slaves and theirs weren't slaves".


      "Not sure how you don't get it, but it's the other way around... Because of their skin color they were sold as slaves."

      That's overgeneralizing the whole situation. Yes, before the Civil War, almost all blacks were slaves. However, white Americans weren't the sole reason as to why black people were slaves. Africans enslaved other Africans and Dominicans enslaved Jamaicans. Usually it was the English who purchased the slaves from Africans, and then traded them with Americans for cotton.

      While it doesn't make white Americans any less guilty about slavery, the root of the problem is Africans selling other Africans as slaves.

    4. That's not really contradicting what I said, though. And I think you are misunderstanding.
      If you were a black person in North America (and other places), you were immediately recognized as a slave. Just by your skin color. That's what I was saying and that's what makes this kind of slavery (doesn't matter where and of who) special.

      I was not saying who's guilty and who's not, not in the least bit.

      Ironically, South Park had a pretty good episode on this topic (the "he said nigger on TV" episode) with Stan and Token.

    5. I did misunderstand part of your comment, but not the part of black people being perceived as slaves just because of their skin color. In the North, there were a lot of free black men that weren't identified as slaves because of how they talked, dressed, etc.

      And yes, that episode of South Park is hilarious. "RACE WAAAAAAAAAR!"

    6. Did any of you know that there were black female slave owners? In America? No?
      Just checking. Slavery isn't about race, and it never has been. It's about money, dept, and produce. Anyone who thinks otherwise, don't know how economics work.

      Also, it's super hypocritical of blacks to claim victim-hood from the western world as the first people to truly, brutally enslave the Africans upon contact, were the Persians, although they garnered slaves from all over the world.
      They didn't whip their slaves, they just fucking killed them, should disobedience arise. But no one ever talks about that. It's easier to complain to that hand that feeds that you're not getting enough, than to plead reparations from people that don't give handouts.

      The whole "errybody's racis'" thing is old fashioned. You should google "black race narcissism", and get a bit of an idea, of how delusional Luther King was.

      Also: great post, Zaku.

    7. There was slavery everywhere but wasn't it better in some places than others?
      I remember hearing that in the Middle East that it was against their religion to treat slaves like shit therefore, treated them like they were family and only made them do domestic duties (not pick cotton) whereas it's undoubtedly obvious in America they treated you like shit hence the earlier abolition of slavery. The less time it takes to abolish slavery, the worst it is.

      And tbh I don't know why this is turning to a race debate like 'which race is more racist. the race with some racists and some non-racists or the race with some other racists but some other non-racists? CHOOSE ONE'

    8. gd is the nigger guy

    9. @KPopRanter

      I'm sure the Jews in Egypt thousands of years ago would disagree with the notion that it was "against their religion to treat slaves like shit".

    10. I get that being a slave was a thing about their skin color. What I meant was, that people have been taken slaves and treated terribly because of other things like their nationality and relligion, but that somehow seems less significant for some reason. I can't speak for slavery, cause my country didn't really have that. It was rule, which I guess can be a lot more forgiving (you know, except if your officers were douches, than it's rape and murder for the whole family!), unless you are against the emporor, in which case it gets real bad... Like massacring everyone, cause you got him mad kind of bad. But enough about that. What I meant was - your race doesn't make you a douche. Acting like one does.

    11. I said Middle East cause I couldn't remember the place clearly (it was years ago and the only thing I listened to during AP World History, give me a break). The Arab or Muslim slave trade where they captured African slaves but just made them domestic workers like maids, nannies, etc. I mean of course, there was sexual and devious acts done behind closed doors but I heard it wasn't as bad as the American slave trade because the Quran was against it.

      (remembering stuff from a long time ago is horrible, maybe I'm wrong but fuck it)

    12. "Africans sold Africans" is such a broad statement considering the fact that Africa is not a country but a continent. Africans were not selling “their own”, they were selling their enemies, just as the Greeks and Romans once did. Africa, then as now, was made up of different countries. They were no more selling “their own” than, say, “Europeans” were killing “their own” during the Holocaust. Most African countries did not sell slaves and some even fought against it.- But because Europeans back then could control the supply of guns there was little Africans could do to stop it.
      I dunno how true it is that if your were someone black who talked and dressed a certain way you weren't mistaken as slaves, I will have to look that up but I'm pretty sure no one non-black was ever mistaken as a slave in America specifically, so it does have something to do with race.

      The Transatlantic Slave Trade is remember and thought of differently for these reasons-
      The Transatlantic slave trade was on a much greater scale than anything the Africans or anyone else ever did in the history of slavery. Countries were destroyed and millions died. Over 12 million were sold in less than 400 years, something so huge that it changed the genetic map of the world. 12.5 million were sold to Europeans and Americans, 1,8 were sold other countries such as Brazil.
      The Transatlantic slave trade was racist. The African slave trade, for all of its other ills, was not that. Neither was the Greek and Roman slave trade it was mostly based on class. I can't speak for other countries history but in America it was based highly that people of specific race were not human therefore could be treated however they wanted because they were seen as animals. When slavery first started in America the view was that is justifiable to have slavery because black people were not christian, so it even had religion reasons and was not solely about race, however around 1660's a lot of white Americans viewed slavery as immoral so the ones who wanted slavery to continue tried justifying it by turning it into the idea that black people were not fully human, because it seemed less immoral to treat animals cruelly than humans. That's also what lead up to how black people were treated after slavery up until 50 years ago.
      I wouldn't say its makes black people "special", but its the reason why its probably the most talked about form of slavery because its was a different treatment.

      I mean you could argue that their are different forms of the holocaust, not just the Jews but the fact of the matter is that its the most infamous for a reason.

      But besides that I don't understand why Slavery had to be bought into this or why "Everyone doing it" makes it somehow seem less wrong. I do agree that black people can be just as racist as well... anyone really. I also don't think that we think everyone should know America history, however if you are broadcast all over the world, people will see you including Americans are going to see you and react to you, so celebrities in particular need to be careful.

    13. "Everyone doing it" doesn't make it less wrong. It's just that it isn't the only thing that was wrong. I agree that celebrities do need to be careful, but South Korea is its own country. I don't think anybody is trying to be ignorant, they just aren't educated on American history. And they aren't really obligated to be. Just as you as an American, are not obligated to know about other countries. It's nice if you do, but if it doesn't affect your life in any way - why? I don't advocate ignorance, but by your logic every celebirty should know about every nation's historical sensitivities. And in terms of millions being killed, the Transatlantic slave trade, isn't the only one. And the people now, aren't the ones back then. There are racist fucks everywhere. Nontheless, there are a lot of accepting people. But slavery isn't a special occurance, that has affected only black people. Brutalism is didn't just affect black people. It affected many nations and races in many ways. And every single time it happened, people were treated like animals. Regardless of the reason. Nonetheless, there are different opinios and that's that. We can't all agree, can we? Let's not turn this into a "who had it worse" competition, that would only be unnecessary and disrespectful towards any people who have suffered.

    14. But who is saying/implying that it's the only thing that was wrong? No one. Is there a requirement that when talking about the transatlantic slave trade that you must talk about all forms of slavery?
      And yes the transatlantic slave trade was the only slave trade in the millions, other slave trades where in the thousands.I'm not playing the who has it worse game, I merely explaining why its more well known than other forms of slavery.
      I don't think celebrities should know about every nations insensitivities or history, I think they should be careful because they are in the spot light. Like if fans are telling you something looks offensive then you should take that into consideration, that has nothing to do with learning history. The entertainment industry in Korea knows that blackface is considered wrong to international fans because we've called them out on it, they may not know why it is wrong because they don't know the history of it but they are least know that it offends people and that should be enough for them to not do it.

    15. I wasn't talking about slavery, but killing people. Nonetheless, I agree with the rest

    16. this debate was really interesting, but most of the people calling g dragon a racist right now don't have near the same amount of information as any of you about slavery; the way it seems to work today is that people are just out to take offense to everything; the real problem imo is the giagantic space these supposed liberal and forward thinking people see between people of different races. yes, gd is a dumbfuck, but i thought we knew that already.

    17. The original topic was GD black face but it turn into an issue about slavery and Holocaust cause of Anti-K-pop fangirl comment that took things in a different direction. Modern slave trade still exist today in the middle east and is mostly targeting African nations. A tradition that dates back before time of Christ. You also have modern sex and labor slavery happening throughout Asia. There is some forum of oppression that exist in every country that range from class to race.

      Why this has anything to do with GD I have no fucking idea. Mags like Spin and LA Times target him because of the national awareness of Trayvon Martin case. That means people of the United States not just the black kind are concern over this issue.

      You have anonymous international fans weighing on GDs action and you have no idea what race they are. Yet once again black fans become targets and blame for stirring up controversy. There is an attack on the whole black community to further dehumanized the topic and once again get away from the discussion.

      Obvious what GD did was stupid but was it racist, no. Spin and LA Times took what he did out on content and gave no context to the picture. But the people commenting on this are just as equal ignorant and racial bias as Spin and LA Times.

      Just for the record not every single Black skin person finds everything racist. Even white people to Asian people well anyone who ever felt discriminated will call out racism if they feel offended.

      The article that Zaku post wasn't even meant to take things to a more darker level. Its some closet racist people who do this and throws everything off subject.

    18. Well fuck me in the ass for having an opinion. And blackface is considered offensive, because of the history of black people, or am I wrong? All I said was that historically, they weren't the only people that were wronged, that means I'm some neo-nazi, super racist human, who enjoys the smell of farts, as long as they come from a white butthole. I said, exclusively, that slavery was horrible. No matter the reason why other people were looked down apon. But hell naw, if I say that black people weren't the only ones that were treated terribly in history, I'm a racist asshole, who fights for inequality. This is the last time I'll try to explain myself. I swear that if you don't understand me now, you must a moron. Slavery, or any form of being brutal to humans, shouldn't be seen as any less important, becuse the reasons for it aren't racial. You are basically saying, that the Transpacific slavery is the worst, because it was happening for racial reasons. How can violence be more acceptable if its happening because of a person's rellgion or nationality? That was my argument. Either I explained myself badly, or you should really work on your comperhension skills.

    19. Dude get a hold of yourself and thoughts and stop over reacting for the sake of drama. Nobody arguing the fact that there are other forms of slavery and some that still exist today. But in the United States and through South America and the Caribbean the Transatlantic slavery. Due to its length and the amount of African deported has effected the western world greatly. Even the whole idea of 'race' and 'racial superiority and inferiority' is the the direct result from having slavery in America. Our whole perception of race and racial relations is built from centuries of propaganda that painted ANY minority an oddity or an outsider of the WASP (white Anglo Saxon Protestant) nation. Every non-white race in America has fallen victim to some level of racism within the United States. The genocide of Native Americans is at the to than slavery to claiming Chinese people were not human beings. The fucking list goes on.

      Nobody is calling you a racist asshole but you are placing that on yourself.You refuse to read what others are saying and overact with immature comments. But to answer this question:

      How can violence be more acceptable if its happening because of a person's rellgion or nationality?

      Violence is never acceptable base on a person religion or nationality. But throughout history humans have use violence as a way to reform and oppress people of lower class and influence.Humans have a history of treating each other terrible, committing genocide and killing in the name of ______________.

      Again I ask what the fuck does this have to do with GD painting his face black? People have tied this to Trayvon Martin movement and feel that blacks use the slavery card as a reason to discussed why race relations are so out of control. That isn't really the issue anymore. Its more of how this affect our perception of one another. If you see a black woman with a child do you think automatically think she had that child out of wedlock and living off of welfare? If you see a black man wearing street hip hop clothing do you automatic assume he is a thug?

      The Trayvon Martin case really focus more on how we perceive each other and make assumption that can actually be deadly and cost someone else their life. Its beyond the whole slavery shit. Just stupid people who can not talk about race will bring that crap up regardless if its to speak about injustice or to dehumanized the idea of racism against a person of color.

      That is how I feel about it at this point, today's black civil leaders are our for themselves and conservative white people have lost their damn minds. White liberal use racism and hate crimes as shameless propaganda to keep people divided.

      comprehend that shit

    20. Historical violence affects everyone's perception of each other. True, with skin color it may be more obvious. Nonetheless, you ignore the fact that the world isn't the US. I had to live in many places for the first ten years of my life, because of my dad's job, and I learnt that everywhere there are racist people. Everywhere a group of people is specifically hated, because of something that's happened in the past. And propaganda is spread against those people. Today, in my country, the classic literature pieces are all a bunch of shit being said about a certain nation (that took over our land for 500 years)(they are also like 10 % of the population). Still, somehow those people are treated exctly the same (unless you are a douche). A lot of our politicians are from there. So I guess Ill just never understand the american fascination with a person's race. And those weirdd things you do to fight for equality, that truly just set people apart and enforce the seperation. I'm truly sorry. I'm sorry that my perception of people isn't affected by stereotypes. Because we have them here as well. It's just that people, that don't have their heads up their asses, manage to overcome them, at least here.

    21. I acknowledge historically people were treated and discriminated in a violent nature in other countries. But when speaking about U.S history the slavery of Africans has a great influence of racial relations between blacks and whites. Which also effect America's legal,education and political system. Not just blacks but any minority and immigrant who is non-white that enter this nation. That is the truth about America public. The whole Trayvon Martin case and movement prove that perception of blacks haven't change despite living in a more open minded nation.

      "Nation blew today on guilt's of yesterday" -Earth, Wind and Fire

      That quote from a song sums up American society and all society who have experience trauma from violence base on race, religion, nationality and class.

      I've been to Germany and didn't experience racism there. I experience racism from Americans who were also afraid and felt that Germans still hold prejudice ideas from the Nazi era. That is perception and assumption at its best. My German friends were sick and tired of people thinking that Nazism still exist. Germans have done everything in their power to shed that image after the war end almost a 1000 years ago. Yet people still believe that Nazi are welcome in Germany.

      In my life time being mixed race and living in America i had to come to terms with people discriminating against me base on my skin color. Its something most minority children are taught to deal with. Some of us become victims and are consume with how society views our racial identity. Some of us try to ignore it and hide our frustration. While some like me learn how to deal but not be submissive to prejudice. I don't allow racism stop me from achieving my goals in life. But I refuse to set here and say America has change in a more racial accepting society.

      My attitude on race is base upon my experience living in America and in its society. I bet if I lived in Germany I would have a different perception of racism.

      To me the affects of racism and the severity is truly base on the individual, the society they live in and their perception. People will have different experience and different ideals. Just like we all don't look a like, we all don't think a like creating the diverse that shape our societies. I respect your opinion but understand I experience things differently from you because of the society I live and as my race.

    22. I could give any fucks about G-Dragon being sensitive to black issues but he should have the common decency to not pull stunts that blatantly offend us. This is not the first time this skid mark has pulled crap like this. He rips off black music artists at every turn then turns around and tries to shit in our faces.

    23. @pimpmysneakers

      lol I don't know man, didn't think black face when I saw GD in that pic nor Trayvon Martin. According to this bullshit website I am the most pro-Negro person. Yet I can't see the racism in what GD did, the stupidity, bad timing, and YG's bad PR but not racism.

      I get what people are fussing about but if you actually look at the photo. There is nothing showing characteristic that resembles black face ( a black person) but literally the fact GD paint his face black.

      That diddly about GD ripping of black music artists, shot EVERYBODY has done it. If you listen to rock, jazz,soul, r&b,funk, disco, blues and gospel it came from Negros.

  4. Thank you Zaku, for writing such a brilliant article *claps*

  5. To be honest, when I first saw the black face I was like 'dafuq?'... I don't think people started REALLY comparing it to Trayvon Martin (or at least I didn't because I wasn't even thinking of Trayvon when I saw it) that much until that Spin article came out... which is a news site by Americans who are obviously going to be reminded of a case that just blew over around a month ago with something like this.

    and really, I don't think all those black masks and military dudes even correlate with this issue at all o.O...

    1. I was trying to show how people using the "BLACK FACE PAINT = BLACKFACE" argument are stupid too.

    2. there's so much stupidity on every side of any kpop argument though (i don't know what i expected from celebrity worshiping teenagers) the one that really, really pisses me off is "korean culture is different from ours" because most of the time it's coming from someone who not only has a very faint idea of korean culture, but also often of their own.

  6. I'm not gonna lie, when I saw the black face paint, my mind was going to the black face argument. It honestly wasn't that hard to believe, since YG artists have always tried to show themselves as appreciators (and appropriators XD) of black culture. When that statement from YGe came out, I was a little dubious of it, but decided to let it go; I wanted an explanation, there was. Quite honestly, the one thing that got me about this entire situation were the people saying that that was just a face mask. I'm no master of beauty products, but I know never to get that crap anywhere near my eyes or lips (soap hurts like a bitch when you get it in the eyes, Lord knows this shit has to be 239402342x worst).

  7. i hate it, when koreans see a foreign, stretching his eyes and saying asians like rice, and they can only said, "he's racist" and then g-dragon suddenly does a black face and they can only said "oppar didn't mean it" understand it your oppar was being racist

    1. Did you not read the article? Learn what "reading comprehension" is.

  8. I'm glad that I'm not black so that I can't call racyciss on every single thing.

    1. Black peole call racist on everything? Wow, thanks for educating me about myself.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Some of us do have enough intelligence to distinguish between blatant racism, a joke, and ignorance/stupidity

    4. Black people absolutely call racist at everything. You don't find black people attractive? Racist. You don't think that Zimmerman should have been found guilty? Racist. You think that blacks are responsible for the majority of crime? Racist. You say that blacks have an average IQ that is lower than any other race? Racist.

    5. Lol funny you say, "You think that blacks are responsible for the majority of crime? Racist." and on the day of the verdict, one of the invited correspondents on FOX News stated "African-Americans produce the highest crime rates in America and have the largest minority in prisons."

      Not every black person calls racism at everything. I don't even like GD and yet I find nothing wrong with what did and neither did I find anything wrong when that PD from Running Man was cosplaying as Sam L. Jackson. The only incident I classify as blackface is what Kikwang did with the dark skin, watermelon eating, and the afro wig.

      And if you ask, most of the time, the ones that start the "defend racism" battles aren't even black. Do you honestly think alot of black people give two shits about kpop? Most of us don't even know where Korea is.

      I understand that antikpopfangirl is a funny website where people can be themselves and voice their opinions, but don't make yourself look like a dumbass from trying to judge online comments that, for all we know, could be from a mexican posting as a black person. I'll be sure to screencap your ignorance.

      And it's okay. You don't have to be black because you probably would've been the first to break down crying from getting weird stares from people. Or having your brother come home and tell you that the police stopped and searched his car for no reason. Or going to the financial aid office of your pre-dominantly white college and see from the corner of your eye a white lady covering her face because she doesn't want to look at you or your mother, and you know it's because of you and your mother because there was no other students there in the office other than you and your mother. So have fun being one of those people that loves kissing white ass.

    6. Your first paragraph completely backs up one of my points, so thanks for that.

      I never said that all black people yell racist at everything. "Black people" doesn't necessarily mean all black Americans, Europeans, Africans, etc. But there are A LOT of them that do.

      I will continue to kiss white ass, considering that I am white, and I'll love every second of it.

    7. This is totally not the point of this article and you've definitely crossed a line. Can someone please ban him or at the very least delete his comments?

    8. I don't delete comments just because someone asks me to do so.

    9. I wasn't trying to come off as butthurt just because someone said someting I didn't agree with. I was offended because it was a series of unintelligent, rude comments that weren't even trying to spark discussion but to spew hateful crap. But if you're cool with that sort of thing, sorry for overstepping.

    10. @Hire- Because you are the best judge of racism right? All these things you mentioned are part of a greater scale that would take to much time to type out. Its not just those statements only that can possibly make something racist unless you look at it simplistically. And what is a lot because as far as I'm concerned there are 42 million black people in the states, how could you possible know who a lot is.
      "You think that blacks are responsible for the majority of crime? Racist. You say that blacks have an average IQ that is lower than any other race? Racist." These two statements are racially loaded.

      Why well-
      For one people like to use them to feel superior. Like if we are talking about something that has nothing to do with these do things why do people bring them up every chance they get? Because they want to feel superior. Like for example this article is about GD's scandal, so why are you bringing up iq, black beauty and crime rates?
      Crime rates say nothing about black people as a whole. First off they are not accurate do to the flaws in our justice system towards black people. The thing about statistics is that they seem so objective and yet get rid of all the context: the drug trade, racist policemen and judges, bad policing, racial profiling, poverty, etc, context is never taken into place when talking about statistics, the only thing that matters is it supports your generalizations. You also have to keep in mind that when talking about statistics they are calculating the population of that subject if that makes sense. So if, 50% of homicides are committed by blacks, that doesn’t equal 50% of the black population. That represents 50% of the homicide population. Its like with rape statistics, around 90% of rapes are committed by men, but that doesn’t mean 90% of men are rapist. That doesn’t sound right. Or another example could be like the population of school. If a school is like 50% Black 30% white, 20% Asian would that be an accurate statistic of a population of an area? No it would only be an accurate population of that classroom and that classroom only. It's the same with statistics, 50% of homicides from blacks represents not even 1% of us, its actually around .9%. So even if these statistics were accurate it wouldn’t prove much about the black population as a whole. But people use crime statistics as way to justify their prejudice and paranoia about blacks being violent criminals and that is racist.

      IQ is also really loaded and I was going to explain it but I've decided against it on here, this isn't suppose to be this serious, at least I didn't think so. I mostly come here for the laughs. But I will say that calling something racist has less to do with the actual statements made by people and more about the bigger picture.

    11. *I mean population of that school and that school only, not classroom.*

    12. About the IQ, it has been proven that the genetic factor matters. This isn't about racism, it's just science. It's also proven that east asians have the highest IQ. So what? You have just proven a point - you really are looking to point something out as racist without even taking 5 minutes to research. Of course genes matter when it comes to natural intelligence, that doesn't mean that a person can't learn. And a person with an IQ 0f 140 can still be dumber, than one with 115 if he doesn't use his intelligence.

    13. Proven a point that black people think everything is racist?...just because I think two out of five things on his list is racist? Because these 2 things is thinking that everything is racist. And also I am one black person so how can me and individual even if I did think everything was racist speak for all black people as if we are walking clones? I haven't proven any points besides what you want to believe about black people. I have done research on it actually but you wouldn't know that because you don't know my argument about the this topic now do you? I decided against arguing farther on the situation because I don't feel like being this serious I could off sworn I stated that in the comment above.

    14. I guess I was generalizing, sorry then. Otherwise, you're right, this site is for laughs (and faps, if you're a male). I understand where your point is coming from and I respect it. I agree that this is a pointless argument.

    15. i don't even know where to start with this, god damn.


    Here is some proof that korea does know what black face is. Look it up. There is a bumch of proof. Black face didn't just happen in america mind you. It happened whereever there were dark people. Black face has nothing to do with slavery but a negative caracature of the african american race that started and picked up mainly during jim crow law era.

    Black people, american or not have a damn good right to be weary of anyone wearing black paint and posing it as art or comedy. This is hurtful not only because it happened in the past. It's hurtful now because no person wants to see themselves portrayed with the one feature that is deemed negative by other races. Asian eyes, dark skin, native american portrayal as savages, muslim clothes etc. As his fans, they deserve to ask why the black paint. No one cares about war paint or oni masks or facial masks. I find it ironic how anyone who makes asian eyes are ridiculed but black people can't say anything.

    If he is so pro black, then he would know the history. Do you really think that korean people are so sheltered as to not know about this? Yes, they have cleared up the issue. Yes, supposedly it was not black face. But if no one had said anything no one would have known. I don't agree that it has something to do with trayvon. But due to the racist remarks and acts that korean has made towatd not only blacks but to other races, darkskinned people everywhere have a right to question the point behind it.

  10. I logged in just to comment on this. This picture was just tasteless and his PR people should have know better. Kpop is on a global scale now with it's highest goal to be part of the American mainstream. And Blacks are heavyweights in the music industry so it would only benefit them in the long run if they knew a little bit out the history here. No, the rest of the world does not have to tip toe around offending black people but this photo is obviously something that someone would find offensive and its unfair to outright call the people that do idiots. Whether or not it's racist, depends on who's looking at it. What I'm trying to say is why even go to where it could be interpreted as such? If it's supposed to be a part of photo array for an upcoming album, why not add the other photos or some sort of caption?

    When the world is watching, you should be mindful of your actions or prepare to face the consequences.

    @Hire: yes the last thing you said is pretty damn racist.

  11. I like this article. It works well with the other article, to make people think.

    People finding racism in everything under the sun as a knee-jerk reaction whether it actually exists or not is the true racism.

  12. At first glance it looks racist, it look like he is doing blackface. And because Korea has its own history with it, its understandable why people thought thats what he was doing. However, I have to agree with this article that people were making up some really out there assumptions of the situation. And it wasn't just black kpop fans a lot of fans jumps to random conclusions. Like, I never once believe the whole Malcolm X or Trayvon conspiracy. However, I will say that I did believe he was in blackface because it defiantly wasn't a masque. I think he should have left a better description under the picture or at least uploaded pictures of himself in white and red face so people would get what he was doing. I think he should have been smart enough to realize how this could be seen by others because it really looks like he could have been doing blackface. Heck even Diplo commented saying "Dude wtf?" when he saw this. It looks really questionable.

  13. Woah ive missed a lot in the kpop world and akf! Guess thats what happens when you get a life? Well, i dont like how everyone overanalyzes something. Like dafuq, its more simpler than you think. Not everything is illuminattu or whatever. Btw thanks zake, fei is gorgeous.

  14. I'll just say that it's significantly more difficult to take your rants on matters like these seriously when you have no problem dropping the n-bomb in posts.

    Also, ironically, you're rushing to as many judgments as others are. You believe a press release in response to an American publication without questioning whether that was done just to squash this? I guess we'll see later this month.

    Finally, uh ... yeah. Most people do avoid putting black paint on their face as a result of blackface. I know I do. A celebrity should absolutely know better.

    1. I Ctrl+F'd this post and Zaku didn't use "nigger" or "nigga" in his post.

    2. Yeah, in this one, for obvious reasons.

    3. Agreed. Its hard to take post like this seriously when u have post like gdrayvon martin and the use of n-word. I dont think that the authors on this site are the best judges of what is and isn't offensive. Especially since this matter is pretty subjective anyways. Now do i necessarily think this was about trayvon martin not really, but could it have been about blackface yup its plausible. Could it have been avoided, absolutely.

    4. Like I explained in the article, the "official" explanation makes enough sense without having to make significant leaps of faith.

      Then again, if GD doesn't use any of those black/red/white photos I'm going to kill myself

    5. Hard for me to come up with a scenario where he isn't a fucking idiot, though.

  15. On a random side note, I'm now watching the live 2013 DMZ World Peace Concert on Youtube.
    f(x) is performing...Hot summer.HMM

  16. Like, seriously though, how many logical fallacy hoops did you have to jump through to connect military facepaint for tactical purposes with posting a blackface pic on Instagram?


    1. I was trying to show how "black face paint" =/= blackface thoughhhhhhhhhh

    2. I 'gree with Asian Junkie. Historically blackface (independent of malice) is used for humor purposes. G-dragon messing around photographing himself obviously liked the bizarre effect it lent him and that's that. His own agency mentioned white and red as well, yet he chose black for comedic effect. IT TOTALLY FUCKING IS BLACKFACE HOWEVER THAT DOESNT INFER HATING ON CHOCO PEOPLE. Say what you want, but he even made an intimidating face to back up the assertion that the COLOR black is a little threatening on a symbolic level. Fuck it's EDGY. And do you know what edgy ends in? A "GEE" and guess who else is a gee? Kwon motherfucking Ji-yong. He can act racist; we know him better than that. Or at least we think we do.

    3. Just saying that if you're gonna defend a guy to make a point, maybe it's best if we don't choose the guy who has already done blackface (like, for real) before because of his "artistic" leanings.


  17. If they wear imperial flag it's obvious that bigbang don't care about blackface
    luck with Will Smith and all this keke

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. I couldn't give less of a fuck since it clearly wasn't ill born.

    Blackface has been a gag item in Korea for over a decade if not longer. Their society values a light skin tone like a perfect nose. So doing/being the complete opposite of that is funny simply BC the definition of humour is the pervasion of something else.

    Previously Kim Taeyeon was in hot water for saying "she looks pretty for a black woman". Her culture devalues dark skin just as a social quirk. Tanned bodies are fine, but a really black face is surreal to Koreans to the point of igniting confused hilarity. A little misgiving from the Kid Leader is reasonable representation of her influences. After all, many esteem successful African-American artists even if they rarely find them to their standards of beauty.

    Being Korean myself, I have always heard from my more traditional relatives that I should marry another Korean. Then there is this quiet horror when a Korean becomes romantically involved with a black person. I think a lot of it is mere natural preference. I like the chocolate just a little myself, but I could never see myself in a relationship with a truly black not brown woman. It's a real honest turn-off and I have no control over it. Am I racist because I perceive skin color apart and unequal? It's like the opposite of having an inclination for redheads and I refuse to feel guilty for it since I cherish my friends who are black like all the others.


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