Thursday, August 29, 2013

[MV Review] Seungri - Gotta Talk to U

God fucking bless Seungri and his prostitute-toweling ass for blessing us with this amazing comeback. If there's any YG song you listen to this year, make it this one.

When news broke out that Seungri was going to have a solo comeback, I was rather shocked. YG is notorious for being a really shitty organizer, and Seungri's solo comeback had been teased on and off for a long time coming now. Ever since Daesung got into that unfortunate car accident, Big Bang has pretty much been left to their own devices. Considering how hard YG is dickriding his trainees and GD and CL, I was beginning to lose hope on ever seeing Seungri or TOP release some new solo material. ((RIP in peace GD&TOP vol 2, RIP in peace TOP solo mini/full-length))

Even so, I had pretty high expectations for this comeback. Seungri's last one (which was his "debut" 2 and a half years ago, apparently) was really good and a solid mini album overall. Those tracks were leaps and bounds ahead of the trash we're getting from YG now, so when we got the first notes from the teasers, I was hyphy as fuck. On the visual hand, those initial teasers also happened to drip with sex, almost like the whores he fucks and towels. I'm talking 19+ ratings, so my expectations were even higher. I mean, when you give us shit like


you would expect the MV to be an orgy of sex, expensive jewelry, and other trophy-like displays of power/wealth like a rapper's MV. Instead, I was rather disappointed with the the comparatively downright tame offering we actually got. 

Gotta Talk to U's MV is kind of a storyline MV, kind of a dance-in-a-box MV hybrid. Taking its source material literally for once, the "plot" (if you could call it that) is about Seungri's voyeuristic tendencies. He plays a troubled (l0l) young man who discreetly (not really) spies on the hot girl living in the high-rise across the street from him. 

He sees you when you're showering, he knows when you're awake.
Consumed by his obsession with the girl, he takes more and more effort to resist temptation but eventually breaks down because he just Gotta Talk to [Her].

Observe, the mating ritual of the South Korean popstar its natural habitat.
In the end, he gets the girl, so it all works out somehow.

Click to EXPAND
But who really cares, l0l
Not exactly the most groundbreaking work of artistic merit, but the consistency of the song's lyrics and MV concept is kind of refreshing for a change. We get so many bullshit MVs that make absolutely no sense, especially considering what the artist is singing about, so I thought it got huge points for that at least.

Aside from the admittedly hilarious MV plotline, I thought the dance bits were a toss up between also hilarious and bizarre/lazy. 

WTF is this Matrix lean shit, l0l0l0l
Not sure if this is how he beats the meat or towels his hos.
He be on that suit and turtleneck shit, meng.
That's also how he fux with his bitches.
Visually speaking, everything is very clean and sharp, but I really didn't like the "through a window" approach to it all. I mean yeah, they're trying to be consistent with the voyeur concept they've got going on, but do you really need ALL of the cuts to be like that? Especially with all that CGI shit scrolling across on top of that? AND compounded by T-ara-esque jump cuts every 2 seconds?? Seungri himself looks damn good in suit and tie and turtleneck, once and for all proving that boring elegance trumps everything else in the YG bargain bin closet.

The song itself also does not disappoint. Literally one of, if not the best things YG has released since... 2011 (Big Bang's Tonight promo cycle, in my opinion.). Seungri's always been kinda nasally and higher pitched in vocal color, so this kind of softer mid/high-tempo piece fits him well. Bonus points for no rap, no dubstep, and no straining for vocal acrobatics!! You might find fault with his Engrishy "I'ma huserrin'" hook, but I thought it was hilarious because it pretty much describes him as a person.

Fuck bitches, still get money.
Not to mention the rather good "Hard Remix" we get of this song too. Personally, I like the original better, but the remix is quite the crubbanga. I can see him smashing the pussy to his own remix.

TL;DR: Best YG song in ages. If you like Seungri, you jizz. If you hate YG, this might change your mind.


  • song is jjangbak af
  • Seungri in suit and tie and turtleneck instead of trashy "en vogue"
  • Seungri toweling/masturbating gif
  • "I'm huserrin'"
  • I was lied to (didn't get 19+ rating MV release)
  • "I'ma huserrin'"
  • bizarre editing
I give this song/MV a 4.25 out of 5. Seriously, I fucking love this shit.


  1. Ugh, you're so biased, did JYP pay you to rob oppa of those .75 points.

    I liked Big Bang's comeback with their Alive and Blue songs and whatever else they had, was that 2012?

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. i found the song rather boring it should've been at least half a minute shorter and i hated that random thing towards the end it was too ________. but i loved the chorus when he sas the actual title of the song

      also i think seungri is weird and he really, really creeps me out like i think i've said this before he's the kind of guy that stares you down from across the room and you want to hold up a neon signboard saying NO

      still waiting for taeyang oppar

    2. That random breakdown at the end isn't in the CD copy of the song and is actually a snippet of the hard remix that's on the CD.

    3. @blue
      Really? The intense look is one of the best things about him imo. That "I wanna fuck you" look is so attractive(I mean, besides the fact that HE is attractive).

      Perhaps you lack the confidence to deal with that sort of guy.

    4. maybe i do or maybe i respect myself enough not to feel like i'm waiting for any nobody's approval

  3. In the last gif he's clearly ordering "two more".

    1. The song's replacable and boring.

    2. Y'all keep hatin', I'ma keep huserrin'.


  4. How the fuck is that chick the same fug witch from Infinite-H's Special Girl MV?

    1. With the help of a shit ton of make-up and video editing

  5. I liked the song. But then, I liked "Falling In Love" better than "Do You Love Me" so people probably shouldn't take my opinion on anything musical too srs.

    1. The song was pretty good but OMG the chorus one of the best things of the entire year!

    2. i am not alone! i really hated do you love me and i thought falling in love was actually quite nice live

    3. Falling in Love still trumps the clusterfuck of a mess which was Do You Love Me, also anyone have an idea on why the MV for DYLM was so low budget?

    4. 1. YG gives no fucks about 2NE1.
      2. YG spent too much on CL's Jijibae (e.g., gold spray paint).
      3. Deliberate stylistic choice (l0l).

  6. lol zakubot. that teaser was for "lets talk about love - ft taeyang and gd"
    this mv is for "gotta talk to you"
    such proffesionalism

    1. That teaser was for the whole mini album, also named "Let's Talk About Love." In fact, nowhere does it say "Featuring Taeyang and GD," so your accusations are groundless at best.

      The whole reason those gifs were included was because I thought the title track was going to be "Let's Talk About Love," and was hyped because of the 19+. When we learned it was going to be "Gotta Talk to U" instead AND we got the MV we did, that's when the disappointment set in.

      Please read carefully.

  7. Did anybody else hear the same thing as me?
    Ie. HOsermon HOsermon. HOsermon HOsermon...

  8. holy shit, they don't ban the MV already? The first 3 gifs are literally the sexiest scenes in kpop MV that I've ever seen.

  9. I seriously think people are trolling when they say he's saying "huserrin". He's clearly saying "hustlin'", it was clear the first time and it's still clear now.

    Sometimes Asian people do actually pronounce an English word correctly, there's no need to turn it into Engrish yourself you look like an idiot(and an asshole).


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