Monday, December 22, 2014

Hyeri surfs on a wave of haters

So apparently Hyeri of Girl's Day committed some kind of unspeakable crime insulting Dongwoon of B2ST in the most offensive way possible that only a filthy slut like her could even imagine, and then like a literal bitch eating her own shit, only made it far worse by directly tweeting an obviously fake apology to him because hey, why not get some hate? Shits fun.

Here is the video:

Oh, oops, wrong one. Real video after the jump.

She does it around 4:38:

Looking at netizen reactions, it would seem she hasn't lost any of her fanbase over the disgusting display:
Male netizens: [+9,331, -1,890] I get that Hyeri doesn't give any fucks what fangirls for male groups think, but I'm kind of surprised she doesn't at least try to avoid the hassle. Either way, those dumbshits should just fap and chill the fuck out.
If you watch the video before that point, you may notice her do other things like jam to their music, seem instantly pleased and the first to clap about their win, be the first to turn around to bow to them, and other little things that make her appear to like them. But ALL OF THAT MEANS SHIT BECAUSE OF HER PROFANE MOCKING OF DONGWOON... orrrr maybe that isn't what she was doing at all.

Maybe, being an idol with plenty of wins under her own belt, she realizes that B2ST has won 72145629863459 awards, and that awards mean basically nothing to their personal estimations of success anymore, and Hyeri, being quite familiar with the same old bullshit generic lines idols have to throw out every 10 seconds when they are addressing the public, was making fun of the entire circus around her, and perhaps even thought the way he did it was cute.

Of course, you'll never see fangirls admit that the awards they psychotically spam polls to win for their oppars are nothing to them, or that the thank yous aren't said with the deepest, most heartfelt gratitude a god can muster, or that someone like Hyeri is capable of being a fan. Nope, you'll just see a lot of strange narrative treating all of these things as though they are sacred and to be upheld with the utmost reverence, and of course if they aren't, their oppar must be extremely pissed about it, feeling exactly how they feel, because they have an emotional unity with him like that.

As for Hyeri's response, I can only assume she noticed a wave of fangirl hate coming her way, and knew from a wealth of past experience that there is nothing to resolve it peacefully, and so decided to toss out some SNS for fangirls (since only they pay attention to it) to transform into news articles with their hate, and ride the wave into a media play. Fangirl hate didn't ever do anything but get her more attention and thus more male fans before, so why would it hurt now?

This could all also be completely untrue, because like everyone else I don't know Hyeri, and really nobody knows what she meant or why and what her strategies at navigating the typical drama is except her and close friends that she lets know.

P.S. She will soon be co-starring with Hyun Bin in the new drama "Hyde, Jekyll, I." Enjoy that information.


  1. She's not doing anything at 4:30, do they mean the coughing...?

    Anyway, it's Harry, so it's cool.

    1. I actually watched from 4:20 to ca. 4.50... that's it?
      She's saying something to the other girls and that's why people are going crazy?
      Fucking fangirls.

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    1. She imitated one thing he said in his speech and everyone is pretending to know what she meant by it.

      For me it only shakes in Chrome if page zoom is set to 150% or higher.

    2. FIREFOX STRONG (for once), no problems here.

    3. I'm not the only one! Mine has been doing that shaking for months now.

  3. She's going to have a small role in the drama. Han Ji Min is the female protagonist.

  4. All I see in that video in Sojin's leg, making me wanna rip off her dress, and then Bora's legs come into the frame and I died.

  5. Although she's my bias in GsD, I have to admit she does a lot of stupid things too LOL. But I really don't get this. Fangirls just overreact all the time haha

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  7. I heard this video was of an event that happened over a month ago, is that true??


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