Thursday, December 4, 2014

[MV Review] GD&YB - Good Boy (How GD Has Corrupted Taeyang With Marijuana)

I (as in Zaku) thought we'd try a duo-review after some time since the last one. This particular collaboration is between me (as in Zaku still) and HanYeSeul Fag.


I have never thought this quote from Mr. Mackey was more true than when I listened to "Good Boy." Good God, I have no idea where to start about what is wrong with this song. However, I can tell you the source of the shittiness of the song.

Five years ago, Taeyang released one of the best songs of the current generation of K-pop music, "Wedding Dress." He was at the top of his game, turning himself into one of Korea's representative R&B artists. His solo material really sold me on his ability. Of course, the song was composed by Teddy, when he was focused on composing good music instead of inserting his tongue into Han Ye Seul's pussy.

Taeyang continued to have a successful solo career after "Wedding Dress," releasing hits such as "I Need A Girl." His music was still very good. I was surprised how much I liked his music because I just got into Korean entertainment a year ago, and you guys know what song came out a year ago...

What the fuck happened to Taeyang? I had to investigate, because as a new fan, I couldn't understand how this shit song got over 20 million views. I found his old songs and became a fan, so I had to find what caused Taeyang to stray from the path of good music.

"Mother fucker!" was the first thing I said when I saw Taeyang in dreadlocks in this MV. I knew it had to be G Dragon's influence. He probably shared his weed with Taeyang, and after smoking enough joints, Taeyang changed his career trajectory for the worse. I'm okay with people smoking weed until it leads people to making horrible decisions. Taeyang smoked one too many joints with G Dragon, which is how this shitty song was born.



GDruggin x Tokeyang
This horrendous trainwreck of a song is accompanied by your typical wangster-tryhard-YG-bullshit-swag MV. As somewhat of a long time YG fan myself (as if that means anything), I have to say this concept is getting really goddamn old and really goddamn annoying. I don't know exactly what possessed anyone in the YGE staff to think that GD's Goodwill-dumpster-diving fashion sense was a good idea, but it has thoroughly permeated the company image to create what you see today.

I don't even get some of the shit that's going on here.

For example, check out this random white girl getting hyphy watching
other people play DDR.
Who's the poor sap who had this done to him?
Why is the barber so incompetent as to fuck up the letter sizing so 'BOY'
get pushed down past the hair line?
As you can probably tell from what you've seen so far, the visuals are a mess. Everyone's dressed like shit. Whoever directed this must have gotten completely smashed and asked T-ara's director to help him edit the tape because this seems like some of the worst visual diarrhea I've ever seen in Kpop (and that's saying something considering all the awful stuff we get already). We have blacklight, strobe light, fisheye lens, rotating perspective, rainbow strobe light, jump cuts, slo-mo cam, and many many more all in the same video. If the effect was supposed to make you feel like you were on the same dank ass kush/shrooms/cocaine/LSD/all of the above that GD smokes with Taeyang these days, it worked like a charm.

 But surely the choreo's got something in there to redeem the MV a bit right? I mean Taeyang and GD are the two best dancers in Big Bang, and people have circlejerked about how much of a pleasure it is to work with someone so 'gifted' as Taeyang is right? Wrong. WRONG.

There are actually people out there RIGHT NOW who think this is cool.

Who needs technical complexity when you have SWAG??
Not only that, Taeyang has the audacity (or sheer laziness in this case possibly) to rip dance moves off from his own best friend.

Yeah. So if visuals aren't great and the dance sucks, what's left for us in this MV anyway? Jack shit, that's what. The song sucks balls too. 

I will admit, the beat is kinda nice in a trashy "LET'S GET FUCKED UP TONIGHT AND FUCK SHIT UP" kind of way but everything else about this song -- from the composition to the mixing to the lyrics -- suck. I had high hopes (yes yes, laugh it up) for this song because I held onto some small chance that Taeyang kept up his good karma from going back down the RnB route with his Rise album, but those were promply shit on like our ears were with this song. Possibly the only two things about this song are the Taeyang bridge to the chorus (I liked it) and the end of this song that means we don't have to listen to it anymore.

This is a 100% accurate reproduction of how this song, like every other YG
production these days, was made.

We could have had something so great with this one. Remember the last good Taeyang x GD collaboration? Protip: You can't I Need a Girl from his SOLAR days was fucking fantastic, WHY CAN'T WE HAVE NICE THINGS ANYMORE?

Don't bother or this will be you:

S P 0 0 K Y

  • beat is nice I guess
  • Taeyang's bridge is decent I think (at least compared to the rest of the song)
  • everything else

I give this song a 1/5. 


  1. I feel bad that both of you reviewed this song. Shared misery must make it more tolerable to slog through songs such as this one.

  2. As a YG stan, I actually have say this...modern R&B would suck horribly for GD and Taeyang. It's no longer about treating the girl right. Its about smoking weed and taking molly and gangbanging some japanese idol.

    1. To make it sweet and simple: The attempt at returning to traditional R&B won't work with the KPOP netizens, yes I know fuck the other guys.

    2. When the hell has modern RnB been about treating the girl right, it's all about fucking bitches and rolling in New Money luxury brands.

    3. What I mean to say is if Taeyang goes back to his R&B roots it will be all about how's he's rolling with Psy living large and going to fuck some J-Idol or some "fuck the netizens" idol

  3. fuck you guys. glowing dreads IS one of my triggers. it reminds me of when i was molested at a rave

  4. The Taeyang bits were fantastic. Everything else is beyond horrendous

  5. No lie, the start of the song is kinda cool, I really felt from that bit it was going to be a promising song. I thought it was building up into an August Alsina type of track. Needless to say, all my hopes were shit on when it gets to the chorus. YGE artists, I'm a longtime fan that first got into your music through the R&B and hip hop influenced songs, so please, just one more solid R&B track?

  6. I'd rather ______ than listen to this sorry excuse of a song.
    Gd should never make music for fun, look what it produced, a mainstream-influenced club banger that screams attention and rehashing.
    Can't believe he drugged/dragged Taeyang into this sht.
    At this point, even the sound of GD's fart will rake in hoes who worship him like he's some genius.

  7. Wedding Dress is the shit.

    Taeyang is probably the hottest guy in kpop, his eye smile is just ridiculous

  8. I like the First chorus and the Dance along with it. After that , I closed the tab

  9. I'm a die hard GD fan, I thought majority his 2013 efforts outside were so "meh" and Taeyang's ballad had potential to be great but was ruined by the overly slow vibe and shitty trap beat that had no business being in a ballad. "Good Boy" seems like an apology for that in my eyes. I really enjoyed the song but I thought the MV could have been miles better.

    1. okay I just laughed my ass off at the blunts you put in GDruggin and Tokeyang's mouth and hands. FUCKING GENIUS! I'm going to go laugh for another ten minutes. Zaku, that picture is priceless!

  10. I couldn't even finish the freaking song. I'm still suffering from ear damage 24 hours later


    1. meomchujima baby don't kill my wife


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