Friday, December 16, 2011

New.F.O – female INFINITE?

So allkpop posted this article (or actually translated it but we all know it don’t mean shit):

I knew straight where this was going…

         Narnia? No! This my friend, is the moshpit of where all my unavoidable frustrations in Kpop comes from. Ugh.

Hmm. Interesting. In my honest opinion (lol like y’all give a shit about that), their choreography was decent not that terrible or anything, also subtle. Even if ‘Bounce’ was the biggest shitfest my ears have ever heard before getting washed with acid (a metaphor, people, I’m not a dumbass) but I had to admit, they got the talent just a crap level song.

Another thing I was surprised with was the comments. Y’know one of the hardest things I can’t tolerate in the fandom is the well… fandoms. I’ve heard that Inspirits have been getting ‘big-headed’ with all their oppars’ fame and success lately so I expected more of this:

I don’t even know why I censored her username. Possibly cause I don’t wanna get sued, I’m paranoid with that type of    bullshit. 

than this…

What’s this?! Positive comments! Has the acid affected my eyes as well?

I probably owe the Inspirits an apology for judging them too early (cwutidt).

Nah but seriously I hope 6theory gets their shit together, hire a better composer, shoot the last one and give New.F.O a better song cause I’m not gonna lie, I kinda like them so expecting something more from them in the future or so.


  1. Reading fangirl comments on akp and bushes are talking bout how infinite is on a 'higher level' an being better.fuckouttahere!! I like most people think their song is absolute shit but watching their practice vid imustsay they are really good at dancing.i bet they dance better than infinot (not my most creative moment but..).fangirls are just so annoying ><'

  2. HOLY SHIT...
    we have a hippo as a writer now!!!!!!

  3. they are the female f(x)

    oh wait

  4. The people who actually comment on allkpop aren't very trusted sources of unbiased opinion. Example: Any comment with all-capital letters.

  5. lol the dance is pretty impressive in the practice vid, yeah. but look at their lives. disappointing to say the least. at least infinite can stay consistent.

  6. Honestly people who hate on inspirits are people who come from even more batshit fandoms (like my fellow shawols) who seem to dislike infinite for unknown reasons tbh... a lot of inspirits don't care tbh and k-inspirits are some of the nicest people out there.

    That being said, these girls seem like good dancers, I feel bad that their talent is being wasted on shit songs like bounce tbh.

  7. ^ I used tbh tooooo many times, but fuck that shit... you all understand.

  8. they seem like really good dancers compared to all the other girlgroups
    usually kpop idols just gyrate or do hand gestures

  9. I seriously have not listened to one infinite song, because i know i wont like it.
    Ok, so i dont sound like a complete idiot, i went and watched about a minute of btd and i was right, i dont.

  10. this ufo will flunk

  11. You guys are right, the song's choreography has a lot of energy. I don't expect to see them dance like this with heels.

  12. Dear fucking god, I had that opened in another tab while I was loading and when it started playing I jumped. It was that shit. I had to watch the video with the sound off.


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