Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Ugly Ducklings

Back when Lee Hyori first announced her relationship with Lee Sang Soon, media sites were flooded with netizens saying comments along the lines of "ARE YOU F*ING KIDDING ME!?", which undoubtedly upset the couple.

So Hyori's great plan of countering this new wave of hate was to Tweet about her feelings:
“We are all insects under the sky…. People that are a little better looking, people that are a little uglier, people who have it better, some people who have it worse… what meaning does this all have?”

Did you all catch that? She essentially admitted herself, in the nicest way she could, that her boyfriend was ugly. What girlfriend does that? That is probably one of the meaner things I have heard from a female idol in a while. It is like saying:"So what if he's ugly? So what if I'm better looking and have it better? He's just special. Looks don't matter. But please excuse me while I still do my hair and make up for this photoshoot as I show off my body. I still have to be the hot one". (But at least she is honest with herself. Anyone can respect that.)

So what will she do if he pulls an EI:

Will she dump him then saying: "You're just too good looking now. I can't have someone compete with me." Part of me wonders if she really loves him, or if she thinks dating him would be a great tactic to look like she really does want a down-to-Earth guy. Or maybe it is her biological clock ticking saying "better settle down fast and play it safe". I am thinking that she isn't shallow, but that it is option two and that he seemed like the best bet.

Speaking of looks, this just reminded me of another good story where J.Y.P said to Kim Nayoon on SBS's "Survival K-Pop Star Audition: “If you could dance like you could sing, it would’ve been your folly. It would’ve been the same situation as [me] being good looking. If I were good looking, I don’t think I would’ve tried hard or put much effort in life”. That's the spirit, JYP. Insisting to our youth that if you are good looking, you don't ever need to try hard. What an inspiration. 

I can still only imagine that Hyori, when other boys look at her questioning "why him and not me?", all she is saying is:


  1. JYP is good looking IMO

  2. you've got to be fucking kidding me ^

  3. "Insisting to our youth that if you are good looking, you don't ever need to try hard." <--- Kpop in an nutshell. "Oh, we'll overlook the fact that you can't sing nor dance, we'll put you in an idol group just because you're good looking!!!!111"

  4. Haha, reminds me of that video of Goo Hara trying to sing.

  5. omg, not that alien face.

  6. @4:00
    Some people have a warped sense of good looking, just like how I think lately Hyogre be looking gooooodd.

  7. ^LOL, and hyori used to beg him to marry her

  8. fuck El is so hot now.

    I couldn't even believe my eyes.

  9. Wow who is that fat fuck. He should have starred in Transformers 3 instead

  10. hyoyeon is goergous<3


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