Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Piggy's who ruined December 6th

Sometime I think the entertainment agencies troll a lot more than the fangirls out there. And this makes me sad.

(Note: this is really old news from the fall/summer(?) but I stumbled upon it again and I'm still shocked/disheartened by it)

Oh Norazo Entertainment what have you done? If Aretha Franklin was under your label would you make her sing a Britney Spears song? No, why? Oh because she is a soul singer who can actually sing?

Piggy Dolls for the love of God don't sing another generic pop song. These girls aren't a Yoona or Nichkhun who can't sing a single note. But I must say the glasses girl finally has a reason to wear glasses, I had to squint through the entire MV.

Here is a little poetry that I think perfectly describes their debut till this song:

This little piggy went to the sunglasses store,
This little piggy went to the barber,
This little piggy went to the diet store,
All these little piggy said“I’m going to finally be like all the other idols and spit out crappy generic music and try to be overly cute!”

(We pick on fangirls a lot (and rightfully so) but agencies are just as bad sometimes, any other instances where the agency is worse than the fans?)


  1. We pick on fangirls a lot

    Let me correct that for you.
    We pick on idols a lot. :)

  2. Even though most girl groups start with a "cute" concept, I don't think the piggy dolls should....its disturbing..

  3. they shouldnt even be called piggy dolls anymore.....

  4. Lol, I was more interested in that metalcore song in the beginning. Shazam gave me nothing though..

  5. oh how nice...it's my birthday too. e-e

  6. Am I the only one who thought of Timon and Pumbaa when I first saw the song title?

  7. everyone assumes the girls want to sing something other than cute pop songs.
    but korea likes cute pop songs.
    and these girls are from korea.
    and as far as i know korea isn't as anti-pop culture as the west (look at the way snsd is treated like a national treasure).
    so i bet these girls are enjoying it.

    especially since their goal is to show that fat girls can be singers too, so they wouldn't want to be treated differently.

  8. What the heck? They aren't even fat anymore. That long hair girl actually looks like she has a nice body. The only that looks fat is the sunglass chick, who isn't that fat either.

  9. omg I didnt know there is perfect Lee Hyuk in 'this' T.T

  10. Wow they got a lot cuter when they lost weight. Especially the girl with long hair. So cute!

  11. For your information "Hakuna matata" means "No worries" in Swahili. Yeah, no one cares but I just wanted to say it.


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