Sunday, December 18, 2011

Really ?!?!

You have got to be kidding me. Whoever is in charge of making up band names in the kpop industry needs to be fired or shot (whichever). TS entertainment recently revealed their new groups (you know the one with the other guy that sounds like TOP) name to be . . . B.A.P.

My god man could you have not come up with something better than food and the acronym for the Biodiversity Action Plan! A "representative" from TS did say that they had more in the works and to expect more from their label. Well for one I expect them to have a better name in the works.

But of the huge amount of groups that have debuted in 2011, the crappiest name has to come from TGN entertainment with Twi-Light.

Someone forgot to tell TGN that if they wanted their boys to look like vampires they'd need to sparkle and not look like they want to eat babies or rape women. (I'm also pretty sure this group debuted at least 3 times this year under 3 different name)


  1. I'm just calling these guys 'Rice'. B.A.P = 밥 = rice.

  2. they should have called themselves bibimbap, then i would have liked them

  3. Twilight is actually a cool word when you don't associate it with the book. i think the worst name this year is Boyfriend; Twilight could eventually become semi-legit, but Boyfriend's talent will forever be overshadowed by their crappy name.

    worst name overall is HAM or Teenz on Top

  4. I thought BAP would mean Bad Ass People or something...
    but o well still pretty stupid.
    but one of the weirder names is MyName.... I mean seriously? wtf

  5. B.A.P & H.A.M should totally work together. Lol ham rice! Great now I'm hungry.

  6. boyfriend has the worst band name
    end of story

  7. best website ever.
    i fucking hate chinks and gooks.
    your food taste my dog shit, your women are ugly, and your boys have 2 inch cocks

  8. @ anon 8.36
    B.A.P + H.A.M + C-real = A complete all day meal!!!!

  9. @ anon 9.27
    I think your missing the point there.

  10. They should had change it from B.A.P to FAP.

  11. ^ You're not the first to have thought of that, and most definitely not the last either.

  12. Isn't it nice to have a name as fap? You know boygroups in koreas always tend to show their signature introduction when introducing themselves.
    Imagine the scenario of saying" Hello everyone, we are FAP then proceed to do the masturbating gesture".Priceless

  13. ^ 밥 (pronounced BAP) is rice in Korean

  14. Bonus points for the artIcle if it includes the miss A fap.gif

    What do boys do when they watch your MVs?


  15. hahahhahahahhaaa.....hahahhahahhaaa....such a shit. End of story.

  16. Someone should do a top ten worst group names of 2011.

  17. 1. SNSD
    2. SNSD
    3. SNSD
    4. SNSD
    5. SNSD
    6. SNSD
    7. SNSD
    8. SNSD
    9. SNSD
    10. SNSD

    Hey, even the band members thought it sucked too. 100% reason to remember the name.

  18. OMFG totally agree i was LOLing at DELUSIONAL fans who were ACTUALLY ok with the group's name but wtf BAP??

    What kind of name is that it sounds like an STD XD


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