Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Stupid Things Fangirls Utter

I understand we have articles showcasing choice comments fangirls say regarding their ability to speak Korean due to their dedication towards learning the language. This involves attempting to read Hangul and writing "사랑해" on everything while thinking "keke~ I am so smart".

Just another pet peeve of mine is hearing fangirls say:
"I KNOW how to speak Korean" 
"Oh really? How did you learn?"
"I listen to and memorize ALL the song lyrics. I am practically fluent."
"What...? How does that constitute-"
*Note: These are all real song titles*
"Yeah! I can say '너 때문에', '기다리다 지친다', '이곳에 서서'-"
"Well I mean, yeah, that makes sense, but they aren't exactly sentences you would use all the time-"
" '친구여자친구' "
"Well that's awkward-"
" '미친 듯이', '유효기간', '맛좋은산', '대쉬', '박수', '밤 하늘에' -"
"That barely works in real life application-"
" '뱅', '지' -"


Now, obviously, there are some legitimate fans who truly respect the culture and really do learn Korean, so I am not hating on them.

But to all of you who think saying '내가 제일 잘 나가' means you speak Korean, just STFU, or you might be highlighted here on 'Stupid Things Fangirls Utter'.


  1. Opparrrr. Unnieeeeeeeeeeee. NOOOOOOOOONA!!!

  2. I learnt to read hangul through song titles D:.

  3. I want to go up to a random middle aged Korean girl and sing SHINee's Replay in full.

    Curious for what the reaction will be.

  4. @Shin-B

    Did you hear? AKPFG is gonna start its own idol group. You're in, as is all the other female authors. Davidfresh is in too so we can have more anti-fans. You're going to be the leader, so make sure you can sing. Your mission, should you choose to accept it - by giving the manager oppar a blowjob - is world domination.

    And while you're at it, get rid of those SNSD sluts along the way.

  5. One time I'm going to tell her she needs to shut up with her "Unni, saranghae."

  6. FFS, I hate those ppl.

  7. it's all gibberish to me anyway.

  8. As someone who has been to Seoul and has studied Korean for years, I want to stab my eyes out every time I see someone write "unnir" or "oppar" on tumblr... fucking idiots.

  9. ^And oppar isn't even a honorific, really. When did the "r" get into the actual honorific? >.<

  10. ^
    LOL People usually write "oppaR" and "unniR" when they are making fun/joking.
    I guess it has been used so many times that the stupid ones think that this shit is serious.

  11. ^ It pisses me off how fucking ignorant certain K-Pop fans are. Just because you can read some hangul and can sing entire songs, doesn't mean you know Korean. Shit, they probably can't even tell the difference between the polite and deferential forms.

  12. Is this going to be a new series Shin? haha.

    But hey, at least these girls know more Korean than the fat girl in the comic who only knew "na", "oppa" and "saranghae".

  13. Yea, I was at Barnes and Nobles one day and there was a group of Filipina high school girls in line with me speaking absolutely gibberish in Korean and fangirling about Shinee at high volume. They never suspected that the tall white girl beside them is actually a Korean translator who grew up in Seoul.

    So much secondhand embarrassment. I told them that they spoke great Korean just to make them realize that they needed. to. stop.

  14. I can't stand it when people say daebak for everything. I'm like STFU

  15. Lol can you translate? Google Translate is really annoying, it doesn't make sense...

  16. ^ it says, 'I fucked your oppar in the ass you stupid cunt.'

  17. Fuck I met this girl once who uses Korean words IRL, not just over the internet like I assume [hope] most fangirls do. She made a chart of misspelled Korean words and gave them to her family. She said 'my 옾파 are all 밥오' because her cousins laughed at her or some shit and that's when I had to leave.

  18. Relevant - http://www.quickmeme.com/meme/35lccs/

  19. "Messing up my bias list."


  20. December 27, 2011 4:35 PM

    -In behalf of my fellow country animals, I apologize. lol

  21. I don't give a fuck those fangirls tried to pull up some shit for future reference if the idols decided to go out on a date with them and all they can say Oppar, annyeonghaseyo and some korean rumblings because we all know some idols are plain dumb to understand basic english

  22. What about fanboys! -.- THEY'RE THE SAME. WHY ONLY FANGIRLS?


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