Thursday, June 21, 2012

Anti K-Pop Fangirl Chat (with K-Pop Trivia Bot)

Hey guys, I'm advertising the new, improved AKF Chat that will replace that sweet legacy Chatango. You can access it through Mibbit at the link on top of the page, or with any regular IRC client like mIRC.

Channel: #AKF_Trivia

UPDATE: Since Jakkuman is jealous people love this bot more than him, he has banned it from the main AKF_Chat for a while (until we have our trivia nights). So for now, trivia games will be held in #AKF_Trivia, type /join #AKF_Trivia if you want to go up against the smartest machine ever made by man.

Grab a nickname and come join us to chat about all the important issues in life, from K-Pop Idols to K-Pop songs, and everything in between. Okay, so that isn't really a broad range of topics, but what are you gonna do about it? Yeah I thought so, now let me finish.

The AKF Chat is also proud to introduce the illustrious K-Pop Trivia Bot! Have you ever wanted to play K-Pop trivia but been too embarrassed to tell people in real life that you listen to K-Pop? Well come over to the AKF Chat and play with other people! Or yourself. But I know you already do that, don't you?

More questions are being added every day, and if you personally want to write in questions to create the ultimate K-Pop trivia experience, feel free to contribute.

Questions should look like this:

        Who is the best girl group*gang kiz
        Who is the best male group*teen top

You can separate multiple answers or variations of names using an asterisk, for example:

        Who is the most hated girl group*snsd*gg*girls' generation*soshi

Please don't add question marks, and place your questions into a three character .txt file: XXX.txt

You can either email questions to or submit them in the comments below. Have fun!

The K-Pop Trivia Bot.


  1. Replies
    1. Taeyeon for being a bitch
      Jessica for looking like a horse and her horrible voice
      Sunny for his aegyo
      Tiffany for being a slut and plastic
      Hyoyeon for being ugly and overrated dancer
      Yuri for thinking she's all hot and having a man face
      Sooyoung for being a useless skinny bish
      Yoona for being untalented and overrated
      Seohyun for being awkward and weird(she's the least hated member)
      Well these are haters reasons for hating on SoShi. I don't hate them-except for Yuri, never really liked her

    2. Sooyoung is the reason i am a sone

    3. Jessica and tiffany is the bitchy one. Not my taengoo
      My taengoo is flawless
      Best singer in kpop
      The least plastic
      And all natural talent
      Ost queen
      What did ur unnies do?

    4. Fork u mai Sunye and Jea is greate singer, Seobot is the leestt plastick, u just jelly cuz Shit Changmin fucked ur Sooyoung unnie

    5. Me no care homin cuz those two are irrelevant without the dolphin
      Why i would be jelly. Sooyoung unnie has weird ugly fetish
      She only like ugly dude to make herself prettier
      Thats why she likes daesung opparr

    6. . Sooyoung reminds me of lollipop. Seobot and sunny oppa are hotter than Sooyoung. True hoemin irrelevant without dolphin, woman beater and anorexic drugaddict. I jelly delli belly cuz Sooyoung bish skinny then mi n I'm jus an 85 pound 19 yr old Asian. Siwon as well fucked you unnie.

    7. Sooyoung only like black men, duh

    8. its SMent anyway
      S M fetish is a must for the trainee!

  2. Who is the most talented singer in the industry*Dara*sandara park*sandy*Krung Krung

  3. still can't access the new chatroom using my laptop... i'll look into why my laptop sucks.


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