Monday, June 18, 2012

JJ Project Bounce

I saw these guys perform on Music Core one day and liked their energy, but it's too bad the song they're singing is shit.

The first problem I have with the song is the kid's rapping. Half of it is lyrics, so I can't totally blame him for that part, but his flow sucks. He's another idol who thinks that the faster you rap, the better you are. Speed =/= skill. I wish some idols would realize this. Well, I wish there weren't any rappers in idol groups in the first place. Getting back at the lyrics, the rhymes are really lazy, even for an idol songs. Repeating the same word doesn't count as rhyming, and repeating "suh" three hundred times is really lazy. It's as if I made a rap like this:

Shindong is a fat fuck
He doesn't give a fuck
He sees a hot bitch he'll never get to fuck
Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

I know, it sounds like a rap song Judd Apatow would write. Seriously, half of the dialogue in his movies is the word 'fuck'.

The other problem with the song is the terrible transition between dance music and hard rock music. It doesn't gel well and sounds like two songs were made for JJ Project, but they decided to combine the songs together.

In the MV, it starts out as a white teacher reading to his class that's out of control. Maybe he needs Yoochun as his assistant teacher. He'd keep those little bastards in line with his backhand. The bell rings and the teacher got the fuck out of there before we spend the next three minutes watching these guys sing and dance in various areas. And that's the MV in a nutshell.


  1. I think theyare the best rookie to debut so far. Jyp always gives thebest. Real musicians

  2. i like ur rap.. u should be a composer

  3. Another JYPiss group for me to hate on but I . . . just can't. Although this song sucks harder than a Russian prostitute in Seoul the boys are all kinds of adorable. That little booty pop JB (the blonde one) does is my favourite dance so far this year. Unfortunately since they are down with JYP their music will only get worse but hopefully they will get some acting roles so I can enjoy them somewhere.

  4. I thought Nhat wrote this shitfest. STRAIGHT OUT OF THE FUCKING DUNGEONS OF RAP, BITCHES. Very well, carry on.

  5. Is it alright that I had JB munched on by zombies in a gruesomely epic and graphic way in my story? Nigga's acting in DH2 was fucked up.

  6. I'd like to know what the fuck they did to JB and his hair first. He was so fine in DH2, almost to the point that I considering finishing the PoS for him. But WHAT. THE. FUCK. WAS. THAT!?! Also, Jr. looks like shit too, He was a close 2nd in DH2. What kind of stage name is Junior!?!

    If they had debuted under any other company, they'd be the most shit group ever, but since it's JYP it's like "OMG JYP JJ PROJECT HWAITING ASDFGGHJKL!!@@#211111"

    -___- If they gave them a decent song, they might have a chance.

  7. "He'd keep those little bastards in line with his backhand." Best comment in this article tbh.


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