Thursday, June 21, 2012

Interview ( and Eunhyuk) - exclusively from AKF

This week, our AKF team had a chance to catch up with several pop idols in Korea for an interview. We had the luxury of interviewing hot names in the industry. JYP's and Super Junior's Eunhyuk gave us some information about their "next big thing", as well as their current schedule. Apparently, we ran into a small trouble, and our staff members were being chased by fan girls in Korea. We will not be able to release the video due to its nature. However, we shall give you the whole translated conversation below.

AKF: Hi, what's up Eunhyuk. We are from Anti-kpop fangirls and would you guys mind sparing a little time today? Of course not! I'm a big fucking fan of Chucko oppar, tell him I love his articles about me :)

Eunhyuk: Chucko? Please witch, Zaku opparchan is ten times cuter. Plus, I like tall men.

AKF: Thanks for the support guys, let's say that they are all kool. Anyways, how often do you guys visit our site? I am very curious. I used to go there to hate on the better looking girls, but aside from that, not very often. However, the recent Kahi articles make me go ROFL (yes, she said this) so hard! I visit it more frequently now. I can't stop laughing at that old witch's picture.

Eunhyuk: Since we barely have any feature on AKF recently, I only go there for Zaku opparchan, he's so jjjang. I read every article of his. *looking at the camera* Hi opparchan!! please gimme more love okay?! I'm jelly...Seobot doesn't deserve my Mr. Koo Koo

AKF: Thanks for the input guys, we didn't know you like it that much. Would you mind sharing a little information about your current schedule, or plan? I will spend this summer with some people I know. Did you check out my article on akp? Damn, people have been calling me like crazy these days. ( In case you did not know,

AKF: Hmm....interesting. Did they tell you to pack some bikini? did you know?!

AKF: Well....isn't it a little obvious?

Eunhyuk: I told her not to bring the bra(s) too though. Yes, you did. I wonder why but....yea, get in the queue bitch.

AKF: Did they tell you to bring some brown paper bags also? Definitely, everyone said that. I have no idea why, but I'll also bring a bunch I guess...maybe they want to have a few picnics here and there or something....i don't *bleep* know

Eunhyuk: *chuckles* I can imagine why...

AKF: Thanks for sharing, I supposed that you will have a vacation this summer. Have fun with it, and enjoy your paper bag events. Is there anything else going on for you? Not that I know of, our company might have some for me later, but we will have to see. WG are sucking JYP's dick each day  now. They are all rehearsing for that Super Daddy movie. Every night, JYP oppar is just too tired to satisfy his current wife. I guess I just have to wait for my turn!
(in case you missed it.... )

AKF: How about you Eunhyuk? Aside from being on the queue for, do you have any plan currently?

Eunhyuk: Super Junior will make a cum back soon. The concept is Free, Sexy & Single. We plan to rape the purse of fan girls once again. This time, I promise to not let our fan down. E.L.F.s are a bunch of faithful idiots, and you gotta reward them once a while to keep them fapping. )

AKF: Your picture, in particular, looks....* interrupted by* Gay as *bleep*  kekeke...

Eunhyuk: What a rude bitch! You better lock your door tonight. I'mma call an Elf army on your fat ass. Cum at meh sissy. I'll have 2pm ripping their shirts at night while waiting for you exclusively.

AKF: I meant  it  looks very interesting, can you share a little bit about the motivation, as well as the inspiration you had while doing the photo shoot?

Eunhyuk: To be honest, I just think about my favorite person-Zaku opparchan on that day ^.^
I tried to pose like TOP and look sexxxay...maybe I can get into ShinB's heart too keke...but yea, that's all what happened, and how it happened.

As we were wrapping up the interview,'s skirt was ripped open. We could not release the video. We apologize for this disaster. Oh, and in case you wonder, it was her big ass that caused the unpleasant event!

To make up for the unpleasant shock, we will give you guys the brand as well as the type of underwear she wore on that day ^.^

From Victoria's Secret in case you've wondered.

Although our member Reehji  was deeply disappointed after this interview, we will continue forcing him to gather more exclusive interviews on kpop matters. Please check our site frequently, and comment below!

If you have any question, as well as concern about future topics about our interviews, please email our staff member at

Laugh at him while you are at it....pour salt on the fresh wound!


  1. you know the drill, excuse the engrish :)
    Hope you guys enjoy it

  2. G.NA looks like a Min on weed. Well they both look like that all the time, anyway.

    1. sorry, we were not able to capture any of her picture on that day. Those are just fillers, we sincerely apologize for our uneventful media

  3. Wow! You interviewed :) *jealous*

    1. you need her autograph? i could've asked for it :I

  4. Replies
    1. all i gotta say is gl. ELFs will be on your ass lol

    USE IT

  6. I thought G.Na pussy from CumUnitedforBitchesEngrish and Eunhyuk was from Shinee
    S!b I claim to be elf

    1. *was autocorrect changed it to pussy
      Wrong website how u delete yur own ommentz

  7. That gif is shit ugly.

  8. Did Va-G.Na fart during the interview?

  9. 2HOT more like 2awkward amirite
    Her smuggy I'm Killin It face at 2:46 is particularly excellent.

    1. I wish they didn't put her Warholized face all over the stage screen. It's just atrocious

    2. G.NA more like G.NOPE .......amiriiiite

  10. Wtf Really hyukjae didn't say that u fucking lies

  11. Wtf Really hyukjae didn't say that u fucking lies


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