Monday, June 11, 2012

Dal Shabet Mr Bang Bang

If you've never given Dal Shabet a chance, this MV is the perfect time to check them out. Especially if you have a penis.

The MV starts out with the girls at a bank. Since they haven't accumulated any money of their own since debuting last year, the members were like "Hey, let's rob a fucking bank." Viki obviously wasn't in on this plan, so the rest of the members kicked her out of the group and found a new girl to help them rob the bank.

So the girl shoots the gun up toward the ceiling and it scares everyone, including the Dal Shabet members. The member who shot the gun was like "Get the fuck up, you pussies. We're the ones with guns here." After that, they start pointing their guns at everyone.

Then they start dancing. While holding everyone hostage....Yeah. The guy at 1:07 was thinking "I wanna stick my gun up their butts," but I'm assuming the girl who stopped him was his girlfriend. Talk about a cockblock, right Changmin?

If you've watched the first minute, you're probably asking yourself "Okay, so why am I watching this?" Well, I'll show you why. I'm no Zaku, so I had to spend 15 minutes on tumblr looking for gifs. C'mon Dal Shabet fans, there should have been a lot more gifs for this MV.

Credit: parkkim @ tumblr

Credit: silentmoviefoolery @ tumblr

After their dancing segment in the bank was over, they finally started stealing the money. "Hey, we deserve this money. That fuckface E Tribe has fucked us over too many times." It's a good thing they were stealing US Dollars instead of Euros, because if you've followed financial news lately, you'd know just how worthless the Euro is becoming. I think Hyoyeon's face has more value compared to the US Dollar than the Euro now. Yes, that means Hyoyeon's face is only worth $1.30.

Finally some fucking cops show up. They're hesitant to shoot, even though they have fucking shotguns. Then one of the members has the bright idea to throw the money around and the police members take as much as they can since their salary must be shit for them to do that. Dal Shabet could have used this opportunity to strip to get all the money back from the cops, but they didn't because Kpop MV directors never use my awesome ideas.

So, this is the first Dal Shabet song I like. It's catchy, they shake their asses (making all of us want to bang bang them), and there's no rapping segment to ruin the song. Does Dal Shabet not have a rapper? I guess even someone like E Tribe can do something right.

Ah Young is fucking hot. If she were under 18, her name would be so wrong.


  1. I think they have a rapper, but for some reason there just wasn't a rap part. Her name is GaEun I think or it might have been Viki.

    I wonder if this is the new music direction that Dal Shabet will be taking from now on.

    1. Viki left. People are crying about it, but Woohee is way better imo.

  2. For possibly the first time, I'm surprised to see a low-tier group like this make decent song....though the MV needed more fried chicken and watermelon. It'd be more realistic to see them rob a KFC restaurant.

    Kudos to the pics of Ah Young though.

    1. Wow! We are so similar! I really like this song too. The whole album actually. :)

  3. Needs more shooting and pink blood.

  4. Second gif is the best part of the entire fucking song/perf/MV.
    Ahyoung is fucking adorable as fuck.
    Gaeun meh.
    Serri is pretty enough.
    Soobin is a doll.
    Woohee is sex.
    Jiyul is more sex.
    MV was stupid as fuck, but I enjoyed every perf so far.
    Also zakufag was going to do this review. ;__;

    1. He's had a week to do it and said it was fine for me to do reviews. He even asked me to do some, which I will be doing more later this week.

      Second gif is beyond awesome.

    2. Oppa, which ones do you plan on doing? PM me or something so I don't get started on em, lolol.

      I have finals til Wednesday, so I won't be able to get much writing done til then.

    3. Jeez, get a room you lovers.


    4. David, you're acting like Chuckvid is over.

    5. You're making it feel that way. How come you always come home so late and never look me in the eyes when we fuck and sleep with your back to me and never compliment the food I make you or talk to me for that matter and yesterday I got a call from someone named Larry looking for you. Who is Larry? Chuck? Who is Larry?

  5. Serri is the only relevant member. Fact.

  6. the new mem wonhee(?) is great...
    still hate serri no matter what...

  7. dam the performance lives are just as good as pr0n

  8. i'm sorry, no amount of ass shaking can make me get over how butt ugly these girls are

  9. I think Gaeun's secretly awesome. She was really good in Hit U.


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