Saturday, June 2, 2012

MBC's "The Shocking Reality About Relationships With Foreigners"

This is exactly why you white men should stay away from us Asian girls!

This is top journalist reporting at its best. MBC, you know how to find a good story and display it as its cold, hard, truth. Facts all up in here!

After watching this video, I decided I should stay away from all foreigners. I don't want to get pregnant when I am not married! Who has debaucherous relations out of wedlock!? It is atrocious what these men do to young, innocent Korean girls. All they want to do is learn English from a friendly man not from Asia. And then BAM, he knocks her up with a bunch of different STI's! Those guailo/gaijin/white devils. Defiling all those girls. I mean, it's not like girls have a choice and can choose what she does with whom she wants. They are pure and easily influenced!

Us girls are weak and can't say no. I know when a handsome, white man from another continent approaches me, I get all flustered and do whatever he says cause I don't know what autonomy is. Surely he wouldn't wrong me, right? I can't say no to such a charming person. And when he promises to love and call me everyday after our first meeting, I'll believe him. Fate is what he called it! <3 Keke~

But how DARE these dirty men force themselves upon these sweet girls. Those poor things probably didn't even know what was going on. Disgusting.

MBC makes a valid point implicitly. We should just kick ALL foreigners out of a country to protect us girls. Because nothing bad happens when we enforce being only one race, right?

Source: I found this gem of a video while browsing our lovely affiliate's site, Asian Junkie.


  1. They're right though. Take a look at the comments on this very site.

    Full disclosure: I would not hesitate to ravish any of the sweet, innocent Han Princesses in most kpop groups.

  2. I will now try and not look into the ocean blue eyes of white guys and get flustered ._.

  3. They want to look & dress like us, but they don't want our penises in their daughters?

    IGDI Korea

  4. The white guy's hand motions at 1:20. So. Gross.

  5. See, sometimes I don't know how some people can be SO stupid. Is being that stupid even humanly possible?

  6. Does anyone else want to throw Chris Golightly off a very tall building?

    1. If you search for him on allkpop, you'll find a lot of articles about the shit he's done.

    2. I now want to throw him off a building.

  7. Is this hooker hill in Itaewon?



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