Thursday, June 14, 2012

This Song Sucks

           The trend of watching too many kpop related videos and listening to, while searching for, kpop related articles is not a strange concept to most fangirls. Yet they still somehow manage to complain that they hate a new song because it is a "typical kpop song" or say that they are"bored" with kpop. 

I'm only going to address the first point because it seems to be a comment I've read a lot and it is getting on my nerves. 

Comment on Electric Shock
I would really like to know what anyone actually expects when a group puts out a new song. The majority of songs these days tend to the dance/electronic side, usually compromising of some sort of heavy auto-tune, a strange rap found somewhere at the end and choice English. At least that is what I expect when I hear a new release, unless I'm expecting something like a ballad. 

If you wanted to listen to something non-typically kpop try ... I don't know ... not listening to kpop ? 

The only time I expect to see "this song sucks because it is so typical" is when SUJU makes a comeback with their 3 time repeat. 

On a side note: 4minute and f(x) sound a lot alike to might be a little bit on the "happier" side but still, no difference to me. 


  1. I'd really like to know what do they consider non-typical kpop

    1. Probably anything by their favorite idols.

  2. Fangirls expect "edgy" creative material like what Big Bang and 2NE1 have supposedly done. "Electric Shock" sounds generic, but f(x) needs popularity more than creativity now.

    You can actually find other types of music if you don't look for k-pop imagine that. Maybe try listening to the non-idols on the music shows is a start.

  3. suck as usual...u can shove shits and dirt and dildos to Korean ears.

  4. Fangirls are stupid as fuck. If you listen to jazz, you expect jazz. If you listen to post-enema industrial dreamjazz, you want post-enema industrial dreamjazz not hip-hop.

  5. I kinda get what she means. Of course I never expect groundbreaking changes, but when a song sounds pretty much the same as something you released 1-2 years ago, and worse, when a song sounds so generic, that you feel that any other kpop bands could have done the same (or maybe even better) with the same song, then for me you have a problem.
    Also F(x) always have those kind of hipster/artsy comeback pic, which makes the generic song a bigger disappointment.
    F(x) only have one really good singer, which is very poor based on kpop standards, so they need to do something that will put them aside. Maybe starting to use Amber more is the way to go.

  6. Well ee ee electric ahocl does sucks

  7. I think what they expect was how SNSD transitioned in a lot of songs from ITNW -> Genie -> Etude -> Gee -> RDR -> Oh

    Those aren't as repetitive as SuFags

  8. Isnt it good to give an honest opinion rarher than a biased opinion?
    That fangirl or fanboy is a good fan an a nondelusional fan

  9. yes, electric shock is suck, but the fanbase is it popular....then jackie chan meme appear


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