Friday, July 27, 2012

Nichkhun's Family Trolls Him and Korea

Ever since Nichkhun took his car out for a spin that fateful night, netizens have been up in arms about his guilt. Understandably feeling like shit, the poor Khunbrows have sequestered themselves away in the jungles of Thailand in penance. 

Hoping to cheer him up with some good ol' fashioned ribbing, Nichkhun's family posted this encouraging selca in support of their wayward son.

On the 26th, Nichkhun’s brother Nichan had tweeted, “LOL BRO YOU DONE FUCKED UP NOW…” along with a picture with his sisters. The picture had the words ‘nickhun‘, ‘fuck you‘, and ‘LOLOLOL‘, demonstrating the siblings’ trolling on the singer. 
However, the slightly comical expressions of the siblings seemed to overshadow the supportive message in the public’s eye, and many took the picture to be insensitive towards the situation and the motorcyclist who is recuperating from the fall.
With comments pouring in, Nichan has clarified his intentions with a new tweet that stated, “I don't want to make any apologies to the injured person, his family, and the Korean people for my recent tweet. I only wanted to fuck with my brother because he is so deeply in pain and despair. Why should I have be more thoughtful and cautious about people who are related to this accident, I didn't run anyone over. I’m not sorry. Besides, I'm not an idol anyway LOLOL”
Tactless? Maybe. Ill-timed? Probably. Hilarious? Absolutely.


  1. All I gotta say to you
    ~ the thrill is gone..the thrill has gone away~

    I feel its like beating a dead horse than fucking it dead corspe with your dick or strap on. Hey I don't judge butt fuck this away

    1. I guess this is me just being retarded but what is this supposed to mean...? The only thing I feel when I imagine 'beating a dead horse than fucking it dead corspe with your dick or strap on' is utter disgust but I don't think you mean you're disgusted...right?

    2. It's play on the idiom "beating a dead horse." The phrase means something along the lines of doing something that's already overdone. The dick/strap on fucking is meant to be funny. You're supposed to read it, then laugh. But you can be the judge of that. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, though.

    3. lol
      stupid bias fangirl
      post about ur bias.
      no no this is too much
      go suck a dick !

    4. Not a bais fangirl taecyeon my bias in 2pm

      I could careless for nichkhun

      He had it coming

      Other than every fucing narky kpop blog is talking about this. The fucking retarded hottest. I'm ready for shit to be done. Its not funny just sad for anyone who gets involve. Defending or degrading.

    5. -.-
      where are you when ppl diss daesung?

      ppl still talk about how he murdered the guy

      and nickhun did dui

      and daesung dint have any alcohol in his system
      he was careless

      but is it because his buttugly ?

      and nickhun a pretty queeer?
      oppar could do nothing wrong with that face of his

      "both are at fault . that motorcycilist trying to scam nickhun oppar.!"
      fucking bowlshit!

    6. im saying nickhun got it easy cuz his pretty
      oppar could do nothing wrong with that face of his
      i bet ppl forget about the dui now
      where as daesung
      he wasnt drunk
      he killsteal the lamppole

  2. Unrelated, but nothing on T-ara's twitter fued?

    1. I just found out about it after reading this...omg wtf is going on with them? O_O
      I don't want to assume that they were referring to Hwayoung but it's hard to not seriously, why on Twitter? Even if it wasn't directed towards Hwayoung, why on Twitter? Couldn't they talk about it irl?

    2. That was some shit
      Ganging up on hwayoung she should spartan kick those bitches once her leg is heel.

      ~this is HWAYOUNG FIGHTING~

    3. They're preparing the gifs as we speak

      well, type

  3. now that is a supportive family!!!

  4. Waiting for the article on Hwadawg.

  5. What the fuck is up with the girl in the middle. She looks like a baboon.

  6. We're waiting for KKS's announcement on the 30th before we write about the T-ara situation. Zaku also screencapped the tweets. We just want the full story out first.

  7. Replies
    1. Wait no! But Tara>SNSD
      Like just keep Soyeon, Manjung, Hyomin, and Jiyeon! Preez!!

    2. wot, no Areum?

      the girl has got a fine pair of lungs & looks like Minkyung's younger sister.

      they can put Hwayoung with Hyoyoung, Hyewon and Dani in a specialised trolling group
      Hyewon can be their main vocalist

    3. Heap I was going to mention her but I forgot her name.

  8. You people are so ungrateful, I worked hard on this picture/article.

    1. Now you know how I feel about the anons, except this happened in every article lol.

  9. Nichwho? SRSLY. Who cares about this bushbrowed faggot?


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