Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Brits React To 2NE1

As you may have heard by now, 2NE1 recently got some air time on British radio. Unofficially debuting on BBC Radio 1, the biggest radio station in the country, 2NE1 was introduced via their latest track I Love You.

Some will have you believe that it was all sunshine and that Britannia is the new stronghold for Blackjack sentiment, but the actual response was less than forthcoming.  

The full audio is here beginning at 28:16, but if you're too lazy to listen or can't understand the British accents then here's a massive transcription:
Edith Bowman: Peter, it's over to you for some South Korean madness.
Peter Robinson: Right. 
EB: I say madness. It's just, it's you know. It's your choice. 
PR: And it is sanity. Personified. Basically at some point in the next 12 or 18 months, a Korean girl band is gonna be massive around the world.  
EB: Okay. 
PR: There are a few of them who are kind of on the brink of it. There's this band called Girls' Generation, another one called 4Minute. But there's this band, 2ne1, who... They might be the ones to do it. Partly cause is working with them on an English language album--
PR: The thing with right, he does 2 good songs every 18 months. That is, that is his thing. 
EB: He needs a holiday! Can he not? Just go away for a little while! 
PR: He's very busy with Tyler James. And hats. 
PR: Anyway. So this 2NE1 track, it kind of appeared online last week, and I think it just sounds brilliant. It's kind of, it's quite kind of relaxed but there's a lot going on in it. It feels like kind of like after every verse and after every bridge and every chorus, it kind of opens a door to another bit of the song. Um, it keeps progressing all the way through. There's a great rap bit towards the end, it's basically... good. 
EB: Right. Cause a lot of Western music does really well, you know, in Japan, in South Korea and China and stuff. We haven't really heard that flip where something's come over here and done really well. 
PR: Not really, no. And I mean it's really interesting, because like KPop in Korea and JPop in Japan and stuff, it's a whole different world and a whole different set of popstars. And some of the sounds that come out would make the more adventurous stuff on our charts sound like Ed Sheeran.
EB: Well if anyone's been to Tokyo, you know, in terms of the gadgets you can get your hands on, then no wonder really loves a gadget. Um so this song, so what're they called? Cause it's spelled 2-N-E-1, so To Anyone. And then someone call... People call them 21 as well.  
PR: Yeah. 
EB: It's a bit confusing. *laughs* 
PR: *laughs* Let's just call them 21. 
EB: First rule of thumb: If you're a foreign band, get your name right so everyone around the world can say it. So To Anyone, 21. And it's called "I Love You. Um, they sing in English and in Korean. 
PR: Yep. 
EB: Yep. Can you translate for us? 
PR: It's actually about you. 
EB: Amazing, thanks. 
PR: They said it's a love song to you. 
EB: 2NE1, I Love You. Emma says, "Look at SNSD, Girls' Generation, too. They're pretty good." Do you know them too? 
PR: No. 
EB: No? Okay. Here we go, Emma! YES. On it.  
EB: Jack says, "They sound like a slightly odd version of The Saturdays." 
EB: Adam says, "Worst song I've heard. Deserves to be in Butlins Hill." Round of-- *laughs* 
EB: Josh says, "I have no idea what they're saying but I LOVE IT." 
EB: Martin says, "Wow, this was crap. Asiavision song contest." 
EB: Whitenice(?) says, "Love a bit of KPop." 
Orlando (of the Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs): I think it's super cool to bring in a KPop track. I think that's wicked. I will never ever listen to that again, BUT I would like to see the video. One thing that did come out to me was that like... They really meant it, right. It was pop they really mean. And I reckon if... I'd like to see them perform it, and I love the massive rap, kind of bonkers bit at the end. And uh... Yeah, it was a pretty complicated song as far as pop music. 
EB: You were paying particular attention to the lyrics as well. 
O: Well I thought I heard something about chicken jerky... But i think there isn't such thing as chicken jerky. *laughs* 
PR: Well actually, I'm looking at my Twitter feed here and Shawn Rowis said, "I'm making up my own lyrics: "Going to rehab eating jerk chicken every day."  
EB: YES!   
O: SEE! I said something about rehab and jerked chicken! Thank you. 
PR: Incredible. 
O: Wicked. 
EB: Well it sounds like you can appreciate the elements of pop that it's trying to achieve with that. 
PR: The attitude I appreciate. I can't give anyone any points for going into the studio and producing music like that. I think it's like building a house out of Lego.
That my friends, is the real unscripted responses from Real British People, adults at that, when introduced to 2NE1 for the first time. Out of the 6 texts they chose to air, 2 were positive, 2 were downright negative, 1 was neutral-ish (depending on how that person or Britain view The Saturdays, a British girl group), and 1 was a SONE. LOL

As you can tell, the majority of the DJs didn't really like the song. One was an obvious Blackjack, but the other two expressed confusion and slight disdain for them. At least they gave some rationalizations for their opinions rather than the usual "2NE1 ARE TALENTLESS UGLIES" or "SNSD >>> 2NE1" arguments the usual KPop fangirl will give.

But Blackjacks inevitably raged at how these people didn't immediately spread their legs and beg for the YG cock.

I don't even need to point out the mindbending stupidity of some of these comments, that shit writes itself

Still, it won't stop me sobbing uncontrollably with laughter at how these fangirls accuse the entire UK, home of legends like The Beatles, The Who and The Rolling Stones (essentially the progenitors of modern rock), of being tasteless morons with no ear for music.


  1. blackjacks are almost as stupid as sones


    1. but nothing makes me want to fuck a kitten in the ass with a double ended dildo more than a blackjack

    2. Oh lord have. Mercy!

      Fuck horsica. The andrenaline rush is amazing

  2. "If you're a foreign band, get your name right so everyone around the world can say it. So To Anyone, 21"



  3. I despise that KLUE group where those facebook comments are from, it's full of dumb delusional shits who don't know how to turn their fucking capslock off. If you try to say something ~controversial~ they all gang up on you because they can't take the heat. They even screencap stuff people post on twitter and form a lynch mob (case in point: a friend tweets about kpop never being able to become mainstream in the UK for various reasons, it gets screencapped, uploaded and that bloody Kyari girl is like 'LET ME GET MY GUN!!1!!'), they're out of control.
    And to think I could have prevented its creation. I hang my head in shame.

    1. You can't win with these people. They just live in their own world.

    2. I've pretty much given up trying to inject reason into them, I just sit back and watch the drama.

    3. I once hoped that this blog would let the fangirls see the light, but nope. So now we just endlessly mock them.

    4. The day this blog becomes obsolete/unnecessary will never come, not in our lifetimes.

      I firmly believe this.

    5. I just found this in KLUE:
      'Taking a break from KLUE.
      When I come back, I hope to see that you've matured, even just tad bit.
      Hope that you won't rage and go over the top with everything you post.
      That you can be the bigger man and not rage over articles that have members of us included since it makes the situation worsen.
      That you can finally knock it into your heads that the only people to blame for KLUE's bad reputation is the people in KLUE and you are the only people who can change that negative view on KLUE.
      Try and do something to change the view of KLUE being the holy ground for childish horny,perverted Kpop fans, who love only Kpop and nothing else.
      I'm not asking you to change the way you act but to change the way people see you.'

      ...well, that's one down, thousands to go.

    6. Not everyone in KLUE is like that... I'm in KLUE yet i'm sorta sane....
      I think some people in the heat of things said things they didn't mean hence some of the comments made.
      No one likes seeing something they love being hated one so i would appreciate it if you would not be so harsh towards English Kpop fans possibly, as not everyone is like that!
      Thanks! ^^

    7. I appreciate you coming in and attempting to clear the name of your compatriots, but you can't argue that the things they've said were in the "heat of the moment." The rhetoric spewed is hardly original or unique. KPop fans as a whole, least of all Blackjacks, have been hashing the same shit since their oppas/unnies first put on short shorts or ball-crushing skinnies.

    8. The only reasons why I'm still in that group is because of the hilarious drama that goes down in there, and it's also the best place to be when a concert comes up and you are in need of buying or selling tickets.
      I've met a couple of the KLUE members in person, they're okay people. So let's just say that 5% of the group is somewhat sane.

  4. CL will be popular in the UK once they see her teeth.

  5. Am I the only one who thinks this song's hook sounds so much like Lovey Dovey? That Oooh part's melody kind of goes the same way. They said they introduced some trot melody in it, and since that's what T-ara usually does... I guess that it ended up sounding similar? I don't find the song that brilliant, but it was interesting to see they were trying to tone it down a little bit.

    I am no blackjack, and those comments sound delusional, indeed. But I will also say, that English wasn't a language that everybody could speak before, and they were making fun of K-Pop adding a special attention to the fact they cannot understand Korean. That's the thing I'd ever tolerate from most of the countries that have English as first language, that most of their population thinks that because the language became used as an international one, they can demote other languages and make fun of those. What's currently up, might be down someday. Just like Spain or France were, the Greeks, or the Roman Empire... so I wouldn't be making that much fun of a country's language. Indeed they want to make it international, and right now they need English, but the way English-speaking people (most of, not everybody) think sometimes, is as narrow minded as more of this delusional fans.

    1. Well, England was just lucky that the US, another English speaking country, became the next superpower. I doubt English will be the lingua franca in the future, or at least the sole one.

    2. It sounded alot like Fantastic Baby to me. Especially the "ooh ooh" parts.

  6. LMFAO! People are such idiots it's not even funny. How can you be so obsessed you diss your own country and it's people because a couple of them didn't like a song from unknown k-pop girl group....

    Some of the best artist of all time come from Britain and they're talking about their country doesn't have good music.Please! Coldplay on their worst day>>>>>>>>>>>>K-pop at their best

    1. I think thats whats the scariest to me. Did you seriously just call YOU and everyone in your country (the place where you were born. The place where you get your culture from and the place that houses most of what makes you, YOU) retards and idiots just becaue of your love for someone halfway around the country that doesn't give a shit about you?!

  7. Im glad they dissed it, maybe it will put CL in check after her delusional comment about Koreans being more passionate singers than other countries. This song was not 2ne1's best so I can understand the dislike for it. I love how that one girl thinks she more evolved than the rest of the world for liking kpop lol okay. Just because someone does not like kpop says nothing about how they feel about Asians, they might just not be into pop music in general, especially pop music that is as manufactured as kpop is.

  8. *sigh*

    And here comes the bashing/racism that I very well knew will hit these Kpop acts once they start going for the global market. Haha, I mean it's Europe, FUCKING EUROPE! I thought it's already a given to not expect unbiased, unracist comments from those freaks. But whatever....

    Why do these Kpop companies keep on targeting EU and US? Japan is the 2nd largest music market in the world right now, not very far behind from the US in the revenue rankings. Why not Japan instead? They'll save themselves a lot of trouble and insult from racist Western freaks.

    1. Bashing and racism? I see none of that, unless you're talking about the shit coming from the KPop stans themselves.

      None of the criticism that any of the DJs or listeners gave were unnecessarily harsh (perhaps the name bit, but that's been something passed around KPop circles since 2NE1's debut), nor was there any blatant racism underscoring any of the comments. You're not doing yourself or KPop any favors by tossing around the same shit as the people you're making these groundless accusations of.

    2. Okay I take it back, ONE of the comments was pretty funny I mean harsh (Butlins Hill, puahahahaha).

  9. I always thought that Blackjacks were a bunch of delusional fuckfaces but this just takes them up to a whole new level - a WHOLE NEW FUCKING LEVEL OF DELUSIONALISM.

    BBC has effectively trolled CL by a huge margin too.

  10. That allkpop comment is gold. As a side-note however, Edith Bowman is a clinical retard.

  11. Im not blackjack. ... But i love........
    Everysingle flaw 21 has
    Like for example
    "I love you"

    All they other past songs was cool and doesnt sucks
    I was gojna be a blackjack
    But then the fans are delusional and ignorant enough to bash other talented rapper group
    I meant talented. So snsd isnt involve in this. Cwidt?

    Gud thing "i love you" suck

    And lol at the sone fail to introduce other critics about it

    I bet she play the in to the new world song rather than the boys

    Cuz the boys gotta be one of the song i hated the most
    It close under friday by rebecca black

    Im amazed that any critic like the song

    Maybe if they played i m the best
    Or fire
    Or lonely maybe they gotten a good response

    I want to hear what they say if gg got an airplay

    1. *im not a blackjack. .... But i love to hate eversingle flaw 21 has*

  12. The legos comment fuckin priceless.
    The song had so much going on its suppose to progress to something but something never comes
    The whole I gotta see the mv cause I've already hear once that was enough kreeper comment there.
    Next to no one could google search tanslated lyrics. If the british are that fucking lazy americans will be worse.

  13. I think the DJs were pretty positive.

    What can I say, 2NE1 has had much stronger efforts in the past. The composition of this new track is interesting but I don't know. It just didn't have that usual 2NE1 zing factor.

    At least they didn't pray Tha Boys.

    1. I thought they did? After that "Emma" chick smsed in asking them to look at SNSD or someshit.

  14. The last comment from Kat Moise kinds of freak me out.

  15. Love the song. 2ne1 has a lot of great songs I think.

  16. sorry but those all delusional bitches think an asain pop group can make it in UK or USA...haha no just no...

  17. Honestly though, the way nostalgiafags talk about the beatles, rolling stones etc, is very similar to the way fangirls talk about their own idols.

    Sometimes you're more similar to the people you criticize than you actually think.

    Personally I think old music is trash but people will keep saying it's good because it's old, throwing around words like "legends" and "timeless".

    1. I agree that some of the people who prefer the oldies and the classics can get snooty with their holier-than-thou attitudes towards more contemporary music, but I hardly think anyone will respond to "Why do you think The Beatles have great music?" with "Because it's old." Some songs are just legendary and timeless because they sounded good then, they sound good now, and they will continue to sound good in the future.

      While I respect your opinion, I must respectfully give you the middle finger because you think all "old" music is trash. You can't have the now without building on the foundation of the past.

    2. Well I excaggerated a bit, which I shouldn't since one of the few things i dislike about this blog is the over-excaggeration of opinions, so that's why I'm semi-apologizing.

      I do like stuff like careless whisper by george michael (which is old for me since I'm 18) and 1 or 2 beatles songs. Think "overrated" would've been a better word than trash.

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. But 'I Love You' sounds generic...

  20. Generic sales. All you gotta do is change the outside. Lie to your comsumers that its something new and they'll believe it. Works in cooperate business and even in music industry. To which I'm majoring now. YG exploits their fanbase very well and do little of any real improvement and bank millions off of fandom stupidty.its a quick way of earning a buck but no future. That is how kpop works.

  21. I thought the DJs were very reasonable >.>" I really, really don't see what those people got so worked up about..

  22. Asiavision Song Contest... I heard that was under conception but then got forestalled until never to be heard again. People were in fact foreseeing Japan and South Korea are gonna trample each and ever relatively nugu artist to be fielded by other countries. But then, Kimchiland and Tenacle-eel Rape Kingdom equally (or much worse) produces abominabnle music.

  23. I noticed that like 99% of koreaboos are non-asians. I guess they think they have "good taste in music" because they listen to music that's not from their own culture.
    Seriously, a crappy song is a crappy song. "I Love You" was shit to my ears. If 2NE1 DOES make it in the U.S. (probably because of the crazy kpop fans fighting like crazy for them), the non kpop fans will make endless fun of them. (and I am going to get second-hand embarassment.)

    1. Most of Korean classmates I've had never actually stanned any group nor listened to K-Pop as much as I do. Some of them even despised the fact that K-Pop makes Korea look retarded with lacklustre songs, music videos and useless "artists" always glamorized by unknowing Koreaboos.

    2. i agree with what the guy said you can't give them credits for producing that since its western music that's being produced they're only changing the language plz hope that they don't take over the US as well


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