Thursday, July 26, 2012

SNSD Improves Dildos

SNSD endorsements are everywhere these days. Clothing, makeup, food, amusement parks, you name it. SONEs are rabidly horny individuals who tend to purchase creepy SNSD memorabilia.

What do you get when you combine the two? A fiendishly new way to cater to the fappers!

Friends, I present to you the latest piece of SNSD swag no SONE should go without. Die-cast hands!

Lovingly rendered in 24 karat gold, this lifesize model of your bias's hand captures every little detail. Coming in a beautiful authentic oak display case and an autograph, this hand has a myriad of uses.

Why settle to stare at your bias's hand when you can do so much more? You can now imagine your bias's cool hand give you a handjob, or finger your asshole! It combines the versatility of a dildo with the extreme intimate knowledge of a fleshlight, yet is far more discrete than either of them!! Do your tastes run towards the darker side of the S&M dungeon? Simply use the hand to spank yourself or slap yourself silly! Everything YOUR hand can do, your bias's hand can do better!!

This amazing piece of your idol can be yours for 9 easy payments of $99.99! Jjangbak! Get yours today, or you're not a real SONE!!


  1. Hahahaaha
    Why with all the sones and snsd post all of the sudden?
    My gurls gets so much hate ;(
    Just cuz they on top of all ur bias

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  3. but 10 payments of 99 is like almost 1000 dollars

    worth it to get my bumhole fingered by tiffany's perfectly manicured fingers

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  5. Why would you say yes to get your hand made out in gold? Just for the heck of it?! How can anyone be THAT narca- Oh, it's Tiffany...never mind.

    One can only imagine it's intended purpose.

  6. Taeyeon got this made so that she'd always, even if Tiffany was away on another schedule.


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