Friday, July 27, 2012

Question of the Week 54

This week's question is:
What do you think is the craziest thing a fan has done?

I think that one fangirl sending her period blood "to her oppa" was pretty damn disgusting. But the petition for Jay Park's suicide ranks pretty high up there on the "wtf" scale.

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  1. Leave the fandom. Because oppar kissed eachother on stage
    After all those same sex pairing fanfic of them

  2. Remember when fans installed CCTV cameras for Yoochun?

    Yeah...that was pretty mad.

  3. I don't know why I find it so stupid, but it's annoying when a girl group has a sexy concept, and the fangirls are like "They're so sexy, powerful and fierce! You go girls!". As if grinding in skimpy clothes is a demonstration of the independance of women when in reality it's just to sell fap material to the guys. The fangirls think it's all about them, and that they're always the target audience (like when they're complaining Tia is too young dance in revealing clothes and I'm like stfu gtfo this isn't about what you think).

    Oh, it's also when stupid when they call 30 year-old guys who are attracted to 18 year-old idols pedophiles (just check the comments on the akp article about Tahiti's maknae).

  4. Aside from the Taecyeon fan who sent him a letter from her own fresh menstrual blood with a dash of pubic hair, I think the dude who tried to 'kidnap' Taengoo counts. Another is the female fan who valiantly proposed marriage to JungAh in public.

    Also, this

  5. The Blackjack that listened to 2NE1's Japan collection without stopping.

    1. Bish. I've listened to all After School songs on loop for an entire day literally.

    2. Only Japanese song from 2NE1 that I like.

    3. Scream wasn't completely horrible (produced by m-flo unsurprisingly). But for the rest of the Japanese Version songs the autotune must have been put through twice just to hide their bad japanese. It was just sooooo shitty.

      YG(YGEX) could've really utalized their connections with m-flo a lot better.

    4. Yg should have just stayed with universal..
      They japanese remake with universal is much better than now..i keep cringing listeing to they japanese remake. Only seungri and dae voice in japanese are arent cringable

  6. that jay park suicide petition was a doozy. i mean imagine someone hated you much that they would get signature from other people about how you need to kill yourself.

    that's fucked up on so many levels.

    other than that wasn't there an incident during a SNSD performance a fan try to kidnapp one of them/
    that yunho getting poisoned by super glue
    another when hangeng was performing on stage with suju a random fan jump on stage. claim there was sulfuric acid in his bottle and try to throw it at him, but it was just water.

  7. The Jay Park petition was tongue-in-cheek. They have trolls on Korean internets too.

    The letters written in blood... that's pretty mental. Incredibly misguided attention.

    Taeyeon's attempted snatching was creepier than either of those. It wasn't done anonymously, and goodness knows what the guy thought was going to happen once he'd gotten her off stage.

    But surely the Tablo anti-fan club is the worst thing to happen. People propagating a lie day in, day out for years. Actively ruining someone's career. Delight at turning that person into a social hermit. All for no reason other than pure spite.

    1. How do you make tongue-in-cheek death threats that get hundreds if not thousands of signatures? .__.

    2. more importantly why would you kill Jay('s body)

  8. Think 2NE1 and Big Bang are "OMG! SO ORIGINAL!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!1!!!!!!"
    But seriously, I think the whole period blood. Or the CCTV in some guys parking garage. I think it's a matter of time before someone gets stabbed or shot in the arm or leg or something.

  9. And so here I am on my Iphone looking at this site in the middle of an amusement park, eating lunch....I think I lost my appetite.

    I think everyone's pretty much nailed it here.

  10. Don't forget that they sprinkled that period letter with their fucking pubes. And there was also a girl who cut her wrist and wrote a love letter with her blood to Lee Joon. defeq?

    But I also found those fans praying to or worshiping that Tiffany cutout pretty disturbing. Maybe not outright crazy, but I really believe there's a loose screw in their heads.

    I read somewhere that in the 2008 Dream Concert fans got injured because they were fighting over seats. I know many of the rumors from that concert are most likely made up (like rape/sexual assault) but there were pictures of people falling and shit.
    Not sure it counts though because it's not something that involved an idol.

  11. Oh I forgot about this:
    She got surgery to look Like Jessica.

    1. omg!! i would tap that!

      pls gurls do this more often!
      we need more jessica jung in the world!

  12. When some chicks got into Jaejoong's room during the night to kiss him and leave their dirty underwear in his bag lol...
    Or when some girl hit Changmin with a bag full of rocks in China so he can remember her.
    Or when a fan girl grabbed Dongwoo's foot during Infinite's live performance.That was creepy. o___o

  13. The only things I know of are:
    - The guy grabbing Taeyeon
    - Yunho and the superglue drink
    - Sending bags of blood, letters inked in blood, anything with blood, really


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