Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Stupid Things Fangirls Utter 3

So I was casually browsing for stupid fangirl comments on the interwebs today and found this blog post: 

"I’m starting to become one of those fans who wishes she could date her bias…seriously. I don't even know when it started.
Before, I was just a supportive fan, but as I’ve watched more shows and seen more, I’m starting to really adore my bias’ personality, smile…everything. 

Part of me wishes I could go to South Korea, meet him somehow, and become friends with him or be able date him…he just seems like the right kind of guy for me. 

I know it will never happen, of coursebut I feel ashamed for even daydreaming about dating him or leaving an impression on him when he’s thousands of miles away and he’ll likely never even see my face.
I’ll always just be one of his many fans in the crowd. 

Haiz. What's come over me? O.o"

Loooooool. She speaks as though she were turning into a werewolf. Which probably would not be as bad to be honest. 

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  1. She must be new.
    I daydream abput sunny once. Best dream eva!
    Got to be kissed by sunny beautiful lips!
    But now i changed my bias. i wann dream of fucking jiyeon or kimtaehee. But brain no cooperating :(

    1. Sunduck is a goddess! Why is it that people find her ugly?

    2. What?
      If ugly
      Its hyoyeon
      And taeyeon
      Sunny is the one that interest me in ansd
      Her aegyo.
      Oh all my feels

    3. Her face is fucking weird man. I've tried to find her attractive but I just can't.

    4. She'd be cuter if it wasn't for her yuck mouth.

    5. Nah, Sunny is quite pretty. But she needs to grow her hair back.

    6. if you do get to banging jiyeon in your dreams remember to wear goggles. u dont want her eye lasers to burn a hole thru ur skull

    7. She looks like junsu. With boobs
      U no like junsu?
      Whats wrong with u gais...

    8. It's her mouth when she smiles, then she looks quite derp.

    9. Some guys love derpettes.
      Atleast she has the best lips
      Her aegyos ehhmerged
      Altho ive change my bias alot. But she is forever my first bias

      I just want sonmone who makes me sandwich

    10. She does have some really nice lips-best out of kpop- when they are not derp.

  2. I can say the same about Sooyoung and Yuri. Wtf is up with her nose?(both of them)

  3. I don't understand how they understand the idols' personalities based on the warped impressions fed to them by the companies. I have idols that I would fuck senseless but that's really it.

    1. Well variety shows DO show personality. Idols are very polite alot of the time, but in certain shows they do really show who they are. I'm not talking about strong heart etc., I'm talking about sesame player, hello baby etc. Jonghyun is a pretty fucking funny guy, Boram is very awkward, Soyeon and Hyomin are both outgoing and funny etc.

      It's not 100% accurate but you can definitely see differences between personalities. I wouldn't claim I know them but I can say I like some idol's personalities more than others.

    2. Yeah, that's true in a way. I dunno, sometimes you can tell who's got a better personality than others. Jonghyun's hilarious, and Key is an asshole. (As far as I can tell >_>)
      But yeah relying on "reality" shows only is pretty dumb. Leads to those fangirls who try to defend their idols by saying "At least _____ has a better personality than you!!!11". Unless you know them personally, don't believe any of that shit.

  4. Call me a fangirl but I've felt the same way as the girl in the op, for Qri.

  5. is this worse than my engrish or no?

  6. i feel dis way about my oppars

  7. What about all the girls who say they want to "rape" their oppars?

    Also - this:


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