Friday, July 13, 2012

Question of the Week 52

This week's question is:
Who is your top OTP?

If anyone has suggestions for later "Question of the Weeks", please send them to, or leave them in the comments below. Thanks!


  1. Foodmin. The only one that makes sense.

    And any idols that make hot couples tbh. I don't really care.

  2. ^^^Foodmin? Lol, Guess all the guy needs in the world is food and porn.

  3. Gdruggin with plassica.
    Both are players

  4. Also Lee Joon and Lizzy seemed like a great match on pit-a-pat shake.

    Nicole and food are definitely OTP.

    It's quite an age gap, but Kim Jong Kook and Hyuna were good a good pair on Running Man.

  5. Daesung with any girl.
    Taeyang with any girl
    But mostly with iu/yubin cuz both said their ideal type is taeyang.
    Even tho i want yubin for myself....
    We all know none of us has any chance with the idols

  6. Yubin and Me....but other than that Taecyeon, he seems to like her and they're both smokin' hot but then again he's a player so......scratch that, giving her to Taeyang.

    I've heard a rumour about Sooyoung and Siwon and I really like the idea. They seem like they would be a good couple.

  7. Oh yeah forgot about Tiger JK and Yoon Mi Rae, even though they're already hooked on each other. ;D

  8. Replies
    1. Damn straight. It's unacceptable that I had to scroll more than half down this page to find this comment.

    2. This right here. IY was the first show I watched after discovering K-Pop so I was still new to a lot. Didn't know Hyomin before but after IY I was seriously questioning if Hyomin was bisexual or lesbian.

  9. Sunyeon, it's not very obvious, but one can only dream. I just like shorties and late bloomers, and these two make a great couple IMO

  10. Who is your "top" OTP?

    ermm definately not TOPFANY
    i dont get that shit
    i love soshibang and all
    but really

    too good for that bitch

    yoona or sunny or sooyoung or taeyeon or hyoyeon is a better choice than topfany


    dunno why.. i want top with yubin XD
    both have deep sexy voice.
    imagine the sex


    1. TooBin all the way! They would be the hottest couple in K-pop, hands down.
      Why the eff would anyone pair TOP with TIffany? I never got that. They don't even look compatible together, nor have they been seen having any interactions whatsoever.

    2. Let me present you with the Holy Grail of all TOPFany shipping.

    3. That's a great idea. I would also ship TOP and Shinbi.


    4. Yeah.
      They ship topfany like mad crazy
      Theve a facebook page and theres like 100+likes
      Just cuz of 1 eyestare?
      Gd and daesung got more interaction with that bish
      TopBin alltheway!!!!!
      Hope yubin lose her lust for taeyang and see top ahajha

    5. Who the f u c k cares about what you think, deal with the fact that top&fany is one of the most appreciated crack ship in k pop world.

  11. ShinAh and ShinTop! Oh, you were being serious? Okay, then HyoHyuk. Two piggy-bank-lookalikes together.

    1. Hehe you are so cute. Thank you~

      (... who's the "Ah" in the first pairing?)

  12. MBLAQ's 87 line. Don't judge me lol

  13. used to be tae yang and his shades as well as taeyang and his mohawk...but now that he wore his mohawk to death......sigh...taeyang and his allergy towards shirts during concerts....for the love of a higher being....somewhere...out there.........taeyang baby .....put on a f*cking shirt...

  14. KryBer- ) c'mon, we all know Amber is Krystal's little love slave

  15. i don't ship nobody wid no one

  16. MyungYeol (Myungsoo & Sungyeol) and JunAh (Junhyung & HyunAh) aaaand...
    Oh,MyungEun~ o_o (Myungsoo & Naeun)

  17. Bom and Botox
    CL and parrot
    Dara and awkward turle
    Minzy and floor
    G druggin and weed
    Daesung and car
    TOP and bearbricks
    Seungri and Yangssa
    Taeyang and wedding dress

    1. AHAHAHAHA LOL I see what you did there.;D

    2. Hahahahaha
      But daesung said he doesnt drive anymore

    3. Good. He's clearly not trustworthy to do so.

    4. yeap. 2009 carcrash manager drive
      2011 carcrash

  18. Taeyang-IU

  19. I shipped TOP and Yubin back in the day. ;A;


    Still do... ;A;

  20. 1. TaeNy (because it's real)
    2. YoonYul (same as above)
    3. Jungcest (so nasty)
    4. Nazzy (Na Eun/Lizzy)
    5. EunRi/GyuJung (Gyuri/Eunjung - Because it's real)
    6. KryBer
    7. SunByung
    8. YulBer
    9. TaeBer
    10. BoTaeng (BoA/Taengoo)

  21. TaeNy no denying that ain't real.

  22. ToDae - T.O.P. and Daesung - Daesung is the only one that can breath some life into that corpse
    GDYB - G-Dragon and Taeyang - unlike most other fan made OTPs these two are actually best friends and you can see just how much they care about each other
    GRi - G Dragon and Seungri - G-Dragon defiled this boy; their interactions during the early Big Bang days were cringe-inducing yet utterly adorable
    BangHim - Bang Yong Guk and Himchan - aside from having the best OTP name ever it's almost impossible to figure out which one bottoms making their fan fiction one big freaky circus
    DaeJae - Daehyun and YoungJae - this ship is real okay; so real that even their bunny mascots have their own OTP- - - - - - - > JoKe
    FailKiss - U-Kiss and Failure - 3+ years and still going strong

    1. Hahaha failkiss!

      Wow u know alot about bigbang
      But hey watch monster behind the scenes
      Hisweird dancing
      Top does have some pulse in him
      He just doesnt showit i guess

    2. Even though BangHim is the BEST OTP name ever, I think it's actually more of a HimBang couple. There's no way Yongguk tops in that relationship. Just watch anything with them in it. He's very feminine while Himchan is more manly and aggressive. Not that I notice that or anything... ahem...
      I also ship DaeJae. Hard. They are my fave pairing.
      And what do you know, I also think GD and Seungri had something together.
      pimpmysneakers, I feel like you complete me.

  23. I'm so late, but here it goes:

    1. Nana x RJ (I know, company incest but both pull off a serious one. Nana's manfacedness equalizes RJ's strong look. They look hot together though Nana would be on the cougar side)

    2. Joon x Lizzy

    3. NaLiz (Nana x Lizzy)

    4. JaeYang (Jaebeom x Taeyang)

    5. TaeNy

    6. TEDnee

  24. TEDNee (Ted Riely x SHINee) best OTP, but where the hell are the fanfic at??

    1. ohh and Kyumin, Baekyeol, I didn ship taoris but its soo boring now :/


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