Monday, December 16, 2013

Hwayoung to Re-debut as an Actress


Hwayoung re: h8rs

When last we saw Hwayoung do anything of note, it was an (admittedly) lame 1 minute rap clip she released ages ago. I'm assuming the lukewarm reception and general lack of interest lead her to reconsider her options as a singer/rapper. Fairweather fans indeed... And so now she's re-debuting as an ACTRESS.
Former T-ara member Hwayoung recently signed an exclusive contract with Wellmade StarM and is well on her way towards building a career as a full-time actress! 
On December 16, according to media sources – after signing the contract with Hwayoung, Wellmade StarM plans to take it slow and steady with Hwayoung’s career as a young actress.
According to officials at Wellmade StarM, “We consider Hwayoung to possess great potential as an actress, which is why we decided to sign an exclusive contract with her. From here on out, we plan to showcase new and diverse sides to Hwayoung that you’ve never seen before as she goes on to become an actress. We hope you look forward to seeing Hwayoung again. We think there will be many fans who will be highly anticipating Hwayoung’s return as an actress. Hwayoung will be practicing her acting diligently so that she can make her comeback as soon as possible with a great project.”  
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Now despite my bias towards her, I can still acknowledge some of the concerns outrage you all may have at this news. After all, while part of T-ara, she never did do anything particularly noteworthy or stand out visually. I might not change any minds here, but humor me and let me give you a couple of reasons to get hyphy about Actress!Hwayoung:

1. During her twilight months with T-ara, she released some pretty decent pictorials.

And her recent Twitter post ain't too shab.

Tho it may be the bust doing the talking.
2. Speaking of busts... we've already seen Hwayoung's goods, so any nude scenes in her future gigs wouldn't make a dent on her.

Never forget.

3. She's in an entertainment group with a TON of big stars. She's now rubbing elbows with the likes of:
  • Oh Yeon Seo
  • Lee Jong Suk
  • Ha Ji Won
  • Lee Min Ki
Oh Yeon Seo is no stranger to scandal and controversy herself, as a good sunbae maybe she could show Hwayoung the ropes around the company if you know what I mean.

THE BEST PART IS, WELLMADE STAR M COULD START PIGGYBACKING HWAYOUNG ONTO THEIR ESTABLISHED ACTS. Think about it: Hwayoung macking on Lee Jong Suk on dramas...? All the butthurt would be AMAZING!! I can't wait for her to start trolling netizens again. The legion of sympathy fairweather fans would probably desert her in an instant and go back to insulting her for being derpy/a shitty former-idol actress but it would be SO worth.

I for one cannot wait for Hwayoung to start acting already, just so I can see the conflicted response of netizens. 
"Oh God, Hwayoung's new drama finally came out." 
"Do we hate on her for being derpy or another bad idol actress??" 
"Shouldn't she be a great actress because she put up with those T-ara bitches for so long and no one suspected a thing until we found all those pictures and gifs??" 
"We can't hate her, I thought we liked her because she got kicked from T-ara, and fuck T-ara right?" 
"No wait, if she was part of T-ara, shouldn't we hate her too because of our knee-jerk reaction to anything T-ara related?" 
 "But she's not part of them anymore, isn't that a false-positive for our T-ara hatepost bot?
"My brain hurts, let's just wait til her tits pop out again and fap to that." 
"Sounds like a plan."


  1. Guess I'm in the minority here when I actually legit like her, visually of course

    1. Everyone thinks Hwayoung fans are 99% bandwagon fairweather faggots, but WE'RE THE 1% WHO WERE HERE FIRST


      Well, I never really a T-ara fan anyway. So when she joined T-ara, I was pretty indifferent 'bout the whole thing, but like I said, I really do like her because she's hot

    3. I'm with you guys, I was indifferent to her before I saw her in T-ara's Hello Baby, but she was really cute there.

  2. Fuck yeah! Hwayoung is fucking hot! She's like the busty version of Park Shin Hye. I'm so glad she had that dumb scandal or I never wouldn't even noticed this irrelevant but hot as bitch. Hope to see her in a drama with Eunjung so netizens will have a shitstorm. Can't wait to see her acting! "As The Derp Turns" Wednesday nights on KBS

  3. I suppose it would be an insensitive time to bring this up...

    1. Wait, someone would pay to screw Solbi after the fuck-up that is her nose? Or did she get that fixed?

    2. Heh. Names are already being dragged through the mud based on speculation. Personally, if I lived in Korea, I'd be hesitant about naming names this soon due to the recent convictions of people who slander celebs.

  4. Wow I just posted another article with the Hwayoung pic in it. Great minds think alike! Or, fools never differ! You decide, readers...

    1. Also, I know you love this lazy whore Zaku, but motherfuckin' page breaks yo.

    2. Oops, I could have sworn I put in a page break. My b

  5. Considering that she just signed with a new company, it's probably going to take a while to actually see her in a drama.

    1. lol thank goodness.
      good point, that.
      let's see if she will be the next Yoona (no way, i say)

  6. go on, netizens... hate on t-ara because hwayoung will be an actress...

    yeah, i totally don't see any relation at all...

  7. Hwayoung as an actress? I like like this.
    That pic of her boob profile? I like like that.
    Fickle netizens on the hate train? I like this, like that, Yeah!

  8. This might be the netizen shitstorm of the century. Plus all that eye-candy. God bless you.

  9. she could be Park Shin Hye's body double for nude scenes


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