Thursday, December 26, 2013

SNSD Revisited

It is extremely apparent that I have got back into SNSD with the new Jessica layout and the front two pages of AKF being dominated with SNSD-related posts. After the early days of AKF where everyone accused of being biased towards SNSD before 637 came around and said that we were biased towards T-ara, I would have to say we have been fairly neutral towards SNSD, praising good songs like Paparazzi and shitting on terrible songs like I Got A Boy.

I have ignored SNSD since The Boys came out, just watching a Seohyun fancam here and there. I saw Yoona in Prime Minister and I and Sexica's cover of Miss Korea came out, so naturally I was getting back into the fold. Now, to alleviate any fears that AKF will return to its "SNSD-biased" days, I will give my short thoughts on just about every SNSD single/MV since the group debuted. This is to see whether or not I have reverted into being a delusional Sone, since those of you who have watched my livestreams know that I do own some SNSD albums from the days when I was a massive Sone.

The list won't be comprehensive as I can't promise that I will find every single SNSD MV on YouTube, but damn it, I'll try. Since I haven't spent more than three minutes writing an article since the BESTie Christmas story article, I guess I may as well choose this as the article of the week where I put some effort into it. I'll post some pics to break things up, and I'll link to 90% of the MVs because it would be a major lag-fest if I embedded every single MV.

Into The New World (of Warcraft)>

This is where it all started. Classic Kpop at its finest. The song still holds well to this day, but may be jarring to any of the newfags of the international Kpop fandom. Most of the members look good, but Tiffany looks the best here. Hyoyeon looked straight out of World of Warcraft here. Who knew orc warriors could dance? +1 to the leg kick in the choreography.

How nice of Hyoyeon is it that she quit her day job to debut in SNSD?

This is a remake of an old Korean song, modified with a current sound (current in 2007, it sounds so old now). It's alright. It was nowhere near my favorite back then, and I still feel the same now. I'll listen to it if I'm listening to the full album, but I won't go out of my way to listen to this song very often. Most of the members look good, Hyoyeon still looks orc-ish here.

This song fucking sucked then, and it fucking sucks now. This is the only pre-The Boys SNSD single/title track that I hate. I generally like the cute concept in Kpop, but this song and MV makes me barf. I think all of the members suck here. It's just because they're associated with this song.

Kissing You used to be SNSD's worst Korean single know what I'm talking about.

This was my first idol song, as I had been mainly listening to Korean hiphop before I got into idols in 2009. Almost five years later and I still find this song enjoyable to listen to. It's a shame that E-Tribe hasn't produced many songs worth listening to since Gee came out. Most of the members look great here, and it's the first MV where Hyoyeon looks human. This is where Seohyun starts to come out of her shell and looking like a grown woman. However, I find that Tiffany shits all over everyone in this MV, and that is why she was my favorite at the start.

The era when So Nyeo Slay Dae started. Photoshop was also able to make Hyoyeon look decent in this concept.

The B-track to Gee, this is a fun song to listen to and the MV is cute, though obviously extremely low budget. They filmed this in between takes of shooting Gee. Props for the outfits, as it really accentuates Sunny's body.


For me, this is the highlight of SNSD's career in Korea. The song is great, the concept is perfect, the dance is memorable, legs legs legs, and most of the members look great. The new hairdo on Yoona makes her standout, Seohyun finally turned legal, but Tiffany stole the show for me again in this MV. I still play this song a lot to this day.

One of her best eras by far.

SNSD and f(x) released both of their versions of Chocolate Love. I like both of them, but I find f(x)'s version to be superior. Most of the girls look great, but Seohyun steals the show here for me and this is when she became my favorite.

The era when Seohyun started making her unnies look like shit.

SNSD's comeback with Oh at the time divided the fandom a little bit, as this seemed too similar to Gee. Well, fuck them, the cheerleader concept was awesome. The song is alright and is not their best, but it works for a title track. I think I watched the MV about 30 times the day it came out. There's no clear winner in terms of visuals here, but I think Jessica won just because all the other girls were touching her tits.

Hotter than the cheerleaders at my high school except for Hyoyeon.

Run Devil Run

SNSD's first major foray into a different concept. I remember there being a lot of shit because Ke$ha had a demo version of this song, but SM bought the rights to it. At the time, this was the last SNSD single I liked. I think the song is above average, but I didn't like the fast-talking bits near the end of the song. Most of the members look great, though I thought the standouts were Yuri and Jessica. This was the first time I thought Tiffany looked bad in a MV. Hyoyeon looked really bad in this MV.

Sexica...I don't have to write shit.

Fuck this song, but at least the girls looked good.

SNSD invaded Japanese with a remake of Genie and it was a smart decision. The Japanese songwriters were able to make the song flow well in Japanese, as most Korean to Japanese songs have failed in that regard. The members look great, but the lack of the military uniforms in the Korean version hurt this MV. Yoona shines the most in this MV.

I don't like this at all for several reasons. The Japanese MV offers very little that is original, being an almost exact, but inferior, clone of the Korean original. Mixing three languages in one song is a big no-no for me. It really fucks me up when hearing three languages in one sentence. It was popular when Kara and SNSD debuted in Japan to throw some Korean into the songs, but I still think that was a bad decision.

Hoot (KOR and JP Versions)

For some reason, I really hated this song when it came out. I stopped giving a shit about SNSD. I have a hard time pinpointing exactly why I didn't like this song, but I think it has to do with the "hoot hoot hoot" and the terrible bridge. These days, I find the song alright, but I still find it to be one of SNSD's weaker singles/title tracks. As for the MV, I wasn't really a fan of the concept and the MV looked pretty cheap. Yoona and Seohyun look the best.

Another remake from SNSD, and I was getting sick of their shit at the time. I started the AKF blog around this time and I'm not sure if I took a dump on it, but I wouldn't be surprised if I did. The lyrics actually flow well in Japanese. The MV looks cheap and the girls don't look as good as they did in the Korean version, except for Taeyeon, who shits on everyone in this MV.

I vaguely remember this song. I only listened to it once or twice when it came out. Upon listening to it again, I'd have to say it's below average. I don't like the concept of this MV. Taeyeon looks the best in the MV, but she's the shiniest of the turds in this MV.

It takes hard work to make Yuri look like shit, but stylists found a way.

Finally, SNSD released an original Japanese song. This almost made me become a Sone again because I enjoyed the song a lot back then, and I still enjoy it a lot now. All of the members except for Hyoyeon look good, and it's hard to say who looked the best, but I'll give a shoutout to the two shawties in the group, Sunny and Taeyeon.

Taengoo slays everyone in Mr. Taxi.

No matter what language this song is in, it fucking sucks. I fucking hated it back then, and I hate it now. I would rather have an alligator bite my dick off while eating out Hyoyeon's asshole than to listen to this fucking song again. I like the first 15 seconds of the song before the chorus comes out. Fuck you, Teddy Riley. This is also the first song where SNSD has its members rap, destroying the very thing that made SNSD better than any other girl group. Now that SNSD started rapping, they brought themselves down to the level of all of the other girl groups who forced shitty raps into their songs. At least the members looked good in the MV, with the standouts being Jessica and Seohyun. Seriously, fuck this song, and if you have the urge to watch the MV, mute the fucker.

The song sucked ass, but at least all eight of them looked good.

I never knew this song existed until today. Well, I wasn't missing out on much. Pass.


Fucking amazing. I know Zaku reviewed it when the song came out, but I didn't pay attention to it at all. I discovered this song during the past week and have been playing the shit out of it. The members look great, and at least in the dance version, Tiffany shits all over everyone. I haven't watched the main MV because it's too long. This is SNSD's best Japanese single by far.

Just about everything about this concept was perfect.

Wow, how lazy of Universal Music Japan. "Let's recycle a song that's almost three years old." I never watched the MV/listened to the song when it first came out. The MV and song aren't as good as the Korean version. Yoona and Taeyeon dominate this MV, and Hyoyeon freaks me the fuck out. It was around this point where she was reaching her final stage of transforming into a human from an orc.

I had no idea that this song existed until a few days ago. Upon listening to it, I find it alright, but nothing I would go out of my way to listen to. I would have to say Sunny looks the best, mainly because of what she's wearing and knowing that this is one of the last MVs where she looks good before a certain travesty happened.

Again, I was oblivious to this song when it came out. Upon listening to it for the first time, I find the verses to sound jarring, but the chorus sounds good. It grew on me after a few listens, but it's not their best electronica track. Most of the members look great, as Seohyun and Taeyeon slay here. It is also the last time to enjoy looking at Sunny looking normal.

Shitting all over her unnies again.

Oh, God. Remember this song? I really hated it when it came out. That article will remain an AKF legend as it is one of the most disgusting and vile posts I have ever written anywhere on the Internet, and yet that article still didn't do the song justice in depicting how bad the song was. It is also the most commented article in AKF history, even shattering the records from the anon era. I swore to never listen to this piece of shit again. However, I have to listen to it again in order to see whether or not I have reverted back to being a delusional Sone.

Man, I fucking regret listening to this fucking piece of shit again. Everything I said in my original still holds intact a year later. Let's just say I would rather get pegged by Jessica while letting a whale shower me in his sperm before listening to this song again.

Again, Yuri was the only one who looked good and I feel bad for Sunny when watching this music video.

Can I make it any clearer that I fucking hate I Got A Boy?

Fuck this song and MV.

I like the song, but I feel like it's missing something that would take it from being merely good to great. The "oh"s in the background are grating to me. No one member really stands out visually, so I'll go ahead and pick Jessica.

Yoona's expression after seeing the IGAB drawing.

My Oh My

I just reviewed this song. My thoughts are the same. I find it very enjoyable and this song was the reason I started paying attention to SNSD again. Sure, it's not on the level of songs like Genie and Paparazzi, but it's not garbage, and after some of the Korean songs SNSD has put out, anything not completely garbage is welcome. Yoona shits on everyone in this MV.

They finally stopped fucking with Sunny's hair.

While technically a B-side for Flower Power, a single from the second album, we didn't get Beep Beep's full MV until a couple of weeks ago and the song was placed in SNSD's third album. What the fuck is UMJ smoking? Anyway, the song feels like it's from SNSD's 2008 days. I find the song nice to listen to when I'm in the mood for sugary pop. However, I find the MV to be way too busy and colorful, and others may like it. No one stands out in the MV for me.

I felt bad for not giving Sooyoung a solo picture.

So, there we go. I still hate The Boys and would rather have horrible things happen to me than to listen to I Got A Boy. There, you all don't have to fear me changing this site to Jessica_Fag where I write about sniffing Jessica's butthole.


  1. That drawing, OMG. You need to start a comic series. I would subscribe.

    1. I used to draw comics all the time when the blog started. If it gains enough support, I'll start drawing them more often.

  2. Wth happened to the text in this post? Why is Times New Roman?!

    1. What's the default font? I changed it to Arial, but it still doesn't match the rest of the site's text.

    2. Just go to font and then select "Default Font".

    3. The default went back to Times New Roman lol. Later I'll have to go through the HTML and remove the font code from every paragraph so that it'll go to the site's default font.

    4. It's going to take me half an hour to fix all of it, so I'll do it later haha.

  3. Gah dangit AKF, this bring back so much memories from when I was a delulu SNSD fan. If isn't for this site, I would still be a delulu fan, where everything SNSD is jjangbak.

    I obviously jump ship after IGAB and went in search for other girl-group to perv- I mean discover.

    1. Oh, btw props to akisame(or whoever resposible) for bringing back the drop-down archive

    2. Yeah, this brought back a lot of memories for me too. I remember watching the Genie, Oh, and RDR MVs dozens upon dozens of times back in the day.

    3. I remember when I first got into SNSD and I was an idiotic fan that accepted everything and anything that they released until The Boys came out. I still love SNSD and they're my favourite group, but I'm not a delusional fan.

      About the archive: Chuck brought it back, but I was planning to do it once I got access to a laptop lol.

    4. For me Gee was and still is their best song/MV, with Genie being the close second followed by RDR. I'm "okey" with Oh! and Hoot, a "meh" for The Boys and a big "WTF!!" for IGAB. Never like all of their Japanese song/remake with the exception of Mr. Taxi, prolly because of my-"their a Kpop group, should've stick with korean stuff"-mentallity.

    5. My favourite single is Into the New World and I think it still stands as being one of SNSD's best songs.

    6. Oh yeah, and "The Great Escape" is a brilliant song too (first Japanese album).

  4. looking back, i do remember how biased am i toward them all, totally all over tiffany. but then when time machine got out i was like "boo, this song suck!".

    then again, that was the time when my mind started to blend in with k-pop fandom community. what prompting me to hate snsd is when i found a piece of eden among the k-pop mv, bo peep bo peep. i literally cheat on tiffany with jiyeon from that day onward. and also with tons other female human being...

    looking at how the world goes, on how my heart has started to slowly open up back to them all, i might give them a chance once more...right after fapping on some other shit i found on the internet.

  5. Oh! is my favourite K-Pop song.
    SNSD is my favourite K-Pop group overall (eventhough this year was clearly Crayon Pop's year).
    Taeyeon is my waifu to end all waifus.

  6. dear akf

    will you bring back something akin to shibi's stuck in my head? especially now that saturday shitfest is gone, i really miss reading all the random tl;dr opinions of the readers (and i especially miss the song recommendations :c)

    1. I plan to start a new weekly column in 2014, but I'm still trying to decide what it will be.

      I stopped doing Saturday Shitfest because it never stopped people from posting irrelevant things in other articles, so since it wasn't fulfilling its original purpose, I gave up on it.

  7. I think hyoyeon got hot after the boys. She probably looked the best in every video after that. before not so much.. lool

    1. Yeah
      Like I know AFK and others put her down a lot
      But goddamn she has been looking amazing in the last few MV's

    2. I think everyone's just stuck in 2009

    3. Certainly not her PS'd face. HEUA HEUA HEUA

    4. As a big fan of HyoYeon, even I know that even if she got better looking she's still pretty hit or miss. Good thing 2ne1 was so popular during 2009-11 because HyoYeon was able to tell her surgeon what NOT to do.

    5. i think she occasionally looks absolutely stunning, like in the maxstep video

    6. True she can be pretty hit or miss

      But then again that happens with every member
      For instance, I really didn't think Taeyeon looked as good as the others in "My Oh My" or "Galaxy Supernova"

  8. Paparazzi was a good surprise. Sooyoung really got the short end of that concept stick, though.

  9. Way too much praise for Seohyun and Tiffany.

  10. The only one member looking constantly gorgeous is yuri, the ugliest she had been still would never make you puke

    1. Yuri was borderline fat at one point. Taeyeon is probably the one who has always looked pretty.

    2. I really don't see people as fat unless it is painfully obvious (like the Re: no tits post from akf before that kpopalypse obviously liked) the fact that you said yuri is borderline fat at one time shocks me.

  11. OMG XD that pic of Jessica with the strap on was fucking hilarious! Anyway SNSD is still one of my faves. Just know that I will look at that drawing whenever I need to laugh my ass off.

  12. first time commenting, but this article made me laugh so hard. Especially the hyoyeon parts. I was crying laughing at that. I like then itnw and snsd, but after that everything became blah until great escape. I mean I still listened to they stuff, but not as much as itnw and great escape.

  13. first time commenting, but this article made me laugh so hard. Especially the hyoyeon parts. I was crying laughing at that. I like then itnw and snsd, but after that everything became blah until great escape. I mean I still listened to they stuff, but not as much as itnw and great escape.

  14. You forgot about dancing queen :(

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. it's really funny how you mentioned hyoyeon, but she still my favorite though. i'm a sone (but i still hold to reality) i kinda understand you now. yes, i admit that snsd has a lot of shitty song and their popularity is questioned. but once they release a hit song, it's really a HIT and make a huge hype (gee, genie, oh). seems like other groups release many golds with some shits. but snsd release many shits with some diamond (for me. not trying to be delulu). for several time i left them and stopped being a sone. but i don't know somehow, when there's any news about them i was curious. specially when they made a comeback. i was like "what now? another shitty song?" even when oh came out i was like "ugh, hate them". but my deal with them is not their music but "the members". every years i always give them a chance to show "something" coz i know they could be more than that. SM just wasting them by giving "cutsy-oppa sarange-dugun2" song.

  17. I did the mistake of putting Hyoyeon on 1080 HD, My eyes!

  18. I'd love to hear a little more about why you don't like Love and Girls.

  19. They were my first idolgroup, and kpop act, and I can honestly say I'm kind of a SONE but more in the I listen to their shit and don't really follow their every whim but download a few pictures occasionally and buy a couple albums as supposed to the borderline obsessive fanturd who buys every piece of shit released by SNSD and collects all their posters and merch and blah blah balhhh.

    Long story short I'm a listener to their music, even if IGAB was a hot mess that kind of sucked whale dick.
    Of course, I still dislike Sooyoung's legs, because they're the exact fucking legs I want but can never obtain because I'm a fat, short white girl.

  20. I find it hilarious that joke about Hyoyeon transforming from an orc (I LOVE Hyoyeon) because I also joke about Kris of exo transforming to a human from an Angry Bird. (Kris is my second favorite member in the group)

  21. As a Sunny stan, my favorite era for Sunny was IGAB. I thought she looked really cute, eclectic and candy-colored.


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