Wednesday, December 4, 2013

AKF is just like allkpop!

Lolololololol, it'll take a little bit to go through everything that is wrong about WhyWhyLove's statements, so go grab some popcorn or whatever you like to eat.

I'm going to break this down point by point just so that everything is much easier to follow.

  • Drooling and praising female idols that over sexualize themselves.

Hahahahahaha. I don't think you ever read the first article on AKF. Or anything else from April 2011. We wrote this shit. We were like this from the start.

  • We hate on the more successful groups.

Because they release shitty songs and get away with it. The end.

  • We supposedly bash EXO because everyone likes them.

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh, no. When I wrote my review for EXO's Wolf, I did so because it is such a terrible song and concept. Regardless of who sang the song, they were going to be made fun of because of the song. The song is really, really bad. I thought drugs were illegal in Korea, but maybe Daniel slipped the producers some weed before he got caught. I can't think of any other explanation as to how that fucking song was made.

If this person is referring to EXOtics, of course we're going to make fun of them. This is Anti Kpop-Fangirl and EXOtics are the most batshit insane fandom around right now. This isn't the We'll Sympathize With The Fucked Up Tendencies Of Teenage Girls blog. Part of the reason this blog exists is to laugh at the idiocy of delusional fangirls. That's been the M.O. of this blog from the beginning.

  • Everyone is hating T-ara, so we'll praise them.

Uhhhhhhhhh, still, no. Go to the archive of April 2011. It is apparent that I was a fan of T-ara since the beginning. Back during the anonymous era of AKF, where it seemed like it was impossible for me to even like a song without the anons bitching about me being biased, I reviewed T-ara's Roly Poly MV and look at the label: "Even if I'm the only one who likes it fuck you all".

The irrational hate T-ara gets just gives me another reason to like T-ara because I know it pisses people off that I like them. They were my favorite idol group before the scandal, and they're still my favorite after the scandal.

  • I don't hate Kpop. But I will make racist, derogatory comments and then tell people 'it's just sarcasm'.

There's so much wrong in this one sentence alone. It's obvious that I don't hate Kpop, or else this blog would have never lasted two years and eight months. Sure, if I hated Kpop, I could probably keep this blog open for a month or two, but I would have gotten tired of it so quickly. 

I don't ever recall saying my comments are sarcasm. I'm just saying what I think, and honest opinions piss fangirls off. Sure, exaggerating shit that I don't mean just to make some jokes that I find hilarious is fun, but I've never said it was sarcasm. It's purely poking fun of a "perfect" idol for jokes. Sure, people may label me as a racist all they want, but I'm not making this a politically correct blog so that no one ever gets hurt. There are politically correct Kpop blogs all over the Internet. Go there if you feel like you're morally superior.

  • This blog didn't used to be like this.

What? Did you ever read the very early articles? This is the second article I have ever written on here was about Chi-Chi. I called two of the members fucking trannies. That was just the start. In the very next article I wrote, I made fun of Jaejoong for being gay. So, yeah, the blog is the same now as it was the first day I started it.

  • It used to be about honest music reviews.

Yo dawg, I still have honest reviews

  • An honest reply to idol conduct.

Well, here you go

  • It spoke for the people who were tired of the spazzing of random fangirls on other forums.

No, we never did. That was never what this blog was about. This blog is for people to enjoy Kpop how they want to. We tell delusional fangirls to fuck off as they try to act as if they're better than everyone else because they are "true" fans and the rest of us aren't. That delusion from Kpop fangirls is why this blog was started. This place is a haven for any fan to enjoy Kpop to their heart's desire.

  • You said you'll never sell out to be like allkpop, but you're just like them.

Lol, no. I have given thorough proof that AKF in April 2011 and AKF in April 2013 are 95% the same. The only differences are that I am nicer now compared to 2011, the staff has changed, the anons are gone, and that we actually spend more than 30 seconds writing an article now.

Earlier this year, I had proposed to move AKF to a host, but in order to make all of those changes, I would have had to spend a lot of money for domains (so that people wouldn't try to make fake AKFs), a good server (it was impossible to host AKF on a free, private server because it is too big), ample security (AKF on Blogger is safe because this is Google's domain) to protect the site, paying the people for their labor, etc. In order to pay for all of that and to recuperate my investment, I would have needed to plaster ads on the new site. Fuck that. I hate ads. The video ads are notorious for malware. It would have made the user experience much worse with all of those ads. So, in order to generate ad revenue, I would have had to have "sold out" to get more readers. I just didn't see that it was worth it.

But yeah, I had fun pointing out every flaw in your argument.

Special thanks to for sending me this since I never visit the AKF chat anymore.


  1. I'm looking at the very first posts. LOL. you didn't even write more than 2 lines and didn't bother to put a picture.

  2. Replies
    1. older/saner fans don't really give a shit, but exo is r i d i c u l o u s l y popular; more than one korean teenager that i know and the walls of just about every restaurant where you can write on the walls in SE asia can attest to this

    2. What I find idiotic is that when EXO was releasing original and different music back in 2012 nobisy gave a rat's ass about them but as soon as they release ultra generic songs like Wolf and that god-awful Growl they instantly became popular. That being said, EXO is fantastic as they are great at pissing off netizens.

  3. Don't forget hating on JPOP. The only way to listen to jpop is to dress it heavy with kpop style music

  4. I've lurked around here since like... June 2011? Around when Chocolat debuted oh god. I really don't know how this person thinks the site has changed so much. It hasn't, not at all. Same good ol' AKF. Actually could argue you've since added some very good staff members who provide almost more insight/honest reviews/idol conduct responses than prior. Also that AKP comparison is really harsh. Before Johnny sold out he was a dick, he got nicer after people paid attention so I dont even understand their point? Dumb.


    Technically we got nicer, so in that regard we did sell out. l0l WE PULLED AN ALLKPOP, FUCK

  6. if anything this site has gotten better with time

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  9. one this I noticed is that thing types fast, probably took a deep breath before starting the onslaught o_o

    maybe exotic got hurt from project luhan :))

  10. If people don't like AKF can't they just make their own blog and do Kpop their way instead of, you know doing stuff like that?

    1. they have fanfic sites for the thing they want

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  12. What does "oversexualise" mean. I am not convinced such a thing exists.

  13. "Drooling and praising female idols that over sexualize themselves."


    but idk why is "drooling" over idols (or over people in general) so wrong, I mean at least that means you are sexually active. Plus it's not that literal creepy pedo drooling.

  14. To Akf: u mean u never visit the AKP chats anymore right? not the AKF your own

    1. No, I meant what I wrote. AKP never had a chatroom.

  15. In that case, I'm waiting for AKF to leak Han Ye Seul's nude photos.

  16. I've been a fan of AKF since early December 2011 and not once have I ever felt like I should stop following. Sure, I do get slightly offended sometimes and the FAP articles make me feel uncomfortable, but screw all that. You guys have good content and that's all that matters (coughsKpopalypseplsdon'teverquit).

  17. damn. you must have been pretty butt-hurt that you would post this on your blog. a practical response would've been right after that person sent that heartfelt BS. but, i guess you didn't have a chance because that kid left as soon as he/she wrote that garbage. but now you're putting someone on blast (who prolly doesn't care, as should you) for something he/she won't probably ever read.

    i come to this blog every now and then, because i'll admit it's fun looking at scandalous pictures and your mindless and provocative rants about nothing. however; it's understandable that someone would feel that way about your views and opinions, because the way you express yourself is offensive but ultimately ridiculous.
    so i guess the kid above who analyzed your site and your "history" is pretty preposterous as well.

    anyways, your site... I GET IT. or at least i think I GET IT. but at the end of the day. your opinions are subjective. i don't think you understand THAT part.
    your taste in girls. your views on music. your love for t-ara. it's all subjective. the only thing NOTsubjective is probably your obsession with penis jokes.
    but you write in a pretty aggressive or passive aggressive tone in which you sound like your opinion is the ONLY correct one. but that's the purpose of the blog. right? expression of opinion.
    just don't expect butt-hurt fans and kids like that putting you on blast for what you are. you know? because you may have your rationale and philosphy about the website, but at the end of the day... it's an offensive blog about a korean american who rants about korean pop/celebrity culture. whether you admit that you want an ANGRY reaction from kpopfans... that's exactly what you're doing. while being superficial level one million and objectifying women... but like i said, I GET IT. i ain't taking what you say seriously... but that's what you are. and those reactions and comments should be expected. i don't know what you're so butthurt that you felt impelled to put someone on blast by retorting everyone of that kid's statements like it matters. then claim you haven't changed.... that person just just butt-hurt as you are. (sorry for all the butt-hurts)

    your shit is fun to read when not taken seriously. but not too many heads are capable of doing that. especially when you write in the way you do about the things you do. even I feel that you have anti sentimental views against korea, korean society, and the korean music industry.

    damn. now I RANT. basically. i just wanted to say is, this rebuttal you put up... is pathetic. just ignore and move on, you should know what kind of haters you attract based on the BS you write and express. it's ironic how you're butt-hurt over a butt-hurt person about the shit you wrote on your site.

    that's just me being real. i understand you're doing you. and it's cool that you do that. i'm not saying i'm against you. i'll probably come by every now and then and see what other ridiculous ass narrow minded bullshit you put up. because it's so bizarre but... it's also honestly entertaining to read. so yes, i agree that you haven't changed in that aspect. you're still a piece of shit, just like the day you started this piece of shit website. but...

    1. damnit. i just proofreaded this and i see a mistake.

      **just don't expect butt-hurt fans and kids like that [to just sit quietly and NOT put] you on blast for what you are.

    2. I'm not butt hurt, I just found this hilarious and had to refute it because delusional, misconstrued opinions are still being circulating about this site because people don't know how to read.

  18. I've been a fan of this blog since I was like 15 lol
    Even if I defs don't agree with everything you all say or your opinions on certain idol's looks.........

    i didn't start commenting on any articles till MAYBE? a year ago because I felt like a baby compared to everyone here. I didn't think people would be so welcoming to a dumb kid (well, now almost adult), like me.

    1. also i don't think these people realize that the whole point of girls in kpop is for them to be OBJECTIFIED. Why do you think their looks and costumes, the visuals, comes before their actual vocals? Because they're meant to be objectified.

      they're manufactured idols lol what do you expect? they're not independent artists, they don't control what they do. that's the company and the manager's jobs.

      the same thing goes on in japan with groups like akb and musume. They're pandering to the hand happy wota fanboys.

      as for the guys/guygroups, they pander to the girls by wearing no shirts and trying to look all sexy so they're technically being objectified too.

      the music industry is full of objectification and oversexualization. get used to it.


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