Sunday, July 6, 2014

Kara "Calmly Accepts" Youngji

I am 100% positive that Gyuri, Seungyeon and Hara "calmly accepted" Youngji.

Youngji is now the maknae and is attractive. Youngji has two of the qualities men look for women: being young and being hot. If Youngji can cook and clean, she could be perfect waifu material.

Being half-Korean, I get to use my retarded Korean netizen logic skills and assume that every new member added to a group gets hazed. Since I am an all-knowing kimchi-fuck, Kara hazes new members with their sex fu abilities. If you remember Ahjussi's Kara's Speed Up review, he deduced that the Kara members were aliens that were strong practitioners of sex fu. Youngji has a lot to learn in a short amount of time, so all three members have to teach her sex fu at once.

Gyuri, Seungyeon and Hara all don strap-on dildos and get ready to fuck Youngji. Seungyeon lies upon her back while Gyuri and Hara placed Youngji on top of Seungyeon. Seungyeon proceeds to shove the dildo up Youngji's ass. This is to represent the how much DSP will fuck the group up the ass. Youngji needs to learn that DSP loves to dominate the group, and this is the best way to learn it. Next, Hara gets on top of Youngji and shoves the dildo in Youngji's pussy. This signifies that while you have to take it up the ass from time to time to advance your career, this occupation can still be enjoyable. Next, boss bitch Gyuri shoves the dildo in Youngji's mouth. This is to teach Youngji that she has to look out for the interests of others before herself. She has to satisfy the fans before she can have any self-gratification through being an idol.

And that is how Kara "calmly accepted" Youngji.

Too bad I wasn't there to record it on video.


  1. How poetic !

    She's pretty, but I'm not sure if Kara is going to have a big comeback again that actually really works out.

    1. Agreed. I think regardless of the new member, kara will never get back to where they were back in the "2-O-1-O" when they were "bringing new love to da flow".

  2. If DSP plays their cards right and doesn't screw up her styling when KARA makes their Japan comeback, YoungJi may well steal her sunbaes' thunder. After all, she was the only Baby Kara member to get a perfect global vote score largely due to her crazy popularity in Japan. Just look at the audience voting when Baby Kara performed live in Japan's Tama Plaza during their 4th week challenge :

  3. Maybe if Kara keeps adding more and more members I won't have to look at Seungyeon's face.

  4. Replies
    1. You know how people add "-fuck" to a known to describe someone? "You dumb fuck." "You stupid fuck." etc.

  5. Well, at last, she is pretty, I can fap to her


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