Friday, January 30, 2015

Iljins' Delivery of Gifts Approved by the Fapgods (IDGAF) #2

We have ourselves our first offering (submission) for this series, delivered unto to us by the fapgods' messenger, jaejin fag.

Short and sweet. But, wait, there's more!

One of the greatest wasted fap opportunities in kpop is when hot girls feature in MVs, but ugly dudes are dominating most of the screen time. Yahage is a very good example of this, with New Champ and his dumbass face making you lose any momentum you might have gained from fapping to Lime, Kaeun and Uji (from Hello Venus, After School and BESTie, respectively). It's almost enough to make you cry while shoving ice cream into your mouth, just like he does at 3:11. No wonder he has such terrible teeth. But if that's your thing, then here's the full MV.

'Quit Playing', on the other hand, actually has a pretty sexy original MV, seemingly geared towards women than men. The guys are much better looking than New Champ, but for those who would prefer the guys to be edited out, that's what the MRS version is for.

Talking of which, 'meets required standards' used in a kpop context is clearly Kpopalypse lexicon. Is Az5he6ch a cao ni ma? It would seem that the master has taught him/her well, for (s)he has granted us a fapgift most sublime.

If you have any good kpop related fap material, which is unlikely to have been seen by most k-fappers, around here, send them my way via twitter, or email See my for a full list of criteria for IDGAF submissions. May the fapgods watch over you! (not in a creepy way, just to make sure you're using proper technique)


  1. Interesting idea, in effect fancamming a music video.

  2. That music video was made by one of my followers in response to a comment of mine that UKISS's "Quit Playing" MV would meet required standards if the guys in the video weren't getting in the way.

  3. It's not jaejin fag anymore. Recent events involving accusing ones boss of sexual harrasment then proceeding to send him nudes in addition to being a massive slut in general have forced me to change my name

    1. Stop changing girls, you'll get STD.

    2. I don't know what you are talking about or who even jaejin was, but Clara's boobs are always welcome.


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