Thursday, January 8, 2015

Stupid Things Fangirls Utter 70

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*Note: considering how long this post is, if you are too lazy to read the whole thing (and I honestly do not blame you), I have taken the liberty of highlighting the "important" parts.


Okay. I’m sick and tired of multifandom stans. I can’t take it anymore. I’m a loyal angel (for teen top) and people in the fandom think it’s okay to stan another group whilst teen top are on hiatus - it’s not cool for me? I think it’s okay to listen to other groups (say you stan EXO, but it’ll be okay with me if you listened to a wide range of other groups but you didn’t stan them, just EXO? You feel meh?) because that means you’re a kpop fan in general and just stanning and only listening to one group is almost impossible and that wouldn’t make you a kpop fan - just a fan of the group. 

Would your favourite group like it if you love other groups as much as them? NO. Chances are you are a international fan reading this (I am too) - Most international fans think it’s okay to go and stan like 3+ groups well that is definitely not the case when it comes to korean fans - they only stick to one group and stay loyal to that one group for a VERY long period of time. No wonder korean fans hate International fans so much - Most of you just stan a lot different groups and are not ‘truly’ supporting and loving them like buying ALL of a groups albums (which groups obviously want you to do)  so don’t you dare start saying korean fans are rude to international fans because they have a good damn reason why to be rude (because they have this distorted image of international fans).

The thing that pisses me off the most - ‘We just love a lot of groups because we have a big heart’ - AW HELL TO THE NO GURL. HELL NO. That’s not the case in the real kpop world and what your oppars really want you to do. 

It’s so much easier if you are just a fan of one group. You will get to know them very well, feel like such a loyal fan, support them truly (save up to buy their albums). Yes I’m aware there’s such thing as a ‘ultimate bias group’ but that’s still just covering up your cheap multifandom style. You can still love the other not-so-ultimate-bias-groups just as much? Also, why the hell do you guys say ‘oh I’m in this fandom’ when you are also clearly in another fandom? Stop wasting some more parts of your 24-hour day stanning other groups. You have a whole world out there for you - You might never even meet your bias so why waste time falling in love with more kpop idols, probably wasting some more of your money, and hurting yourself even more? No wonder you’re all depressed and skint motherfuckers.

People are starting to accept multifandom LIKE gay/bisexual/lesbian people - it wasn’t right at first but it slowly is, most people are accepting it but a minority of people (like me) are still confused why the hell it is being accepted because IT’S STILL WRONG. Also, people think it’s okay to stan another group (say for example, change their whole twitter account for stanning another group etc) and look like they’ve been a stan of that group for so long when they probably just know one song. 

In terms of twitter, I’ve seen so many people leave the fandom whilst teen top are on hiatus so to save themselves,  they would write ‘multifandom’ on their bio to make it okay when they only come back to the fandom when teen top come back. HELL NAWH. And nowadays, people think it’s totally okay to make different twitter account s for all the groups they stan (if you stan 3 or more and basically make 3 or more twitter accounts wth). I see these people as famewhores or loners so they can gain more friends from other fandoms and then tell them to go and follow their main-ish account. 

I call you multifandom if you are stanning more than 2 kpop groups. For example, one boy group and another boy groups is okay or one girl group and another boy group is okay etc etc. I am not the only person who thinks multifandom is wrong - most korean fans would agree with this too. 

I know I’m not the only one saying this but kpop really HAS changed - all girl groups becoming all sexy and boy groups doing sad songs or other stuffs. But everyone says that when it truly is the FANS changing too - everyone’s starting to accept that being unloyal to some groups is okay. But hey - I don’t blame anyone when it comes to more kpop fans becoming multifandom - there are more and more kpop groups coming out and kpop will definitely not stop debuting groups. BUT YOU CAN STILL CONTROL YOUR HEART

As far as being ‘twitter famous’ kpop ver. goes - i’ve noticed that it’s becoming a trend to have a lot of followers and follow only a small amount of people. For example, having 3000+ followers and following back like 200. WHAT THE FUDGE. Kpop fans who follow you on twitter or whatever other social networking website deserve to be followed back - oh I’m sorry that doesn’t apply to your ‘twitter famous’ rules. lmao.

To multifandom people: you just found a great excuse to dick-hop probably every single kpop idol out there. Also, a good excuse to stan every kpop group without supporting them. The term ‘support’ in kpop does mean to love them but it also means to buy their albums, vote for them etc. So stop acting fake. Yes you might not have the money but at least just like one group so you can save money to get their album/s only and not stress about others? Gurl, you ain’t rich, sit down.

To twitter famous: stop being so far up your own ass because we really don’t need ‘fans of fans’ in the kpop scene, just ‘fans of a kpop group’.

Thank you for your submission!


Truly the ultimate TL;DR. 

I just... I just didn't know where to start. There was so much going on in this post that I kind of just stopped thinking when I went through it - similar to how that author completely stopped thinking the moment he/she started typing.

The highlighted lines are incredible though. Really, it takes a special kind of stupid to write sentences as golden as those. I really enjoyed the part when he/she starts berating other fans for loving other groups because they will 'never get to meet them anyways, so why waste their time'. Wow, really? They are wasting their time? What do you think you are doing with this rant? What makes him/her think that they will meet their "ultimate bias" either that allows him/her to act all high and mighty?

The strangest analogy is when he/she equates accepting multifandism to being homosexual. LOLWUT? "Accepting" this is "wrong"? How closed-minded are you…?

Another pro-tip from this author is: if you are poor, do not bother caring for more than one idol because you need to save all your money to support them solely. What the actual fuck? So "poor people" cannot enjoy a wide plethora of music?

Lastly, it appears that international fans are ruining everything for fandoms apparently. So since I appreciate more than one artist, does that mean I can never date a Korean man who listens to Korean music? Well shit, better stay away from Korean boys, foreign ladies, or else be prepared for domestic abuse and apologizing profusely to your oppas.

Some choice comments left behind by fellow tumblr users:
     "Your stupidity makes me cry."
     "this is the dumbest shit i've read in a long time ... like seriously, what the fuck."
     "Can't believe that you took your time to write this. Luckily, I didn't take my time to read the majority of it."
     "this only increases my theory that kids shouldn't have access to internet."
     "LOL wow you are a straight up dumbass. It’s not even worth pointing out to you everything that’s wrong with what you’re..."

*LOLWUT on that last comment: "… everything that's wrong with what you're". How lazy do you have to be to not put "… what you are", which grammatically fits better than "you're" here. Well, at least it was the correct version. =/

I feel like the author of the post is him/herself a "depressed, skint motherfucker". "LEARN TO CONTROL YOUR HEART" AND "STOP BEING SO FAR UP YOUR OWN ASS"!  >=(


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  1. This is probably the most delusional person I've ever seen across on the internet. Like Jesus fucking Christ I think I lost at least 150 brain cells reading that. Like wow. Not even a troll would have the balls to do something this insane.

  2. What r u saying she obviously knows best and we must follow her example

  3. It'd be really funny if this person turned out some 50-something accountant living in Ohio and letting out their inner 11 year old at night.

  4. Boyband fan and tumblr shitter, can't get much worse than that.

  5. we should have a similar policy here, in an effort to end multifagdom

    you can only fag one idol. all of you who haven't picked one yet should be ashamed.

    1. I'm sorry, I will reflect and return with a more mature image as mina_fag.

  6. The comparison to homosexuality was disgusting.

  7. No better way to advance the noble cause of antifangirlism than by quoting what they write.

  8. I didn't think people used "oppar" unironically. lol

  9. The "twitter famous" part is bullshit also.

    I will follow back whoever the fuck I please.

    Why would I want a twitter feed full of 3000 people begging everyone for follow backs. I'd never see a tweet from anyone I genuinely followed ever again

  10. The only reason single fandom has any worth in Korea is the *coughCultcough* "benefits" that go with it. You actually see your faves at music shows, and some idols remember fans, then theres fansigns and all that crap too.

    Kfans are hell strict and you actually get booted from official fanclubs if you support other groups. Which is pretty fucking stupid but more fool them for falling into the blatantly obvious money trap.

    I mean it's pretty damn obvious the only reason single fandoms are enforced is so the money you would spread out as a casual fan of all groups is instead singularly spent buying 10 versions of the same album of one. More money going to that label. Though the way they have twisted the fans to be the ones who shame and guilt trip each other as discipline is oddly impressive in a psychotic manipulating 12 year old girls way (and theh wonder where sasaengs start)

    Internationally we dont get shit so what benefit is there in dedicating your time to 1 group when there is 0 reciprocation.

  11. Wow. That is one delusional fucker. This person wasn't trolling at all, they just got really pissed off about multifandom people and worked themselves up into a hysteria. I was actually too shocked by the stupidity to laugh.

  12. Brain cancer is spreading fast like wildfire.

  13. She used "stuffs"...

    Ok I'm done.

    1. Who the fuck does she think she is? The correct way to use it is "I don't have all these stuffz"


      This is what happens Larry

  14. Ages ago a ESL Korean fan in the Crayonpop IRC channel accuse people in the channel of being "Sundry fans". After ages of trying to get him to explain what it meant, and going in circles, we worked out that he was saying that we weren't just fans of Crayon Pop. That we LIKED OTHER THINGS!!

    So the word "Sundry" entered into the channel's vocabulary to mean people talking about/liking other things, rather than just the one group.

    --Andrew S.

  15. This might be a troll... but then again, a good troll is indistinguishable from a real fanatic.
    I like how Shinbi goes politically correct and calls her "he/she" :))

  16. S/he is against homosexuality but stan's Teen Top? lolokay

  17. This bitch. I'm an adult and can afford to support as many groups as I want and travel to their concerts. Sorry if you're a teenager and can't understand how somebody could possibly be able to enjoy LOTS of groups. We're not all poor little bitches living in our parents houses still. And even if people are, so what? None of your business.

  18. i'm not sure where did this person get an idea of one group/idol hates other group/idol. is this person think this is some kind of Death Battle tournament or something? Wow, this person must love fueling up the flame war...

  19. I see you have problems with fans staning many groups...Not cool


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