Monday, January 26, 2015

Yuan Ai Fei 2

How it going, UCAADs? I'm extremely busy this month and I haven't written a thing since I wrote about Shinbi joining the K-pop industry, so I decided that while I am busy, I can just focus on highlighting some hot Asian girls like I used to do...because let's face it, that's about 95% of the reason you visit my site.

I wanted to kick this off with doing another post on Yuan Ai Fei. I did a post about her last summer and decided that she needed another one.

From now on, I'll schedule posts such as this one to come out every Monday. It probably won't be until May when I can resume writing again. These articles are easy because I'm already looking at these videos while taking a break from studying and doing the other shit I have to do.


  1. You're such an evil, subversive little kimchi-faggot! Kapopalypse barely finishes his hard erection inducing list, and you come along and top it off with this chinese girl. Mean, really really mean!!!
    Damn, where am I gonna put these shortcuts?...

  2. She makes me want to touch myself.

    But she seriously need to shut up.

    1. yo for real why is she so annoying when I don't even know what she's saying? ili is so much more pleasant

  3. never knew you were into them lower-tier asians


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