Thursday, March 17, 2016

DHM - Beedong

Okay, the name just for this singer is confusing. It is DHM, short for Dou Hua Mei, but that's just her stage name. She's probably more known as her real name, Tsai (Cai) Huang Ru, but her English name is Mini Tsai. Confused yet? Well, I bet your penis/vagina isn't, because she's hot, so that's all that really matters.

The other day I was watching some Popu Lady MVs while taking a break from studying, and saw this video suggested. I looked at the thumbnail and was thinking "Did Mini Tsai star in a MV?" and so I clicked it and found out she was the singer of the song. I mainly know her from the currently-airing Taiwanese drama "Return to 1989" because I found one new waifu in Ivy Shao (Shao Yu Wei), but I may have found another waifu here. I haven't enjoyed a TW drama this much for its visuals alone since Deja Vu.

Anyway, I find the song addicting and the MV fun to watch. Did I mention that she's hot?


  1. Would dress up as a schoolgirl and then play her dirty teacher.

  2. The song is cute. She looks like a mixture of Victoria and Seungyeon.

    1. Really? To me she looks more like someone who should have my cock in their mouth mixed with someone who should have my cock in their ass


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