Sunday, March 6, 2016

Review: Jimin, featuring Xiumin "Call You Bae"

AOA's Jimin released her first "official" solo song this week. So how was it?

Not good, fam. Not good.

Remember Jimin's amazing "Puss" stage with Iron during last year's "Unpretty Rapstar"? Remember how badass she sounded and looked? Remember the excitement of that stage?

Now, forget all of that. Because this solo contains none of what made "Puss" great.

Jimin laughs at your naivety.

Jimin's solo featuring Xiumin is the biggest kpop trolling all year. At least if Xiumin was paired with Mamamoo's Moonbyul, we'd get to watch what it would look like for a person to be courting his- or herself. But no, instead, we get this terrible pairing.

A visual representation of how they got Jimin to agree to this terrible solo

The song isn't even that bad in a soulless kind of way. But I expected so much more from Jimmers. Give this song to someone else. Someone bland, like Yoona. This song would work super well for Yoona. And you'd get that great SM-on-SM action that's the stuff of fanfictions.

Instead, I get whitewashed, Disney-fied Jimin. And I hate that Jimin. I know that Jimin's image (like that of almost all kpop idols) is a superbly crafted piece of marketing. But I had accepted her image as one of cute, but with a strain of baddassedry (real word). Sexy in an "If only she would just shut up" way. Not bland, bubblegum crap along the lines of early Hello Venus or half of Rainbow's catalog. I wanted more Jimin, but not like this.

BOTTOM LINE: Jimin deserves a better song and MV. Give me more "Puss"!


  1. Her jacket has square holes.

    1. It's a little funky. And now we know why Jimin isn't allowed to have scissors.

  2. What were they even thinking..

  3. Shut the fuck up or else you better watch out since the mothafucking top madam is coming to getchu!!!!!



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