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A Guide To The Jimins Of Korean Entertainment (For Those Of You Who Are Confused)

So during my last article some of you had this reaction:

Rather that was to the content itself is known but quite a few of you were expecting a completely different Jimin, and didn't even know who that was so I've made this blog post so that whenever someone mentions "Jimin" you can be sure as to who they're talking about to ease some of the confusion off.

Of course for those of you who are not confused and are familiar with the Jimin's of Korean Entertainment then you can feel free to skip this post or continue on for eye-candy.

HAN JI-MIN (Actress)

The above is a picture of actress Han Ji-Min. She was born November 5, 1982 (33 years old.) She has starred in dramas such as "Rooftop Prince" and most recently "Hyde, Jekyll, Me." A way you can know an article or such is about her, is the way she spells her name as I typically see it spelled with a hyphen between the Ji and Min (Ji-min.) She's also the oldest out of the people mentioned on this list but that's not a negative. She has that very "classic-pretty Korean actress look" which should make her easier to spot when mentioned around idols.

Honestly all of her pictorials are breathtaking. [Editor's Note: She also shits on everyone else in this list.]

Watch "Rooftop Prince" here


This is Oh Ji-min, but she goes by the stage name J-Min and is a soloist under SM Entertainment. She is occasionally let out of the dungeon but she appears to be active in Japan, having two Japanese studio albums and only one Korean EP. She was born May 27, 1988 (27 years old.) She sings some OSTs here and there and has starred in a handful of dramas. There's not that much more info on her though, so I'll just leave you with her song "Shine" from her first Korean EP which I really liked back in 2014:


This the Jimin most of you will be familiar with. Shin Jimin (most people refer to her as Jimin or The Motherfucking Top Madame or The Leader of The Pretty Girls) was born on January 8, 1991 (25 years old.) And is most known for her role as the leader and main rapper of AOA. The groups discography is pretty solid with hits such as "Miniskirt", "Like a Cat", and "Heart Attack." She is also the leader of the AOA sub-unit AOA Black who have "Moya" under their belt. Jimin herself has participated in such solo activities such as Unpretty Rapstar where her solo single "Puss" was well received. Ways to distinguish her is obviously her squeaky voice which is something to look forward to in an AOA song, as well as her looking like the hot Asian female version of Samuel L. Jackson to a lesser degree.


This is is J.Min from Tiny-G. She was born Sin Min Jeong however her name stage name is enough for her to get on this list because she's bound to be confused for someone with the name. J.Min was born November 20, 1994 (21 years old.)She's the leader of Tiny-G and unfortunately that's about all that can be found about her seeing as Tiny-G are still nugus. She's the shortest person on this list, being 155cm, so picture her being around Boram's height. She seems to rock sexy cat-eyes, and well anything involving cats.




Gifs are from Tiny-G World via Tumblr.

Here's Tiny-G's best song, "Miss You." One of the best from 2013. Here's to hoping they have a comeback like this soon.


This is Park Jimin, the second or third Jimin most of you are probably familiar with. Born on October 13, 1995 (20 years old) and most commonly called Jimin, Chimchim or The Jamless One (don't ask, it's old) is most known for being the lead vocalist in Bangtan Boys (BTS for short.) The group has a solid discography with hits such as "War of Hormone", "I Need U", and "Run" (stan "No More Dream" please. I'm begging you.) Jimin has been on "A Song For You", and has done some covers of songs on BTS's YouTube channel. An obvious distinguishable feature is that he's obviously male but this is k-pop as well as 2016 so that means nothing but he arguably has the biggest ass and thighs of all people on this list as well as a long face that is chubby and elongated eyes.

Here's a pic of his ass. Shout out to Tzuyu is separatist scum.


  Park Jimin (15&)


Here is the female Park Jimin. She is most known as a singer in the duo 15& and a host on After School Club. Jimin was born on July 5, 1997 (18 years old). Jimin is known for her body being more chubby than the average idol but that has gained her more fans if anything, is also a good variety personality and a fluent English speaker. Before 15& she was known as a winner of K-pop star. Ways of pointing her out is well her body, which as stated above is meatier, if BTS Jimin has the biggest ass on this list then she hands down has the biggest boobs. She also typically has long hair and bangs and it's rare she doesn't sport that style. Also has one of the best voices in K-pop.

Here's her solo from last year:

This just about wraps everything up. Hope this helped you in one way or another.


  1. Jimin's ass looks so fat and rounded in those red pants, which is why War on Hormones is BTS's best music video. I hope that Jimin will leave BTS and pursue a solo career in fisting porn

    1. War of Hormone was an amazing era indeed. Those suspenders were a great outfit.

  2. The aoa one seems to be the only relevant one.

  3. I'll summarize with nicknames (minus J.Min and J-Min they stay irrelevant)
    Han Jimin = Ji Min, the one who acts
    Shin Jimin = Jiminiel, the one who raps
    Park Jimin = Chimchim, the one who dances
    Jimin Park = Jamie, the one who sings

    But you know "Jamie" raps too and apparently dances well too. Also English, humor and chest >>>>>> so she's the only one relevant on my list.

  4. Tiny-G's J-min kinda looks like Eunjung to me, and isn't AOA Jimin just as short as her (J-Min)?

    1. AOA Jimin's profile height is 160cm which probably means she's around 158cm if we were to speculate. Minah's still shorter than her though so ain't no telling!

  5. I didn't realize I liked so many Jimin-type people. 4/6 passed my approval test.

  6. "he arguably has the biggest ass and thighs of all people on this list" = hell yeah.

  7. I call AOA's Jimin "Jimmy" and BTS's Jimin "Jimbles". Han Ji-min is Han Ji-min, and likewise I use 15& Park Jimin's full name.

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