Thursday, March 3, 2016

[MV Review] B.A.P - "Feel So Good"

F.A.P is back with a new song that solidifies their return.

When I heard news of B.A.P returning to TS Entertainment I was scared TS would take out their anger on B.A.P's song quality, however that proved to not have any strain since "Young, Wild, and Free" was decent but it just felt like another lesser rehash of all their other  tough nu-metal songs that were better. Then news of them going to a cute concept sparked up and I thought "This is it, TS is going to fuck B.A.P up this time!" I don't have a problem with B.A.P's cute concepts (I actually really like "Stop It) it's just their musically better when they're more aggressive.

But not this time.

This is probably the first time B.A.P cutesy concept was musically better than the tough concept-song that came before. "Feel So Good" starts of cheesy but then once that funky bass guitar kicks in I knew this would be a song I liked. I find that when most groups (male or female) go for the funky sound it's usually dull and has too much R&B influence over it to make it standout. Sometimes the R&B influence can be good (i.e. Zico's "I Am You, You Are Me)  and other times it just isn't. It's also a genre that gets so used and abused in K-pop that unless the song has something to make it standout it literally blends in with the other dozens of songs that sound like it.

However "Feel So Good" has a whole lot more energy with the melody carried by the funky guitar being upbeat and the bass that kicks in over Bang Yongguk and Zelo's rapping gives it a hip-hop flare without being too jarring for the overall vibe of the song. The song oddly has strong verses and a strong and catchy chorus. The part that bridges the chorus with the verses is done very well as it goes in and out two different grooves but that ultimately builds up to the actual chorus perfectly.

Youngjae is ruining my bias list.

The music video is the only thing that I'm not overly impressed with. I like that it's colorful and "feel good", and it matches the feeling of the song well. The sets most definitely kept my attention for the better (that shopping cart scene though). The only thing that comes short some of the styling choices. I don't find anyone in B.A.P unattractive but it's clear there were rather questionable choices made. For instance, black haired Zelo will forever be the most attractive form of Zelo to me. However this sandy-brown hair is nice too yet the rainbow colors looked like someone took a paintbrush, dipped it in regular acrilic paint and swiped it across his head. Youngjae, Yongguk and Daehyun look fantastic however the stylist really didn't do well with Himchan or Jongup. Himchan is sporting a grandpa hairstyle and it makes him look like a 50 year old ajussi (and not in a hot way), however the weird thing is, it looks fine outside the music video. I have no idea what the MV stylist was thinking. Jongup's hair cut is way too short and k-pop needs to stop with these weird-ass contacts.

He looks good here though.

 Apparently people have been calling Himchan fat(?) I honestly don't see it but then again whenever people accuse an idol (male or female) of becoming a beach wale all I see is more thigh meat which is always A-Okay with me.

"Gosh, look at that OBESE MONSTER! Himchan oppa plz think of the children!"

The rest of the music video is pretty much run of the mill cutesy stuff. The choreography is pretty fun however I found the crotch thrusts kind off awkward looking and out of place, it's the equivalent to A Pink twerking and pussy-popping in the middle of a music video. My only complaint is that, I feel this would be more suited for a May release or whenever amusement park season is, but then again it seems to be doing well with the public so eh, what do I know?

Overall on your next trip to Six Flags (or any place similar) feel free to bump this to your own pleasure because it will certainly put you in a fun mood. I honestly feel like this is one of the best efforts from a boy group song wise of the year yet.


  1. I like Himchan's thighs. He was off my bias list but is back on now.

    1. I hope he doesn't pull a Yuri and loses them. They're great.

  2. Those awful braids on Youngup in the first couple of lives hurt my soul.

  3. I agree with you about the styling. I even found Jongup's hair questionable, and he's my #1 bias. Still... that gif is seriously captivating.


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