Sunday, March 13, 2016

Sunday Shitpost #14

After last week's special Sunday Shitpost, it's time to get back onto the regular schedule.

News Story #1: Twice and GFriend collaborate to perform SNSD's "Gee"

This may surprise some of you newer/younger Kpop fans, but once upon a time, SNSD used to be really good and release songs that people really liked. Then the group amassed such a huge fandom that SNSD could afford to release anything, even if it was utter shit, and still top the charts.

I liked the performance, mainly for nostalgia reasons. I remember my SONE days. I got into SNSD right at the tail end of their "Gee" promotions and bought their "Gee" and "Genie" mini albums, watched all of their variety show appearances, etc. etc. Good times, but it's a shame the group releases shit now. Even their Japanese releases aren't as good anymore.

To give you perspective on how old the song is, Tzuyu was 9 years old when it came out.

News Story #2: Hyosung's Tits featuring Hyosung to come back with a solo song

I really liked "Goodnight Kiss", and I always welcome more of Hyosung ('s tits). Since Secret is effectively disbanded (though not officially), all we really have are Hyosung and Jieun solos to look forward to these days.

News Story #3: Hyeri released from the hospital

Hyeri spent four days in the hospital getting treated for meningitis. I had to look up what the disease really is because it's one of those things that is "Oh, I've heard of it but have never known anyone who actually had it" kind of diseases. It sounds pretty bad from what I've read, but since this is Kpop, Hyeri will be back doing her scheduled activities tomorrow despite what the official press releases from her agency say.

News Story #4: Mamamoo continues their winning streak

I haven't even listened to Mamamoo's seventeen tracks they have released in the past few weeks, but it's nice to see another newer group get some wins. Next up, Twice will break SNSD's record for consecutive Music Bank wins (that record will never get broken).

News Story #5: Eunji to make solo debut

Eunji is my favorite member from A Pink, but I just hope her solo songs have appeal to people who aren't vocalfags. Then again, I really don't care, as I mainly like her because of "Reply 1997" rather than her being a member of A Pink.

News Story #6: Jei and Cao Lu debate over who is the most fappable member

It's Cao Lu.

Come @ me, Zaku.


  1. Too bad the Gee cover wasn't just Twice.

    1. without yuju it would've been pretty weak tho

    2. I have no clue who that is.

    3. It's not like Jihyo can't do the same high notes, stop pretending that this average performance would have been a complete flop without Yuju.

  2. "once upon a time, SNSD used to be really good and release songs that people really liked." The truth.

    My last squad leader has meningitis he still gets seizures hopefully the VA doesn't fuck him over (Probably will).

  3. Maybe snsd will disband this year. Tzuyu has a great figure. I wish the gym did that to me.

    Jei is way hotter.

  4. Good thing the Gee cover wasn't just Twice.

    Also: Woohoo, Mamamoo!

  5. "It's Cao Lu"

    'Nuff said.
    I mean, Jei is great bit Cao Lu is the perfect '10'.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Can't believe they didn't use this opportunity to give Jessica's part to SinB. And sorry, but I'm #TeamJei.

  8. There's apparently a controversy over that Gee performance because Tzuyu's shirt says "Hoes take off your clothes".

    I'm sure a lot would be willing to for Tzuyu.


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