Sunday, March 6, 2016

Joanne Tseng and Lene Lai of "Refresh Man"

Today, a new Taiwanese drama titled "Refresh Man" starts airing today. Since I don't know who the two leading ladies are, I did my research. This is the kind of research I do for my real job, except I'm reading financial statements instead of looking at tits. But hey, I tried to make the analogy work.

The chick from the first two videos is Lene Lai (Lai Lin En).

The chick from the last two videos is Joanne Tseng (Ceng Zhi Qiao).

Based on my research, these two are hot.


  1. That's either a really nice pushup in the last video or... damn.

  2. Are these Taiwenese chicks really that hot or am I just tired of the Korean ones already?

    1. You just need to mix it up. That's why I have Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Taiwanese waifus.

    2. I spend more time on those with bigger oppai.

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