Saturday, November 26, 2011

Bang Yong Gook + Zelo = I'm only watching the MV for Hyosung

So I'm reading this article from Koreaboo. The third member of TS Entertainment's boy group has been revealed. TS Ent. is milking the living shit out of this boy group. They just need to debut already. Ever since Bang Yong Gook debuted in the mainstream market back in March (yeah, he was a terrible underground MC beforehand), TS Entertainment has not shut up about the idol group he's gonna debut in.

Zelo, the third member of the group, "is said to possess a low voice as well as great rapping skills." lolwut. Having a low voice doesn't make someone a good rapper. If that were the case, Bang Yong Gook wouldn't be in this idol group.

I'm already tired of writing about this guy and this idol group set to debut in 2015, so here's the MV teaser.


  1. That is a lot of boob action...

    She needs to recover stat! Kpop needs her voluptuous curves~

  2. Hyosung is way too fat.

  3. set to debut in 2015?

    also, boooooobs

  4. They've been teasing this group for 8 months already. By the time BYG has a subgroup with every member, it may be 2015 by then lol.

  5. it's been almost a year really. yongguk and himchan were in the background of the Shy Boy mv

    if they had the members this long, why didn't they just debut already? maybe they were waiting for Zelos to not be 12 anymore. he was born in 96 smh

  6. hyosung .gif is just amazing!

    UNF UnF UNF!

  7. that gif scares the shit outta me..../runaway

  8. MV did not have enough Hyosung in it.

    Song was meh. They lied about the child having a deep voice. He's in the fucking tenth grade. dnw.


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