Sunday, November 13, 2011

A day in the kpop life of davidfresh

Wake up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy. Turn on my computer, glance lovingly at my wallpaper. Attempt to refrain from getting an erection. Succeed. Kinda.

They see Suckmydee trollin', they hatin'.

Open Chrome, find a terrible picture of G.NA. Chuckle humorlessly, futilely attempt to hold back puke, puke. I try to stay away from G.NA like Suzy stays away from aids (it would discourage..... "gentlemen" from buying her.... "services"), but in the end, I always succumb and come back for more.

Google search "Suzy sex tape". No results today either. Maybe what I need is a new search engine. Use a fancam from Youtube as a substitute, this'll have to do. Fap. Feel disgusted afterwards. Cycle of life and whatnot, moving on.

Browse Allkpop. I've missed 6 pages, yet I really haven't missed anything at all. Read comments (I like to know the general consensus of things); typical bullshit about Allkpop being biased and mistranslations. What these naggers really need to complain about is how fucking slow the site is. Truly unbelievable, almost as bad as ours.

Play devil's advocate. Why is Facebook Official considered so shitty? Maybe some fangirls can't comprehend the brilliance of the parody, or that it is a parody at all. However, it's fucking ridiculous that they condemn H2H, and not their idols. The only reason they don't think the same about their precious oppars is the language barrier; their songs are just as shitty, and nowhere as catchy. Yes, I think it is catchy. DANCE BREAK!

Start writing an article for AKF, get bored. Come to the realization that I still haven't watched the new IY2 episode. Think to self, "Fuck finishing thi


  1. *insert joke about IU saying your penis is only that big*

  2. You mean sex tape
    isn't your home page?

  3. I also don't understand fangirls' inability to realize Facebook Official as such! I fucking love that song. It's pretty fucking entertaining. Wish people knew how to take a joke.

  4. i refuse to read anything but the top articles on allkpop because it's so goddamn slow

    also lmao @ G.NA on this list:

  5. @akfg

    Honestly I'd RAW DOG G.NA anyday anytime. I know this is unpopular but I want her on my bed oiled up and ready.

    Those bewbs are a miraculous thing and I thank the good lord for them.

    Also IU is a whore

  6. @9:42 lol that list is so off.

    on a completely unrelated note, i just realized that there will be a music video for the japanese version of mach. about fucking time rainbow!

  7. GNA is a goddess. The things I would do to her

  8. You shot my battleship.

  9. im surprised no one has done an article on the first revealed member of ygs snsd


  11. I never knew being a 16 year old Asian boy was so sad. Oh wait, actually I do.

    Sorry son.

  12. i love facebook official as well!
    i tried to make those 12yo. haters understand that its a parody. didnt work. how did i even get to think it COULD work?!!? i dont know anymore...

  13. @davidfresh

    just realized you liked Facebook Official

    I did too LOL.

  14. allkpop is only slow on ie and really fast on chrome.. otherwise you need to stop watching so much porn and get your computer cleaned out :D


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