Saturday, November 26, 2011


or the fear of dogs for those of you not up to date with your phobias.

(Remember dogs are more afraid of you than you are of them)

The fear of dogs seems to be the thing variety shows love to pry on.
"He's afraid of a dog, well why not bring 5 along with us to the shoot!", "Brilliant, that'll make him scream".
I imagine that's how the conversation goes anyways.

The amount of idols afraid of dogs is just exhausting (CEOs must scout the streets with puppies or something), to name a few: 2NE1's Dara, Infinite's Sungkyu, A Pink's Hong Yoo Kyung, SUJU's Ryeowook, SS501's Kim KyuJong and so on . . .

The reason I find this phobia so exhausting isn't even because it is WAY overused but because of the little fangirls who say thing like :

"<3 RT @erikaakire13: In Birth of a Family, both A Pink and Infinite has a member who's afraid of dogs...this is gonna be CUTE."


"LOL idk why but i laughed my butt off when the dog licked his toe"

"He screamed like that when I took him from ... LOL"

Hearing idols high pitched screams seems to be what fangirls thrive on and broadcasting companies are trying to dish it out as fast as they can. So here is one for all you fangirls out there (secretly I loath you all). For everyone else...don't watch unless you want your ears to bleed.

If you ended up watching I do apologize but I did warn you.


  1. Only proves than fangirls enjoy the infliction of emotional distress on their idols. (which is a form of sadistic behaviour)

  2. sungyeol is one ugly fuck. not to mention his buddies.

  3. Both Sungyeol and Yoojung are out of tune LMFAO

  4. I'm genuinely terrified of dogs [no, SERIOUSLY. Tbh I think they're cute from like 50 feet away but I freeze and my heart beats like mad when I'm around them] so I kinda empathize with the ones who also genuinely seem to have a problem with dogs.


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