Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Cyclops has amazing acting skills

Behold the Oscar-worthy performance after the jump.

Chewing gum and bobbing your head is how to be an authentic gangsta. Fortunately, she has a lot of experience with both.

Well after seeing this for 16 minutes I know I sure don't want to fuck with her, but I think it's a bit different from the way they intended.

P.S. Girl... really should swallow your gum before you cap a sucka.


  1. I'm still just trying to figure out who forced Cha Seungwon to be a part of THAT.

  2. @Conundrum
    I assume at least half of the $1million spent on the MV went to him. Apart from the confusing (somewhat shitty)MV, the song's pretty nice. I like the part how the evil guy thinks Jiyeon's so ugly that she needs PS to look like Qri to look better

  3. U mad?

    Haters gonna hate

    Face it Cyclops is the best thing about T-ara.

    Oh wait! I'm lying.

  4. Damn it Bawb, you half stole my idea. Oh well, since you didn't review the MV, I can still do that haha.

  5. @sulli_fag
    I dunno if you've been shown this. BUT I"M SO MAD I HAVE TO SHOW THIS TO YOU !! >:(

  6. she literally had one eye in this mv because of her hair
    i was waiting for qri the whole time and was disappointed

  7. @nymston

    Why would you do this to me?


    I'd still "pee in her butt" though.

  8. lol, i was gonna show it to u too fool

  9. say what u want but i think jiyeon looks pretty hot in that video

  10. Idk, it just didn’t do anything for me. I just feel like the whole thing would have been so much better if Eunjung was the lead?

    Jiyeon has never been a very convincing actress (at least since her scandal), its like she's closed off to deep/real emotion. Its like she's always acting (poorly) on stage and irl—nothing ever seems real or genuine with her.

    Overall, I like the song and MV, but this would have had a stronger effect if they had cast another high profile actress or at least Eunjung (T-ara's strongest actress) to act with Cha Seungwon—the whole thing felt rather lopsided.

    I do appreciate that KKS is finally letting Soyeon sing; I hope she can pull it off live (she hasn’t sounded strong since TTL).

    I looke forward to Part 2, I've never seen Qri act—I'm interested to see how she does—and of course I'm sure Eunjung will bring some life into this "drama."

  11. @Nymston

    where the phuck do you people find these pictures of hyosung, seriously..

  12. @Anon 4:33 Qri has a one-episode drama called Spy Trader Kim Chul Soo or something to that extent. She was also in Kim Geunchogo with Eunjung for the end of the drama. From what I've seen, Qri is a better actress than Hyomin and Jiyeon, though she hardly gets any roles.

    And like everyone else, I was disappointed in the lack of Manri.

  13. Qri does not look hot imo, she looks like Tablo. I think Jiyeon looks okay though.

    Don't understand why people seem to love boy Eunjung tbh, she looks just like Sungyeol from infinite when she dresses as a boy (and as a girl she still kinda does too, but he looks like a hot lesbian anyways so...)

    Too bad the song is shit and sounds like a bad ost and from the preview, lovey dovey sounds cheesy as hell :/ Still good luck to them, praying they'll come back one day with a ttl pt 2 type song one day.

  14. ^Oops, meant Jiyeon looks like Tablo in this, but she looks in general sorry. I was reading a comment about Qri lol.

  15. Manjung is fucking hot!

    No one makes me fangirl out like Manjung!


  16. ^
    Manjung? Just fap over Sungyeol since its basically the same thing trololol.

    ManRi is the hottest member of T-ara by far.

  17. Manjung Manri Manclops are all hot damn... about time they returned to their stylish concept.. although i agree that they can handle almost ANY concept pretty well, i still think that the style they have in TTL, Absolute First Album are still their strongest... cant wait what soyeon's gonna look like in their comeback tho.. and props to their vocals, they are so good! hope they win many awards.. this song is way better than the boys and be my baby.. sorry sunny :D

  18. I think that quite honestly to be honest, to be frank and to be honest is to be honest about what honestly should be said to be honest. You know? So basically what I'm saying is, to be honest, is honestly, you just gotta honestly talk about honestly what really it is that it is about in the end right? So, to sum up, honestly the best part about this music video honestly was the honesty.

  19. @5:44 you've been staring at infinite members way too long.

  20. @4:33 I wouldn't comment on the acting part because it's a highly subjective opinion. But why her acting skill has anything to do with her alleged scandal? It has not been proven beyond any doubts that Jiyeon is indeed that girl who starred in the now infamous webcam video.

    Just think about Solbi. Everyone thought that sex video supposedly to be under her belt was authentic. But it's just out that someone behind this scandal got arrested in Korea for defaming Solbi. This piece of news prompts me to think twice about Jiyeon's scandal. Solbi's video is much more superior in quality than Jiyeon's which is a pixelated mess, the male half of the population was pretty sure that they had caught Solbi with her pants down only to be informed later that it's another fake......So in Jiyeon's defence, one grainy video is not enough to convict her and we should at least give her the benefit of doubt.

  21. FU it was amajjing and epic, watchu talking about.

    Jiyeon was hot but I'm still waiting for Qri. Hopefully Eunjung will appear for more than 3 seconds.

  22. timchan you clearly are fucked up if you think that was anyone but Jiyeon on that tape

  23. timchan come on son. you know thats her in the stripping video.

    the place the video takes place is somewhere she's taken other pictures and videos "as herself" too bro.

  24. Ah...when I first saw T-ara, I thanked God because all those girls were hot. Then I saw this girl and the short one and I went back to Lucifer....fuck! T-ara should just be Soyeon, Hyomin and Qri.

  25. @timchan,

    If you notice, I never mentioned my thoughts on whether or not it was Jiyeon in the sex tape. My comment refers to the emotional stress and damage the scandal caused, not her guilt or innocence. Her name was dragged through the mud, she was (and still is) ridiculed, judged, and hated because of that scandal. In my eyes, there was an obvious change in her after the scandal, it hardened her. There is like some wall around her that keeps her from fully connecting, in my opinion, to anything. That is what I think the scandal has to do with her acting.

    Watching her performances pre and post scandal, she used to be fun and genuinely happy on stage, but now it all seems fake and force—just like her acting in this video. I felt no emotional connection to her character, nothing at all, and I think its because she felt no emotional connection to the character—she doesn’t allow herself to get connected because that’s how you get hurt (that’s like Trauma Victims 101).

    While you may not agree, I think I’m allowed to make a subjective critique of her acting ability and effectiveness (isn’t that why we are here? Or should I just troll?). I’m no expert, but I am a viewer and a fan of T-ara with, what I believe is, a valid opinion. I’m not bashing, I just don’t have a positive review of the performance. However, I could have it all wrong, its not like I’m a psychologist (maybe she’s just a crappy actress? Maybe my standards are just too high?).

    [Note 1: Do I think it was her? Yep. Do I judge her for it? Nope. She was a child. Also, I don’t care because I’m no pedobear.]

    [Note 2: Can this turn into one of those long T-ara discussion posts? I LOVE those. You can't have a decent conversation with anyone on Diadem.]

  26. just another doppelganger gentlemen...

    almost ALL korean women look alike so you shouldn't fret

  27. Eunjung is the better actress, but I still would have preferred a video with all the members...

    KSS can stop trying to shove Jiyeon down my throat. Don't like her, won't like her, no matter how hard you try.

    If Tiara turns into another 4minutes, I swear...

  28. I find it hilarious that koreans thinks chewing gum is a sign of a bad person.
    Bitch I chew gum for flavor and to get rid of bad breath, koreans must have bad breath


    Jiyeon looks like a grumpy old lady in that 3rd gif & what's with the tongue?

  30. Fuck Manri, its all about Eunjung!

    But in all seriousness? I don't get the Manri hype? She looks so plastic (I know she's not, but geez) and she's so sniff. The awkwardest cross dresser I've ever seen tbqh.

  31. Eunjung really does look like sungyeol in the face, even to many k-netizens lol so I think she defo makes the hottest boy (because sungyeol's hot haters can gtfo). Androgynous girls like her are sexy anyways, I'm forever jelly.

    I agree with anon above about qri, she does look hella plastic in the face. Jiyeon makes an awkward boy and the others aren't that cute to me so they are irrelevant, Hyomin's okay but her face is boring.

  32. owh the boob flashing chick!


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